Rat). 3pm (Sat only). 5. 15pm. 8. 15pm. Dumbo (17)(Sat only) 1.45pm.

3. The Dressmakert 15) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm.

I ODEON (‘lcrk Street. 667 7331/668 2101. Bar 6-9pm. Partial wheelchair access. Tickets £2.50 (Child 'StttdentLOAP/UBM) £1 .75) for perfs up to 6pm;£2.80 ((‘hild'Student/OAP 'U B40 £2 not Fri.Sat) for perfs commencing after 6pm.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street IV (18)2pm. 4.10pm.6.25pm. 8.40pm.

2. Worklng Glrt(15)1.45pm.5.45pm. 8.20pm.

3. My Stepmother Is An Allen (15) 2. 15pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.


Lothian Road. 228 2688. Bar (Mon—Sat, noon-1 1pm. Sun 630—] 1pm) Rest (Mon—Sat. noon—9pm). [E] Matinees

£1 .20(concs 75p); Early evenings£2 (concs £1.50); Main evenings and Double Bills £2.50 bookable in advance. No concessionson Sats.


1. The Muppet Movie (U)4pm.

Salaam Bombay ( 15) 6. 15pm. 8.30pm.

2. Virgin (18) 3pm. 5pm. 7pm. 9pm. SATURDAYG

1. The Muppet Movie (U) 2pm.

Salaam Bombay ( 15) 6. 15pm. 8.30pm.

2. Virgin ( 18) 3pm. 5pm. 7pm.9pm. SUNDAY?

1. Handsworth Songs (15) and discussion (see Open List) 3pm.

Death 01 A Salesman (PG) 5.30pm Matewan(15)8.15pm.

2. Les Jeux lnterdits (PG) 6.30pm. 8.30pm. MONDAYS

1. Death 01A Salesman (PG) 2.30pm, 5.30pm.

Mateivan(15)8. 15pm

2. Midnight Run (15) 5. 15pm.8pm. TUESDAYS

1. Matetvan(15) 2.30pm. 5.45pm.8.15pm. 2. Midnight Run (15) 2.45pm.5. 15pm. 8pm.




1. Matewan(15)2.30pm.5.45pm.8.15pm. 2. Rebel Without A Cause (18)2.45pm. 8.30pm.

Terence Davies Trilogy ( 15) 6. 15pm. THURSDAY 11

1. Mean Streets (18) 2.30pm.6pm. Mateivan(15)8.15pm.

2. Terence Davies Trilogy ( 15) 2.45pm. 3 8.30pm.


Rebel Without A Cause (18)6.15pm.


I EDINBURGH FILM GUILD Contact Filmhouse. Lothian Road. 228 2688. The annual membership fee of£17.50allows free admission to all main season films and discount prices on other Guild events, including study courses and educational events. Starting Thurs 1 1: The Scope DtThe Western. a series of ten weekly screenings of Cinemascope Westerns. total price £12.50(£11.50).

Thurs 11: The Last Wagon (PG) 7pm.

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY FILM SOCIETY Contact: Societies Centre. The Pleasance, 667 1011 ext 4514.

Fri 5. Pleasance:

Swimming To Cambodia ( 15) 6.45pm. Lenny ( 18) 8.25pm.

Sun 7, George Square Theatre:

Yeelen (PG) 6.45pm.

Utu (15) 8.45pm.

Wed 10. George Square Theatre:

Celine And Julie Go Boating (15)7pm.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Screenings organised every Thursday by the Institut Francais d‘Ecosse.Members£1.Non-members £1.75.

La Marseillalse (PG) (Sat 6 only) 3pm. 1789 (PG) (Sat 6only) 6pm.

Danton (PG) (Sat 6 only) 9pm.


I CAMEO Home Street Fri 5:




44'I'hcl.1s15 18 May 198‘)

Die liard(18)& 0utOtDrder(18) 11.15pm. Sate:

The Producers (15) & To Be OrNotToee (15)11.15pm.


I ALLANPARK Allanpark Road . Stirling. 0786 74137. £2 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40£1. NB: Student/U B40 concessions not available Fri—Sun). No unaccompanied children after 6pm.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street IV (18) Fri.

Sat. Mon-Thurs 6pm, 8.20pm; Sun 7.30pm.

Bigfoot And The ilendersons (PG) (Sat only) 2.30pm.

2. The Tall Guy (15) Fri, Mon-Thurs 6.10pm, 8.25pm; Sat 2.05pm, 4.05pm, 6.10pm, 8.25pm; Sun 7.30pm.

I CALEDONIAN Almondvale Centre. Livingston, 0506 33163. £2.20 (Child/OAP£1.20). Closed Mon and Tue until further notice.

1. Worbing Girl (15) 5.30pm,7.45pm. Willovr (PG) (Sat only) 2pm.

2. MyStepmother lsAnAlien (15) 5.40pm. 7.50pm.

I CANNON Princess Street, Falkirk . 0324 23805. £1.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street W ( 18) 2.20pm (not Sun), 5.30pm, 8.20pm.

2. The Tell Guy(15) 2. 15pm (not Sun), 5.15pm, 8.10pm.

3. My StepmotherlsAnAllen (15) 2.20pm(not Sat, Sun), 5.20pm, 8.10pm. LadyAnd The Tramp (U) Sat only) 1.50pm. 3.40pm.

I REGAL North Bridge Street, Bathgate. 0506634152. First evening perf: All tickets£1.20. Main evening perf: £2 (Child/OAP/Student/U B40 £1.20).

A Nightmare On Elm Street IV ( 18) (not Thurs 11)8.15pm.

AWorldApan(PG) (Thurs 11)8.15pm See also Central Lates.


I REGAL North Bridge Street, Bathgate Fri 5/8ate: A Nightmare On Elm Street IV (18) 11pm.


I AMC CLYDEDANK 1O Clyde Regional Centre Clydebank. 041 951 2022. Perfs commencing before 6pm: £1.75. All evening perfs: £2.50 (Child £1.75). LadyAndTheTramp (U) Sat 12.15pm. 2.05pm; Sun 1.05pm, 2.45pm.

Twins (PG) Fri 4.45pm, 7.05pm, 9. 15pm; Sat 2.05pm, 4.35pm, 6.55pm, 9. 15pm; Sun 2.25pm, 4.45pm, 7.15pm, 9.25pm; Mon—Thurs 5.05pm, 7. 15pm. 9.25pm. The Adventures 01 Daron Munchhausen (PG) Fri 5.35pm; Sat 12.25pm, 2.55pm; Sun 1. 15pm. 3.45pm.

The Naked Gun (15) Fri 5.45pm. 7.55pm. 10.05pm; Sat 2. 15pm. 4.15pm, 6.05pm. 7.55pm, 10.05pm; Sun 1.55pm,3.55pm. 5.55pm. 8.05pm, 10.05pm; Mon—Thurs 6.05pm, 8.15pm.10.05pm.

January Man (15) Fri 2.55pm, 5. 15pm. 7.35pm, 9.55pm; Sat 12.55pm, 3.05pm. 5.15pm, 7.25pm. 9.55pm; Sun 1.45pm. 3.55pm, 5.55pm. 7.55pm,10.05pm; Mon—Thurs 3.15pm, 5.35pm. 7.55pm. 10.05pm.

Working GM (15) Fri 4.45pm. 7.05pm. 9.35pm; Sat 1.55pm, 4.25pm, 6.45pm. 9.25pm; Sun 2.15pm. 4.55pm, 7.25pm. 9.55pm; Mon-Thurs 5.05pm, 7.25pm. 9.55pm.

TheTaIl Gly(15) Fri 5.05pm,7.15pm. 9.15pm; Sat 2.45pm, 5.05pm. 7.05pm. 9.35pm; Sun 2.55pm. 5. 15pm, 7.35pm. 9.35pm; Mon—Thurs 5.25pm, 7.35pm. 9.35pm.

Rain Man (15) Fri 4.05pm. 6.45pm. 9.25pm; Sat 1.05pm. 3.45pm. 6.25pm. 9.05pm; Sun 1.35pm. 4.25pm. 7.05pm. 9.45pm; Mon—Thurs 4.25pm. 7.05pm.


My Stepmother Is An Allen(15) Fri 2.35pm. 5.05pm. 7.25pm. 9.45pm; Sat 2.25pm. 4.55pm. 7.15pm, 9.35pm; Sun 2.350m.

5.05pm. 7.35pm. 9.45pm; Mon—Thurs 2.45pm. 5.15pm. 7.35pm.9.45pm.

A Nightmare On Elm Street IV ( 18) Fri 3.05pm. 5.25pm. 7.35pm. 9.35pm; Sat 1.05pm. 3.05pm. 5.15pm. 7.25pm. 9.45pm: Sun 1.25pm. 3.25pm.5.35pm. 7.45pm. 9.55; Mon—Thurs 3.05pm. 5.25pm. 7.45pm, 9.55pm.

The Serpent And The Rainbow ( 18) Fri 8.05pm. 10. 15pm; Sat 5.35pm,7.45pm, 10.15pm; Sun 6.15pm. 8. 15pm. 10.15pm; Mon—Thurs 6.05pm, 8.05pm. 10.15pm. The Dead Pool (18) Fri 5.25pm. 7.45pm. 10.05pm; Sat 3.55pm. 5.45pm. 7.35pm. 10.05pm; Sun 4.25pm. 6.15pm.8.05pm, 10.15pm; Mon—Thurs 6.05pm, 8.05pm, 10.15pm.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I CANNON Titchfield Street. Kilmamock, 0563 37288. £1.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street IV (18)Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.30pm. 6pm. 8.50pm; Sun 5.45pm.8.10pm.

2. My Stepmother Is An Alien (15) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.35pm. 6pm. 8.35pm; Sun 5.35pm. 8pm.

3. The Accused (18) Fri. Mon—Thurs 2.30pm. 5.50pm. 8.30pm; Sa15.50pm, 8.30pm: Sun 5.25pm. 8pm.

Ghostbusters (PG) 2.20pm.

I KELBURNE Glasgow Road, Paisley. 889 3612. £2.20 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40 £1.20).

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street IV (18)6. 10pm (not Sun). 8.30pm.

2. My Stepmother Is An Allen (15) 5.50pm (notSun). 8.15pm.

I LA SCALA Hamilton Street. Saltcoats, 0294 62051 [D] by prior arrangement.

£1 .80(Child/Student/UB4090p; OAP 50p).

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street IV (18)6pm. 7.55pm.

2. The Accused ( 18) 6pm. 8pm.

I ODEON Burns Statue Square, Ayr, 0292 264 049. Bar opens 5.30pm every day. [D] (cinemas 2 & 3 only). £2.50 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40£1.50— no concessions for last performance Fri and Sat).

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street M 18) 1.05pm. 3.05pm, 7.05pm, 9.05pm.

2. My Stepmother Is An Alien ( 15) 1.05pm, 3.20pm. 6.35pm, 8.50pm.

3. The Accused (18) 1.05pm (not Sat, Sun), 3.20pm (not Sat, Sun). 6.45pm,8.55pm. Chostbusters (PG) 1.05pm. 3.20pm.

I ODEON Townhead Street. Hamilton, 0698 283 802. [D] (cinemas 2 & 3only). Fri/Sat £2.50 (Child/OAP£1.40); Sun—Thurs £2.30 (Child/OAP£1.30). Mon-Fri until 6pm UB40£1.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street W ( 18) 12.45pm, 3. 15pm, 6pm. 8.45pm.

2. My Stepmother is An Allen (15) 12.40pm, 3.15pm,6.05pm, 8.40pm.

3. The Accused 12.35pm (not Sat.Sun). 3.10pm (not Sat, Sun). 6pm (not Sat. Sun).8.15pm.

Lady And The Tramp (U) (Sat. Sun only) 12.50pm. 3. 10pm. 5.30pm.

I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street, Irvine, 0294 79900. £2 (Child £1; OAP— Mon-Thurs only £1.50). Junior Club matinee (Sat only) £1 (Child 70p). Family ticket (2 Adults. 2 Children) £5.

A Nightmare On Elm Street W ( 18) Fri. Sat 7pm, 9pm; Sun 6pm.8.15pm;Mon—Thurs 8.15pm.

Flight 01 The Navigator (PG) and cartoons (U) (Sat only) 1pm.

Iron Eagle II (PG)(Sat only) 3pm.


I AMC CLYDEBANK1O Clydebank Regional Centre. (Over 185 only). Fri 5/Sate:

Tnlns(PG) 11.25pm.

The TalIGuy(15) 11.35pm.

Working Glri (15) Fri 11.45pm; Sat 11.55pm.

RaInMan(15) Fri 11.55pm;Sat 11.45pm. My Stepmother is An Alien ( 18) Fri 11.55pm; Sat 11.45pm.

A Nightmare On Elm Street W ( 18) Fri 11.45pm;$tt 11.55pm.