You might expect the STUC‘s General Secretary to make use of any available platform to score political points. But at the launch of the new umbrella charity Glasgow City Aid, chairperson Campbell Christie scrupulously avoided other issues, commenting that even in a society which provided extensive community care , a charitable ‘topping-up‘ would always be needed.

Glasgow City Aid’s purpose is to gather funds and redistribute them to local organisations working for those in the community with special needs. To do so efficiently, the community trust has appointed a board of ten trustees, and a full-time worker, Gordon McDougall, who will

.fico-ordinate fundraising and distribution, which is

.},'§'to be geared to specific projects such as refurbishment, preparing publications and provision of transport.

Besides informing the public, the media and the involved organisations about its background and purpose, Glasgow City Aid’s launch by Lord Provost Susan Baird was a celebratory affair. An initial sum of£56,500 (mostly granted by the Scottish Office after an error in the Retail Price Index) was divided between 23 groups, donations were received from the Trades’ and Merchants’ Houses, and flowers were given to Lord Provost Susan Baird and in a spontaneous and humourously intended gesture - to Christie.

Anyone wishing to get involved in Glasgow City Aid should contact Gordon McDougall at 11 Queens Crescent, Glasgow G4 9AS, 332 2444.

Although donations have been requested in cash from individuals and the business community, Christie urged donors to consider Nigel Lawson’s largely neglected Give-As-You-Earn scheme, in which contributions are deducted from earnings at


WALL") WALL CAMP PERFORMANCES :ljgfnfifioh rum“ Mike Freeman has come. upwith the perfect Fm” “marmmeth solution for those of us who d love to take better I: “do” “an.” "I". advantage of the glut of theatre every Mayfest a". n,“ "vinyl..." and Edinburgh Festival but simply don‘t have the I“ ch03." from. time. He is taking over a farm near Exeter in staggering 2640 entries Devon for one week in July. installing a camp site from “MOI! “To” and laying on a non-stop package oftheatrical 3‘0"."‘1- In“ “"9"” entertainment for adults and children. It's the 9°“ "9 ""7 "fl' a" more sociable equivalent of a friend of mine who MIIIIMAGITIII'IIBWIIOT i , , : , ff . .. .h ' h . Tm.“ Emblom' .md m. at to ta c time o w or to Late up wrt a the “do” mm "wimpnuw films he d recorded from the. IV. gym. “flay.” "mm I be whole affair is very Civilised. After a day of minim.) in g n" ghw or theatre. cabaret. dance. lectures. debates. unanimity. they selected workshops. music. parties. campfires and the bold. lively colours ol13 fireworks you return to your tent to be woken by YO'V'OM tom“! "CI-00¢" a morning delivery of hot coffee. croissants. "flunum o” "um." cereal. milk. juice and a quality newspaper. If fizzhzfiggflztgem you can manage to get out of your tent after m.“ '0“ "mm"... scoffing that lot. you ll be able to go to the nmmmond scum". general store and explain that as you're on you're mama“, who “30 holidays you‘d just as soon have a bacon roll and produced the Third Prize a copy of the Daily Record if that‘s alright. Winner and whoseArt Meanwhile you can send your children off to the (WWW.m "I" I” £1000 adventure playgrounds. inflatables. clowns. "mum mnk’t‘m" U“ puppets and other well-organised games and mmIonmsw'I'M' activities and settle into another dav ofculture for sponsorsoltheeventlorten , ., . . .. 7 7 ' n . yum. w...“ "annual yourself. It takes place from -2—-9 July and costs “‘0'”: “mutant”. £130 for adults and £100 for the under 15s (under mum." .mwnuob. 3s are free). but there‘s another £50 to pay if you sneezed at, The [3.31200 don't have your own tent. Lined up to appear posters will be on showln already are groups like Lumiere & Son. It" Fnflmwm "in mm"! Cliffhanger. 'I‘hez‘itre de Complicite and "l. FM” "I" I'm" 'l‘heatresports. and stand-up comics including mum”. up.” om" Tony Allen. Paul Merton. Jeremv Hardy and postersreonsslelnthe 1 _ _. . ' . PM” om“ “"2150. many others. On site Will be a 1000 seat theatre, a 3.1mm “k. m. Fm... large cabaret bar. smaller stages and any number pmnmm. .m b. om .' of stalls and marquees. For further details write the end oiJune. Now, to (‘ampus I Iolidays Ltd. 5A The Plains. Totnes what's sllthls about 109 5DR or call (0803) 866009. Oh. and "WIN? In!“ 7mm) remember to send us a card. (Mark Fisher). .:«........:ww-» -. are». “a “m

source, and no tax is paid on them. This way Glasgow City Aid gets £4 for every £3 of take-home pay you sacrifice. and even the most militant trade unionist can‘t knock the Chancellor for that. (Andrew Burnet)


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To commemorate Mrs Margaret Hilda Thatcher's ten years in office as PM. The List records some otthe pearls oI wisdom she has cast before us, and some oi the comments made about her by others: SAID BY HEB: I ‘I love going throughthe ‘Home and Garden' magazines. seeing what other people are doing who have time and money to do it.’ I ‘We have become a grandmother.‘ I ‘I like to be made a Iussol bya lot oIchaps.’ I ‘l may be Prime Minister. but the one thing I will insist on is being leminine.’ I To Reece. her media advisorlorthe General Election 1979. ‘Ii we lose the election. I maybe sacked. Butyou will be shot.’ (A Thatcherioke). IAbout Cabinet discussions: ‘I couldn't waste time having internal arguments.’ I ‘History, when you're making it. doesn't seem like history.‘ I ‘I know nothing about diplomacy. but I just know and believe thatlwant certain things lor Britain.‘ I ‘I am what I am. Ido believe in trying to persuade people that the things I believe in are the things they shouldlollow.’ I Going green: ‘We do not have the lreehold to the earth. We have a lease. The last thing we want to leave is environmental debts for our children to clear up.‘ SAID ABOUT HER: I Christopher Lawson. the Conservative Party’s Director ol Marketing: ‘I think it is the same as marketing a product.’ I Denis. the husband: ‘She is beautiful, gay, very kind and thoughtful - and a jolly goodcookr I Dr David Owen: ‘She is like a heady mixture at whisky and pertume'. (This was meant as an insult. but Mrs Thatchertook it asa compliment). I A Tory Lord: ‘A iasllilly. I Eric Varley, Labour MP: ‘Terrible ogress.‘ I The Cabinet and others: ‘TBW-That Bloody Woman.' I James Callaghan: ‘The Salome of Modern British Politics.‘ I Various: ‘Milk Snatcher,’ ‘Iron Lady'. etc. ad inlinitum. I Denis Healey overthe invasion oi Granada: .‘You're Reagan's poodle. It's really time you got oii yourknees! I Giscard d'Estaing: ‘La tille de I'épicier.’

The List 5- 18 May 19893