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second Mayfest Special. ()n the following pages we offer you comprehensive coverage of the final two weeks of (ilasgow‘s International Festival. by wayof Faaturax (page ll). a Complete Dally Diaryof events with small features on the artistic highlights (page 16) and an aid to sustaining the inner man with a special Survival Guide. easing you round the food and drink highlights (page 30).

If your copy of last

fortnight‘s 1.13! is already heading for the cat litter. rescue it forthwith -- many of the events covered by features in our Muyfes! Preview section are still happening: don't miss the British premiere of Philip (ilass‘s new opera. 1000 Airplanes (m the Roof. or ()uebec playwright. Michel 'l‘remblay's Les Bel/m Sm’urs translated as [he (had Staten at the Tron Theatre (I 14 May. 3.3 May 4 June ). The weird and wonderful Russian rock bands /.\ uki


Mu and AVIA are on until 6 May and there is dance from France in the shape of the witty Philippe Decoufle

(8 May) and the sophisticated. visually arresting Ballet du Fargistan ( H) May ). At the (‘itizens' Theatre they start doing a far far better thing than they have ever done this evening. with .‘l Iii/e of Two ( tiles. directed and designed by Philip Prowse. \Vildcat are touring community venues with their new

musical about the poll tax. Harmony Row. as are Free Street Theater. residents of the ('abrini (ireen housing estate in Chicago. with their musical Project'.

Don't miss two rare birds from abroad Argentina‘s Teatro del Sur in Warsaw I‘urigu (1" It) May ). coming here before heading South for the National Theatre. and The (ieorgian Film Actors' Studio. In their wonderfully witty version of Moliere‘s DunJuu/i

Philip class's 1000 Airplane: on the 8001 (10-13 May)


Ballet du Fargistan (10 May)


Taatm del Sur'sWamw Tango (17-20 May)


Don Juan by tho Georgian Film Acton' Studio (9-13 May)

(9-13 May). The (‘lyde will be boasting twoexotic craft: the Renfrew' Ferry. newly adopted as a cabaret and music venue (see Survival (iuide ). and (ieorge Wyllie's extraordinary Hi) foot long Paper Boat. The Paper Boat. the QM ( Question Mark ) is launched on (1 May at 2.30pm at the Finnieston (‘rane. making its maiden voyage on 13 May at around 1pm. beforedeparting forthe moment. And if it inspires you to do likewise. the

'l he list 5

special (iulbenkian Award for large scale events that helped make the Paper Boat possible is still looking for ideas for future events. Applications for awards for projects (to be completed before the end of 1991 )should be sent in by 31 August I989. ('ontaet lain Reid. Assistant Director. (alouste (iulbenkian foundation. 98 Portland Place. l.ondon W l N sllz'l~ (’i'el. iii 0305313).

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