The most comprehensive and authoritative guide to public transport is the Travel Information Centre in St Enoch Square (next to the Underground station). it's open 9.30am—5.30pm Mon—Sat. closed Sun. You can also obtain information 7 days per week on 226 4826, 7am-mldnight (Mon-Sat). 9am—9pm (Sun). The following is a briefguide. I Underground The tube is the quickest and usually the cheapest meansof getting around central and west-central (ilasgow. There are fifteen stops. arranged on a circular route. and trains run in both directions. The circuit takes 25 minutes. so the maximum journey time is roughly 13 minutes. or two minutes per stop. The service begins early at 6.30am. but unfortunately closes down at 10.30pm. There is a flat fare of40p. I Buses Since deregulation. there is a proliferation of services. and it‘s often hard to tell where they travel to or front without stopping them and asking. The Travel Information Centre carries an exhaustive selection of free timetable leaflets. and its staff will gladly offer advice. though you may have to queue. Generally speaking. you will be able to find at least one service which covers your journey. though many only operate half-hourly. A few services run around the clock. though night services are more expensive. Daytime fares within the city are around 20p—£l. I Trains The local. low-level network is quite extensive: there are over thirty stations within the city boundary. Especially useful forgetting to southern and eastern parts of (ilasgow. which are not cove red by the Underground service. All services to the south and to Paisley and (ireenock run from Central Station; while destinations north of the ('lyde are served by Queen Street Station. The Partick line. leading to the north-west (eg Jordanhill and (‘lydebank). can be reached from both main stations. Trains run from early morning until around 1 1pm. and fares within the city are around 50p £1. A London Underground-sly lc network tnap is available

from the Information

F____. ,_- . TRANSPORT l


I Season Tickets There are various deals available. the tnost comprehensive being the new Zonecard. which

covers all bus. rail and

underground services within the city for£17.50 per week or a much broader area for £19.50. l.ower rates also apply for more limited areas of travel. which you can choose from nearly fifty zones. Contact Information Centre or ask at railway. underground or bus stations for further details.

I Taxis L'sually plentiful and quite rcgsonably priced. Private hire firms are cheaper than black cabs. but their cars cannot be hailed in the street. Be warned that taxis are very

' scarce bet ween l 1 pm and

i l l l


lam on Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights. Probably the best places

to catch one at these times :

are (‘haring Cross and (ilasgow Cross. both places where several major roads meet. The only guarantee is to order well in advance.



N.B. All British Rail timetables are subject to alteration from 15 May. I Edinburgh There is a half-hourly train service (on the hour and

half-hour) from Waverley

and llaymarket. Edinburgh to and from Queen Street. (ilasgow. prices £3.60 single; £7.20 ordinary return 1 £4.60 off-peak day return. On Sundays. this service is hourly ( half-hourly

(y- lllpm). and isoften liable to disruption and delaysowing to maintenance work: telephone on the day for details. The last train back to lidinburgh is at 11.35pm 7 days. British Rail's free timetable. available from stations. gives information about other. slower and less regular services. BR info numbers: 04] 226

4023 204 28441031 556 2451.

There is also a bus service between St Andrew ‘s Square. lidinburgh (also picking up at Shandwick Place and (‘orstorphine l and Buchanan Street. (ilasgow . which also runs on the hour and halt-hour. last bus leaving ( ilasgow at 1 1.30pm'7 days. The fare is£2.40single; £3.40 return. Scottish (‘ityllnk into numbers. 041 332 964410.” 557 5717.

I Falkirk All trains between ( ilasgow and lidinburgh (see above) stop at l‘alkirk High





‘l must say I do like ithere,’ says Arnold Brown, the first pertormerto appear at Maytest's new venue the Renirew Ferry. lie has a good look around, then takes a couple of steps to his left. ‘I also like ithere,’ he adds.

And why not? The Renfrew Ferry is a nice place to be. I can best describe it as a large conservatory, not simply overlooking the Clyde, but afloat on it. There are plants (leftovers from the Garden Festival. Brown scurriloust suggests) and huge arched windows in the manner of Play School at each end. which give a view overthe glittering water and, to the west. of the Daily Record Building. the fairy lights of the Tuxedo Princess and a dazzling sunset.

But the feeling is still very nautical. The Perry's ironwork has all been gaily painted, but nothing has been done to obscure its reassurineg solid structure.

The resulting ambience is perfect both for a festival and for cabaret. The stage is small but exposed, surrounded by seating at round tables, allowing performers the intimacy and visibility needed by Mayfest‘s main cabaret

venue, which is open 11am-2.30pm and 5.30pm—2am 7 days. with free admission and entertainment from 11.30pm (full detailsAZS 1625).

There are drawbacks. of course. You have to clamber back up tothe Clyde Place Ouay to reach the WCs, the bar and catering facilities which are a little basic and the electricity supply- provided organically enough by the original generators- was already playing up on the first night.

But Tom Robinson, who gave a terrific performance as the Ferry's first musical act, summed up the general mood. ‘People who were pop stars ten years ago usually end up entertaining passengers on cruise Iiners.’ he said. ‘Well I've gone one better.’ (Andrew Bumet)

(Mon—Sat ) or Falkirk (irahamston (Sun; some non-express services). prices £2. 10single'.£4.20 return: £3.50off-peak day return. Some additional services are detailed in BR‘s Scotrail timetable. but the last train home is still 11.35pm7days.

Buses run from Buchanan Station half-hourly at . l5 and .45. last bus 10.45pm. 7 days. £1 .80singlc: £3.60return. I Siirling'l'rainsto (ilasgow run hourly at .52 and on odd hours at .20 (Mon~Sat ): on Sunday they run only on odd hours at .23. with services at 7. 12pm and 8.02pm replacing the 7.23pm service. Fares are £2.30 single: £4.60 ordinary return; £3.60 off-peak day return. From Glasgow to Stirling. there are hourly trains at .37. and onodd hours at .25. unti|9.37pm. followed by trains at 10.45pm and 11.30pm. On Sundays there are no .37 services. and no trains at 1.25pm or 10.45pm. Last train home is l 1 .30pm. 7 days.

Buses run from Buchanan Station half-hourly at .15 and .45. lastths 1 1.15pm 7days. lares£l .90single;£3.80



Hours shown are for Mayfest: different times may apply after 20 May.


I Arlington Bar 128 Woodlands Road. Open until 11pm at least 7days. Completely down-to-earth. serious drinker‘s bar with no gimmicks but plenty earthy charm.

I The Griffin 266 Bath Street. 332 2391. Open until midnight Mon. Tue. Wed. Sat: lam Thurs. Fri; 1 1pm Sun. Fine old drinking house with a good cross-section of clientele. Still serves pie. beans and chips with a pint thrown in for a laughable £1 .50 at lunchtimes. Live music Thurs and Fri.

I The Grove 10 Kelvingrove Street. 221 8835. Open until 11pm Sun-Wed; midnight Thurs. Sat; lam Fri. Another happily old-fashioned establishment. known for its inexpensive pint and its gregarious customers, some of whom will tell you their entire life stories sooner than ignore you. IThe Halt Bar 160 Woodlands Road. 332 1210. Open until midnight Mon-Fri; 11.45pm Sat. Closed Sun. Perfect stoppingoff point

between city and West End. The Halt is popular with customers from all walks of life. with saloon. snug and lounge bars. the last of which often features live music. There is no problem getting into a debate. just pick your subject. Large range of Scotland‘s national product. served in fifth gills. and meals available noon—3.30pm.

I Heraghty‘s 708 Pollokshaws Road. 423 0380. Open until 11pm 7 days. No trendies here, only serious drinkers. though food is served nowadays. Not so much down-at-heel. more well worn. In recent years the bar's main claim to fame has been the patronage of notorious Glaswegian journalist Jack McLean. often to be seen resplendent not to say stotious - at the bar.

I The Horseshoe 17 Drury Street, 221 3051. Open until lam Mon—Sat; llam Sun. Large, modernised Edwardian watering hole. reported to have the largest uninterrupted bar in Britain. and to sell the largest amount of beer in Glasgow. University Unions apart. Busy but pleasantly airy. with food until 9pm and live entertainment every night (sing-along nights Sun, Tue. Wed) and myriad patter merchants. Handy for Central Station.

I The Park Bar 1202 Argyle Street. 3391715. Open until lam Mon—Fri; 11.45pm Sat; 11pm Sun. A home from home for many a gael (or tcuchter. in local parlance). Regulars include bagpipers. there are gaelic singers on Wed—Sun nights. and an impromptu version of the mod can often be found occuring in the lounge bar. Staffare welcoming and friendly. Toasties available.


I Atholl Arms 134 Renfield Street. 332 5265. Open until midnight Mon. Tue. Sat; lam Wed—Fri (flexible); llpm Sun. Elegant. spacious bar close to Pavilion. Theatre Royal and R.S.A.M.D.. with laid-back live music Wed-Fri and basic but tasty food.

I Blackfriars 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. Open until lam Mon—Fri: midnight Sat; 11pm Sun. Smartly refurbished Merchant City establishment. with unpretentious decor and frequent live entertainment. Regular Folk Club and Comic Club in basement.

I Cul de Sac 46 Ashton Lane. 334 4686. Open until midnight Mon—Wed; lam Thurs. Fri; 11.45pm Sat; 11pm Sun. Trendy

West End hangout with low ceilings and fairly high prices. Very pleasant for coffee or light meals in the afternoon, hums with gossip and hairspray in the evenings. I Do Quincy's 71 Renfield Street. 3330633. Open until 11pm Sun. Mon; midnight Tue. Wed. Sat; 1am Thurs. Fri. Best of the pastel-plush designer bars. with marble pillars. ceramic tiles. palms and overhead fans. Offers cocktails. bar food and occasional live acts. I Fin 86 Miller Street. 248 2859. Open until lam Mon—Fri; 11.45pm Sat. Closed Sun. Basement bar much favoured by students and personnel of local rock groups. Live rock music on Wednesdays and food until 6pm. I The Granary 10 Kilmarnock Road. 632 8487. Open until 11pm 7 days. A haven for Southside trendies. Relaxed atmosphere inside. good bar food served at lunchtime and a restaurant next door for more substantial meals. Watch out for the model train circling overhead. I O'Henry's 445 Great Western Road. 339 1275. Open until midnight Mon-Sat; 11pm Sun. Another frequent port of call between the city centre and the west. O‘Henry‘s is the only place in town where you can sit out on the riverbank during Glasgow‘s occasional spells of element weather. Also popular for its barrel of free monkey nuts and its good if pricey - food. I Rock Garden 73 Queen Street. 221 2200. Open until midnight Mon—Wed, Sat; lam Thurs, Fri; 11pm Sun. An American theme brightens this trendy, split-level bar. largely patronised by people with trendy. split-level haircuts. Food (new menu) and occasional live entertainment.


A Mayfest guideto some of The List's favourite Glasgow eateries, with a special selection of curry houses. of which the city is the acknowledged centre in the western world. Bear in mind that some opening hours may change from 21 May. Approximate prices shown are for two. excluding wine.


I The Buttery 652 Argyle Street. 221 8188. Open noon—2.30pm; 7—10pm Mon—Fri; 7—10pm Sat. Closed Sun. The restaurant prides itselfon its excellent cuisine. a marriage ofScottish tradition with innovation

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