(£2.50). See Tue 16. IThe Real World Tron Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). See Tue 16.

I The Summit Third Eye Centre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Thurs 18.

I A Tale Oi Two Cities Citizen's Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£1/Free). See Fri 5.

I Tango Varsoviano Mitchell Theatre. 7pm. £5 (£2.50). See Wed 17.



I 1.12 Lochhead and Susie Maguire Renfrew Ferry. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). See Fri 19.

I Hughes. MacPherson and Redmond Mitchell Theatre. 10pm. £5 (£2.50). See Thurs 18.

I Decadence Tron Theatre. 11.15pm. £2.50/£3.50 (cones available). See Tue 16.


I A Small Green Space RSAMD Stevenson Hall. 8pm. £6 (£3). See Thurs 18.

I Alrican Sanctus City Hall. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Bearsden Burgh Choir perform this multi-media choral work by David Fanshawe.


I Siobhan Davies and Company The Robin Anderson Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Fri 19.

I Lindsay John Third Eye Centre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Thurs 18.

I FILM I Quebec Film Conterence Tron Theatre. 2.30pm. £1 . See Sat 6. Penny Thomson from the Scottish Production Fund will be present to discuss the relationship between art and nationhood as evidenced by the outpouring of Québécois cinema which continues to put Quebec on the

international movie map. I Crazy Love Glasgow Film Theatre. 6.30pm. 8.45pm.


I An Evening With Maya Angelou Pavilion Theatre. 8pm. £5.50/£4.50 (£3.50/£2.50). See Fri 19.


I Pierre Benusan a The

Pier: chfrew Ferry. 9pm.

£5 (£2.50). New Ageish. Romantic extemporising guitarist who is a fine player. with Scottish group who join pipes and saxophone to Rod Paterson's vocals.

‘\". «2


in the year since Fairground Attraction (Pavilion Theatre. Mon 8 and Tue 9) iound themselves at Number One with unlikely hit ‘Pertect' and tollowed that up with the ‘First ota Million Kisses' LP. Glaswegian singer Eddi Reader has given birth to a child. been scrutinised by a decidedly tipsy Rowland Rlvron on late-night TV and periormed with the band live on the “Brits Awards'. providing the one bright spark oi that disastrous occasion.

Because 01 the new arrival in the Readerlamily there is no l.P expected in the immediate iuture. and despite a iew gigs iorthe band around the time their last single. ‘Claire'. was released. this will bethe

I Labi Siffre Govan Town Hall. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). Well known in the Seventies. Siffre went into something of a nosedive until Madness’s cover of ‘It Must Be Love' revived interest in the chap. Last year saw him make the charts once again. with ‘Something Inside So Strong'.

I The Fabulous Singletts chfrew Ferry. Midnight. £5 (£2.50). See Mon 15.

I Ceilidh The Shed. 8pm. £3.50. With the Monrovians.


I American Bagpipes Tramway Theatre. 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Wed 10.

I An Evening With Maya Angelou See Literary.

I Dr Who King‘sTheatre. 2.30pm 8.: 7.30pm. £5—£7 (£2.50—£3.50). See Mon 15.

I The Lucky Chance RSAMD New Athenaeum Theatre. 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). See Wed 17.

I Project! (‘rawfurd Theatre. 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 16.

IThe Real World Tron

1 Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2).


first chance to see them in Scotland since they played at Govan last year- ‘possibly the only packed gig there was at Govan last year.’ according to someone who should know. One oi the Pavilion dates is being tiimed iorthe upcoming ‘Eden Court' series. nominally being made at the Eden Court in inverness. not in the Pavilion. Glasgow. but what's a law hundred miles between iriends? The support group is Five Guys Named Moe. whose recently-released single 'Fairvan' should be looked into without delay. There is no sign, however, of any appearance by a group called The Trashcan Sinatras. ironted by Eddl's

brother. signed to Gotoiscs.

and apparently about to do great things themselves. (Alastair Mabbott)

See Tue 16.

I The Summit Third Eye Centre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Thurs 18.

I Hole 01 Two Cities Citizen‘sTheatre. 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £5 (£1 "Free). See Fri 5.

I Tango Varsoviano Mitchell Theatre. 2.30pm & 7pm. £5 (£2.50). See Wed 17.

I Art and Nationhood: Scotland and Quebec Tron Theatre. 10.30am. £1. The Tron Theatre concludes its Mayfest Quebecois season with an all-day conference chaired by lan Lockerbie.


I John Rae Collective The Shed. 8pm. £3.50. Best of Scotland's younger modern jazz groups. Phil Bancroft on tenor and Brian Kellock on keyboards. shine in a high quality outfit.

I Jimmy Hutchison. Davey Steele and Guests Babbity

Bowster. Rpm. £2 50. Fine

traditional. unaccompanied song from the former. and a broader

approach from (‘eolbeg's vocalist Steele.


communmr EVENTS



I Carnwadric Community Education Centre 160 (‘arnwadric Road. 638 8751.

Fri 5. 7.30pm (‘umbernauld Theatre ('o; Them Tb rough the Wall. Trouble brews as neighbouring families on a small Scottish housing estate come to terms with each other in this domestic comedy by Liz Loehhead and Agnes ()wens. Thurs11. 10am (‘luwn Jewels Puppet Show. Desmond the Double Decker bus brings a cargo of fun and clowning for kids.

Tue 16. 10am Mr Boom: Sing and dance along with Mr Boom.

Wed17. 2pm (iuizer; Scottish folk duo.

Thurs 18. 8pm Angel Heart: local pop group.


I Castlemilk Community Education Centre 121 ('astlemilk Drive. (‘astlemilk. 634 2233. Mon 8. 7.30pm Free Street Theatre Performance; Project 3 The residents of ('bicago‘s notorious (‘abrini (ireen housing estate in their acclaimed musical.

Wed 10. 7.30pm De ('lassed Flements Video; Mud d; Stars.

Fri 12. 7.30pm Wildcat; Harmony Row. The new Wildcat play. by Peter Arnott and Peter Mullan. about the poll tax.

Tue 16. 2pm (iuizers: Scottish Folk Duo.

Wed 17. 103m Mr Boom; Singand dance along with Mr Boom.

8—20 May(1o.30am-Bpm) (‘astlemilk ('ommunity livhibilion.

I Castlemilk Youth Centre lZM‘astlemilk Drive. (‘astlcmiik 634 I937. Sat6. 9pm Riot Act; Frankensense. What does the world look like from

Frank and Ken's living

room‘.’ A new comedy.


I Clydebank Town Hall

Dumbarton Road.

('Iydebank . 941 3795. Wed 10. 73me Wildcat;

Harmony Row. See


Fri 12. 103m Mr Boom; Singand dance alongwith Mr Boom.

Mon 15. 7pm'lag‘(’lly' Drama Workshop. A chance to get 111\til\ ed in 'I‘.-\( i‘s huge new community \enltlre. IClydebankU840 Centre 1" Miller Street. ('lydebank.9~il 3795.

3 Fri 12. 7.30pm Rm: Act.

Fran kensense. See (listlemilk.

I Dalmuir Community Education Centre

Duntocher Road.


Mon 8. 10am (‘lown Jewels Puppet Show. See Carnwadric.

I Faitley Family Centre Faifley Road. (‘lydebank. 9-11 3795.

Tue 9. 73me Frontline Theatre (‘0; Who's On First'.’ The archetypal love triangle explored in Jack Sharkey's comedy.

I Queens Square Bandstand (‘Iydebank. 941 3795.

$8113. noon Clown Jewels Walkabout.

I St Andrews Theatre St Andrews High School. North Douglas Street. (‘lydebank.941 3795. Wed 10. 2pm Dundee Rep Dance (‘o Workshop.

Sat 13. 7.30pm The Cats ()ot the Bag Theatre (‘oz

Bagpipe Music. A

community company from Dundee make their debut in (ilasgow with John Harvey‘s comedy set in a pub on Hogmanay.

Wed17. 2pm


Performance. A riot. 'l’heatresports perform a

sort of Desi-theatre that is tremendous fun. See

Panel. Sat 20. 7.30pm (‘lyde I'nity Theatre:

'. Shang-A-l.ang. The excellent little company.

(‘Iyde L'nity Theatre. in Aileen Ritchie's play

about twoschoolgirl

friends and the way their paths move apart.


I Camus Place Project (‘amus Place. Drumchapel. 94-19344. Thurs 18. 73me Revue

89'. The Alternative Bevvy Merchant's Ball. A comic portrait of the typical (ilasgow watering hole . performed by East Enders. Not suitable for children. Fri19. 10am Mr Boom: Sing and dance along with Mr Boom. I Drumchapel Community Centre 320 Kinfauns Drive. Drumchapel. 944 1009. Mon 8. 7.30pm Peat Road Stoatirs: The Furst Fit. A play devised by the Company and set in a (ilasgow tenement in the I960s. as Hogmanay looms. Thurs 11. 7.30pm Wildcat; Harmony Row. See (Tastlcmilk. Fri 12. 7.30pm De (‘Iassed Elements Video; Mud and Stars. Tue 16. 7.30pm Dalmarnock Drama (iroup; The Gala Day. Pam Harper’s evocative. comic portrayal of the joys of the typical gala day. I Drumchapel Unemployed Workers Centre Helca Place. Drumchapel. 944 9400. ' Tue 9. 73me Vaiva: Lithuanian music and dance. The British debut of this exciting groupof dancers and singers from Vilnius in Lithuania. with their traditional folk dances. I Kingsridge Community Resource Centre Achamore Road. Drumchapel. 944 8262. Wed 10. 73me Tag '(‘ity' Dance Workshop. See (Tydebank.


I Barrowiield Community Education Centre 3 ()vertown Street.




’0 VOC‘ \AYD‘ h P3

Community Jobs








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