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7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Mziytiest Listing. Kirkfilld}; 360-198.





MDRECAMBE BAY. LANCASNIRE 16 ' 17 - 18 ° JUNE ° 1989 Presented in association with Lancaster City Council PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION (UK) THE

§ announces or conduct (Burundi) ;- oouoou N'DIAYE ROSE (Senegal) mm : oucau auo oacuesrne seven .g mmiu (Tanzania) me MUSICIANS or 3 rue mu (Egypt) FARAFINA (Burkina Faso) 3 rue soon shamans (Zimbabwe) PERE use 5- (USA) mun mm: mum co g- 11 fEW fflflM THE Hun“ (inoiaisacasouusicasacasoomce .. 4 3 . -mncALAmormsrmbeoSA-m ,. i x- e We cOutage T-Asp- BROTHERS (Pakistan) mans (UK) was i ' . \ 9 ’Arthur Miller gets his revenge’ cow (Sauth Africa) RED SHIFT (UK) onooesn REV! (Cuba) MIGHTY noun a :hat opers '0 "Bram the children '8 Friday 5 - Saturday 6 May 7.30pm SIRE! cum (UK) my cum .Neighbours. and no” ‘8‘ somehow "197335 V9, as 5 a boalthal crosses £2.50 (£1.50 concession) (Uganda) mum Alon (Alger1a1AMADOU wenmnmemioned In Ruben the stage as it on water and the _———' Joaamu (The Gambia) + sauna , transtormation ot the pit into the rats' MIME (Senegal) Browning s tamous poem, but they mm o, doom WITH 3:: in the musi‘cadl :efi‘ioaoii The. The “My does not wandemo ,3, ill E W E ll 1) E l ll II E l l N E 8 S “mom'm'” "mam" n' m W per presen e y e a one . . . - murmurs - ouwacu’s tartar Them”. Matthew .Game for a Laugh, trom Browning S original and what T W Women 5 Performance Prolect . mnm “m. digressions there are-the antics ot the ’Bonned m 7928. back In 1989, ADVANCE sump "cg Kelly heads a slick cast in a brash and mayors m so" and the cuddly Roddyer Hall’s story of lesbian love’ c"le UNDER 12 F as breezy production which spills over many_handed "'0an m in we" mm m cm‘m “mu” ""0 the audnmtum the actors . ' Wednesday 31 Ma - Saturday 3 June ar mama ounces roe volcano ncxcr ' Young locals performed like wizened 8.00pm Moments mingling with the audie‘ace betore I "capers in the" am roles as the rats £2.50 (£1.50 concession) Please ask for accommodation booking form ma n or e s a e w e a musica ——————— wnh ticket application animate“ up in 3w back stalls and the children at Hametin. My young 1:... 9.0.... income.” o. mum“ ' l companions enjoyed the show. The roe-Mine accommodation. plou-

Throughout, the cast traipses up and down the aisles and in and out at the boxes, keeping up a pace which doesn't allow young minds to wander or tor boredom to set in. The music by Dominic Muldowney is good clap-your-

oontact: The Festival Office. Town Hall.

Morecansbe us W. (Tel: 0524 417120)

4’ $ mm or movie: Credit Card Hotline Access, visa I - 0524 65679 (24 hour semce)

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admittedthat it was ‘very good' but was 12321678 . Manda _ son” a Wane-fly" Voiume 09 “an!” to sum' and me 3'0"" numbers 1 thought it a pitythere were no real rats. Late during performgfices M ’“mm0532‘55m M “’9‘” are jazzed up with the presence at a ' _ Records on 225 4583 ole-ow won Mom 04‘ N b l Butabove all, his preterence was tor 221 2606 m Revolver Records 0272 299105 rea up (no so st tute, alas, tor live the15_minmelmermlssion Nickle 34 HAMMON mg; Bastian) 0272 260902 vermin). Sets (by Roger GIOSSOD) are 1 ' EDINBURGH, EH3 SAX TICKETS IV 7051: The Duke’s Playhouse. Moor lane. 1 boy. (Rene Taylor) eox omcc oar - 226 5425 Lancasteth iQE sophisticated and clever. a mountain 1

Cheque payabte to Duke's Ptayhousc Ltd Please mark

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