boardwalk carries a vintage warmth in his voice.

I Paco Pena RSAMI) Stevenson Hall. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). Leading flamenco-based guitarist. Intelligence and artistry. I Zvuki Mil Renfrew Ferry. 9pm. £5 (£2.50). Another band from the USSR. Zvuki Mu have attracted a lot ofcolumn inches since their arrival in the country. not least because their first album to be released here has been produced by Brian Eno. Russian rock has a flavour all of its own. and Zvuki Mu. apparently. more than most.

I Mae McKenna/Wellpark Suite The Shed. See Sun 7. I Kelly's Heroes Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. 4pm. Free. Furstenberg Folk Festival. Irish music from England.

I Zydeco Ceilidh Band Biackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. Evening. Free. Furstenbcrg Folk Festival. Glasgow‘s own rocking swamp blues band.

I Kelly's llamas Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. Evening. Free. Furstenberg Folk Festival. Irish music.

I Eduardo Nlabla a Pepe Justicia Renfrew Ferry. Midnight. £5 (£2.50).


I A Good Night Out Renfrew Ferry. 11am. Free.

I Private Emotion - Public Display Renfrew Ferry. 2.30pm. Free.

I The Paper Boat Company Finnieston Crane. 2.30pm. Free.

I Ole it Laldy by Fair Play Babbity Bowstcr. llam. Free. Street games and music.


I Bet The Father. Rabbit The Son RSAMD Chandler Studio. 1pm. £4 (£2). A hit at last year‘s Dublin Theatre Festival and again when it hit New York. The Rough Magic Theatre Company take a poignant and funny look at a father and son relationship. not minding too much that the father (Bat) is deceased. Sounds like a J oycean Dead Dad Dog to me.

I The Conversation Renfrew Ferry. 6pm. £4 (£2). Czech playwright Vaclav Havel is currently serving a prison sentence for the heinous crime of addressing a human rights convention. This production of his political comedy is by the RSC.

I The Jungle Book Tramway Theatre. 7.30pm. £4 (£2).

See Fri 5.

I Olasvegas Pavilion

Theatre. 2.30pm & 8pm. £5.50 (£3.50). £4.50 (£2.50). See Fri 5.

I The Guid Sisters Tron

Theatre. 7.30pm. £5(£2).

French-Canadian playwright Michel

Tremblay has been translated into Scots for

the Tron's production of this 1968 comedy. It‘s set in the good old days when you got Green Shield stamps instead ofair miles.

I My Army RSAMD Chandler Studio. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). See Fri 5.

I The Night oi the Long Knives Tron Theatre. 2.30pm. The Tron Theatre Company read a translation of Suzanne Aubry’s play as part of

theirMayfestQuébécois season.

I Road Kings Theatre.

summamymm. £3—£5.50(£2—£4).

See Fri5.

I Teechers Mitchell Theatre. 2.30pm & 7pm. £5 (£2.50). See Fri5.

I A Tale OtTwo Cities Citizen‘s Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (fl/Free). See Fri 5.

I Township Boy RSAMD New Athenaeum Theatre. 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Fri 5.

I Man Act Third Eye

Centre. 7.30pm. See Fri 5.



I Thunderbirds E.A.B.

The raunchy Maya Angelou. poet and author otlive autobiographical volumes. looks set to take Glasgowby storm. tier three appearances in Edinburgh (twice at the Book Festival and once at the Oueen’s Hall) proved that she can pull crowds oi enormous proportions. iler act is a cross between pastoral preaching oi the love-thysellklnd. powerful homespun phllosophising and the agonised magnitude oi black-blues chants. Strong. bold and brassy. the ex-prostltute. ex-madam. black rights activist has some tales to tell. and she knows howlo tell them.

Pavilion Theatre. 5pm. £5. £4 (£2.50, £2). This is the most raved about of Mime Theatre Project‘s shows and comes with a seal of approval from Gerry Anderson himself. I Bruce Morton with Clea a McLeod Tron Theatre. 11.15pm. £1 .50/£2.50 (no cones). Comedy and music.


I Pelle the Conqueror Glasgow Film Theatre. 8pm. Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes last year. Billie August‘s Scandinavian family saga also recently picked up the Academy Award statuette for Best Foreign Film. Watch out for a majestic performance from Oscar-nominated Max Von Sydow as the elderly patriarch.


I Stramullion Poetry Anthology Third Eye Centre. 2.30pm. £2 (£1). Five contributors to the poetry anthology Fresh Oceans, Gerry Fellows, Carol Galbraith. Ottilie Hainswroth, Wendy de Rusett and Valerie Thornton, will read from their work.


I John Martyn Renfrew Ferry. 9pm. £6 (£3). SOLD OUT. Extra show on Tue 9.

I Martyn Taylor. Shelagh Buchanan a The Sandy TaylorTrlo Renfrew Ferry. 6.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Resides in Ayrshire, plays all over the world, Taylor is touring jazz guitarist with violin maestro Stephan Grappelli. and always in demand for Festivals and recording dates. Buchanan is one of Glasgow best known mainstream jazz singers. I DMX Bandits Mayfair. Doors open 9pm. £3. Back after a long absence. the band who redefined indie-pop tweeness. More songs about chaste love and cats from outer space. I Mae McKennaIWellpark Suite The Shed. Virgin released Mae's fourth solo album of crossover rock. She was Scottish folk band Contraband‘s lead singer. The Wellpark Suite is Billy Jackson‘s commissioned composition. scored for all the folk instruments plus a classical/rock section, recorded for Iona Records.

I Brian Miller. Charlie Soane and Jo MillerTMSA Concert. Babbity Bowster. 8pm. £2.50. Excellent fiddling from Charlie Soane, and quality singing from Jo Miller and Brian Miller. A Scottish evening.


weer H OWNER 'How did we choose the

name? We don't know—a

stupid one that would annoy

people overthe phone.’ Let's lace it. Oereck Dereck is a pretty odd name lora theatre group. butas anyone who has ever skimmed through an Edinburgh Fringe

programme will know. there

have been a lot. lot worse. ‘Basically it‘s to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously‘ adds Phelim McOermott. currently midway through directing rehersalslor The Sweet

Shop Owner. showing atthe

Third Eye Centre during Mayiest. Fortunately. the unlikely institution that is taking them seriously is the Arts Council. who have stumped up a sizeable sum tor a tour later this year. The other Oereck is Julia Bardsley. who has just directed Jim ‘Boad‘ Cartwright's second play

The Sweet Shop Owner

‘Bed' at London's National Theatre and is designing the current show. Since meeting onthe Pertormance Arts course at Middlesex Poly six years ago. they have puttogether tour productions—all literary adapations staged with an emphasis on movement and visual effect. They tend to

alternate between the roles

oi perlorrner. director and designer. to avoid getting

into a creative rut more than

anything else. ‘You tend to iorget what it's like on the other side olthe ience otherwise.‘

Since winning an Edinburgh Fringe Firstwith a version oi Ian MacEwan's chilling short story Cupboard Man in 1984. their work has varied lrom an epic adapation ol Ted Hughes's poem Gaudete to a wierd melodrama performed with 26 children. based on the macabre writings and illustrations ol Edward Gorey. The criteria


lor choosing a particular story? ‘It the thing looks impossible. it someone

says ‘you'll never be ableto putthat on stage' -then we

do it!’

Working from literary texts. says McDermott. isa means oi getting access to matieral without necessarily being bound to reproduce it in its entirety. ‘Ratherthan havingto constantly add things while developing a production. we tend to work backwards. deciding lrom the outset what stays in and what should be Ielt out. Forthis show we worked outthe beginning and the end lirst -though we've stuck pretty close to the book's narrative. I suppose this is quite a straight piece compared to the lairly wild

things we've done belore.’

The source lorThe Sweet Shop Owner is Graham Swilt's novel ol the same name which iollows the tile olthe humble Willy Chapman. spanning fifty years from pre-World Warll to the present day. ‘Il's a very strange story and il you're just told the narrative. it seems to be about very little. What interested me wasthe atmosphere it generates and a peculiar sense of pace. which we've tried to convey. it's really very sad. a tragedy- not justabout some people in a shop.’ (Simon Bayiy)

I Alter Eight Mince Renfrew Ferry. Midnight. £2


I Popular And Unpopular Theatre Renfrew Ferry. 1 lam. Free.


I Bat The Father. Rabbit The Son RSAMD Chandler Studio. 1pm. £4 (£2). See Sat 6.

I The Conversation Renfrew Ferry. 1pm. £4 (£2). See Sat 6.

I The Ouid Sisters Tron Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). See Fri 5.

I The Jungle Book Tramway Theatre. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). See

Fri 5.

I Township Boy RSAMD New Athenaeum Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Fri 5.

I My Army RSAMD Chandler Studio. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). See Fri 5.



I Yuk Yuks Renfrew

Ferry. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). My favourite anecdote from the Montreal Comedy Festival involves the Doug Anthony Ailstars telling the self-satisfied audience that their city had nothing on Toronto. That said. if you‘ve enjoyed the recent TV series ofJusr For Laughs. you‘ll be keen to catch this Canadian trio of Glenn Forster. Maria Lukofsky and Ron Vaudry.


I Beethoven: The Complete Sonatas tor Violin and Piano RSAMD Guiness Room. 1pm. £4 (£2). Second ofthree recitals by Angus Anderson and Gusztav Fenyo covering the complete Beethoven sonatas for violin and piano. Today it's Op 12 No 2. Op 24 (Spring), Op 96


I Philippe Decoulle Mitchell Theatre. 7pm. £5

(£2.50). Once acircus performer. this young French dancer comes up

with a stageioad oftricks. flips and witty asides. This is the first time his new piece ‘Technicolour‘ will have been performed in Britain.


I Les Portes Toumantes

Glasgow Film Theatre.

6pm. Francis


crowd-pleasing period

piece follows the

experiences ofawoman

jazz pianist who abandons

her child for her art in 1920s‘ Quebec. Fresh

from Michel Deviiie’s La

Lecrrice. Miou Miou stars

in a film that will be

getting a wider

distributionin Britain

laterthis year.

I The Prince ol

' Pennsylvania Glasgow

Film Theatre. 8.45pm. Keanu Reevs stars as a rebellious Pennsylvania

teen caught in the middle of domestic strife and joining up with a hippy maiden friend to hatch a

kidnap plan that willset

things to rights. Quirky.


' rites-of-passage drama.


i I John Martyn Renfrew

The List 5 18 May 1989