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__ llilCillllrtlllzll)lg\"' 1:31? ’1' T‘...‘ \.'. receptive friend whilst she foolishly Silver, US, 1988) Amy Irving, Peter continues to set her sights on Anton. " ' ' Riegert, Jeroen Krabbe. 96 mins. lzzy However, something about Sam’s S B ,

Irvin is a thirtysomething career decency and sincerity has crept under , v , :vomagt: making a pretty tine job of her skin and a belated chemistry S B R I L L I A T . livingasinglelite in New York. She has begins to take ettect. .. “'5 a masterpiece 0|“ an uptown apartment, supportive It Crossing Delancey sounds like the

modern comedy" Smash Hits

friends, a fulfilling job at a respectable corniest of purple hearts mush then, book store and there are even moments fear not, director Joan Micklin Silver

of assion in her occasional liaisons steers an admirably confident course

wi h a married man and a wishful that is clear of excessive 1 y v ' thinking dalliance with wordly, sentimentality or schmaltz and lull ol _ h " I, \1 H .\ " A H L E H L E seductive literary lion Anton Maes genuine feeling, restraint and warmth. - ' H mm )‘V ,

(Krabbe). Everything is hunky dory. She has created a delightfully ' T R I b M P H,

Her downtown grandmother Bubbie old-fashioned romance, in the best . ' (Heizl Bozyk) knows different. A wise sense of that phrase ratherthan a the ‘mOSF CI,” rmmfl and worldly cove in her own way, she pejorative one, that succeeds because love story Qt er l0 fl n d can see that Izzy lacks the love of a the observant script, pleasant sound its wa v Into a superb good man. She has been on the shell track, believable casting and ' comed V n for too long and the obvious solution is sympathetic performances combine to \. H I; to hire gluttonous matchmaker Hannah make it entirely credible and -‘ , '

(Slyvia Miles) to find a suitable suitor thoroughly engaging. ' Rt )\\':\-\

from the old neighbourhood. Her A kind of ethnic cousin to V . .

choice is pickle vendor Sam Posner Moonstruck, Crossing Delancey is " I" L .\ .\ Y (Beigert). heartin recommended to the . t . . . ' ‘tt

Izzy and Sam meet. Sparks do not fly uncynically amorous at all ages. J‘s 9' Infljscfilffn) 1 IL and Izzy tries to palm him off on a (Allan Hunter) ‘“ miningtown Schefferville withthe ofAmerican Gl‘s is todisturbthethe " FUNNY" fictional tensions embodied by one delicate balance of a household of three . . _ particular domestic conflict. Glasgow: women. when her unmarried aunts '2; " "'_';':‘.:‘-‘ " -(l J!

UPI. (Plowright and Whitelaw) become very

I Die "3"” 18)(10hn MCTtCm'dn.US. concerned about the pained romance

1988) Bruce Willis. Alan Rickman. between scvcntccn year-old Rita

Bonnie Bedelia. 131 ntins. ()n a(.‘hristmas (Hmrocks) and one ofrhc youngsoldiers. _ _ visit to his estranged wifein ('alifornia. Fine performances and sensitive writing l)lRl'( ll'l) M \ll'l S_\ll I II New York cop Willis is trapped in a new (by an agit-propless John McGrath) make

tower block when the corporate party he is this a sma||-sca|c British production of

attending with his spouse is attacked by some effectiveness. even if the would-be

international terrorists after the millions macabre finale is a little snatched at.

in the company safe. So it'sleft to Willisto Edinburgh; Dominion

hump off the baddies and save the I Dumbo (U) (Ben Sharpsteen. LES. 1941)

hostages while the LAPI) and FBI

()4 mins. The rest of the circus animals

lantlUl-‘h “WP!” “'1 “‘0 Sidc'int‘s- make fun of the little elephant with the

unhulriml." 19"” “C‘i‘m‘v‘r that £1915 huge ears. but he discovers they have a use F‘md "‘“Ciltlc “1" “I Yawning “fl'hhiiflfi after all. Classic Disney animated feature. “"d flying hu'lClS‘ “'hllt' Willis“ timeless entertainment. Edinburgh: lg convincing as an Ordinary guy trying to Dominion. Central: WMR Film Centre. copewith it all. Watchout forthe RSC‘s lEa:tOfEden(P(‘i)(Ijlia Kazan. US. _ u . AlanRiekman as a villain with a 1954lJames Dean. Raymond Massey.Jo A E oF- I , highly-developed sense of humour. Van Fleet. 115 mins. 1913. ina ' Edinburgh Clinic” (‘alifornian farming valley a wild . Down And 0‘" I" BBVeI'V Hills ( l5 ) ( Paul adolescent boy rebels against his father

Mztzttrsky.l‘8. 1‘)8ttl.\'ick antc.Richurd and discoversadark secretahoutthe . l‘.\ I \ ll{(il\ \’l\ltl\‘ i‘iti-s‘i \! .t w titsiv. Illi i ran ti n t i:- '

Dreyfus. Bette Midler. 103 mins. Nolte mmhcr hc thuugm mime-dd, ll ll (.t i! Mi! l \l ~l \l\li\ llli )\ll’\l l\ Rt n". \\ ,.\lkl\'\t t\. slit 1}}; t.

the bum ntovesin with Beverlyllills Scipwnscmugtymeaningful tumily \l iitl \h ltll il )l l list ' tilt \\l Illl'lt Ir“) :" if. '\\\' W'lntlc”DWFIUMNN’Mldleimdti‘kCS histriottics.a film always fartoopleased H H R "m “,1: “i FERN}: \ \\ V, I?“ My“ (

overtheirlives. But he can'tstop Mike withitsclf and rampantlyover-acted with ' i \ _‘ a N a ' Ce; -‘ The Dog from walking away with it. Edinburgh; Filmhww. ; Mazursky'solt-so telegraphed social .Leg Entant; Teniblgs(P(})(jcun-[)jcrrc satire. Iidinhurgh: (fitmeo. MCIVHIC. France. 195“) Niculc Slcphimc. .l I The Dfessmakefi 15) (Jim (“flit-TL 17K Iidouard Dermithe. liltl mitts. The intense CANNON Sauchlehall Street, Glasgow 1988) Joan Plow-right. Billie Whitelaw. [claimnship hcmccn an “dnlcwcm CANNON The Forge, G'asgow; CANNON Edinburgh i Jane Horroeks. 'I'im Ransom. 91 mitts.

brother and sister eventually produces I-IVCII‘W‘L 19“- 1"“!th “rmi'l‘” uPit”) tragic results. (‘ommitted performances

AMC Clydebank; GROSVENOR Hlllhead

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