I Kids aims to provide info about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow for children and young people. Please send details not later than to days before publication.


Activities and fun I COLLINS GALLERY l ‘tiiscrsity of

Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street.

Clay Moulding (7 12 years) 2“ May.

1 -3pm. Workshop with l.orna(‘rraves. £1 .50. Book on 552 4411(lext 2558.

I OROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane. llillhead. 33‘) 4298.

Kids' Stuff livery Saturday afternoon. 1.45pm. (iames. competitions and a film. suitable for (v 13 year olds. parents welcome too. Kids £1.21); Adults£l .71). Renovation work is due to start soon iii the cinema so Kids' Stuff may be cancelled for some weeks. pliotie first before trekking alon 1.

I HAGGS CASTLE St Andrews l)rive. l’ollokshields. 427 2725.

Free afternoon activities ey ery Saturday. 2.15pm. .‘s'obooking just tttrn up. Weaving activities (is '12 years) it May. Making finger puppets ( 5 .s years) 13 May. I SCOTTISH BALLET 201 West Princes Street. 331 2931.

Junior Contemporary Classes Tuesday evening classes. ()pen to anyone. aged 12 and over. of arty standard. o 7pm.

Exhibitions I HAGGS CASTLE St Andrew s l)rive.

Pollokshields 427 2725.

If you are 12 or younger and see yourself as an author, signing copies of your book in bookshops and jawing with journalists, then Faber and Faber want to hear from you. They have launched a ‘Write-A-Story Competition‘ to be judged by a panel chaired by Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. The best stories will be published in a book which the winners will be invited to help promote. Faber intend commissioning illustrations but young authors are welcome to send in their own art work which may be used if they win. Stories can be on any subject but shouldn't be longerthan 1500 words. The winning entries will be published in a special Faber anthology in 1990 and their authors will each receive a £25 book token. The closing date is 31 July 1989 (entrants must not be over12 years on that date) and winners will be notified in October 1989. Send your story. along with your name. address and age to: The Faber and Faber Write-A-Story Competition. 3 Queen Square, London. WC1N 3AU. If you want your story returned. enclose a

l 7.

Behind the Scenes 1 ?niil 2llx\t1g. Collecting. conservation and interpretation find otit what goes on in these three main areas of the museum's work. Visitors can have a goat

determiningthe historyofvariousobjects. I

Also quizzes and a ‘guess the link' competition for budding curators.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin Hall (entrance frotn Bunhotise Road). 357 392‘).

Mon- Sat lit-5pm; Sun 2--5pm. Largest collection of vehicles in the 13K.


I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 111111.

Hawk the Slayer ( PG) Sat (i May. 111.3tlam. lipic struggle between two brothers. one good. one evil. in a magical ancient land. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom (PG) Sat 13 May. 10.30am. There‘s evil about in the galaxies in this sci-ft story with impressive special effects.


I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 1010.

Mr Boom -The Lunar One Man Band Sat May. 1.30pm. Kids 5(lp; Adults £1. See above.

The Magic Bob Show Sat 13 May. 1.3(lpm. Kids 511p: Adults £1. Audience participation in a very special magic show.


Activities and fun I CAMERA OBSCURA Top of the Royal


. l


"This could be the start of your career as a famous writer”

stamped addressed envelope. As Faber say, ‘This could be the start of your career as a famous writer'!

1-- OUIIICIJs15 lb May IUS‘)

Mile. next to the Castle. 2.16 370‘). Open every day. Mon-Fri 9.3(lam—5pm; Sat and Sun “lam-5pm. Kids 911p; Adults£1 .911. The Camera ()bscura captures a live moving picture of Edinburgh on a viewing table in a darkened room. lixhibitionsof llolographs froin Iiurope and The United States and Pinhole Photography (cameras made from biscuit tins and Coke cans) by Derek Drage. I COASTERS 3 West 'l‘ollcross. 228 3252. Disco livery Saturday (13(1- ltlpm. £1 .51). Under 18s. alcohol-free. I EDINBURGH BUTTERFLY AND INSECT WORLD Melville Nurseries. Lasswade. on} 4932. Walk amongst butterflies fluttering in an indoor rainforest complete with pools and waterfalls. Stick insects. praying mantis. scorpions and tarantulas can be safely observed at close quarters. ()titdoors there's a picnic area and children's adventure playground. ()pen seven days a week until 31 ()etober. “lame—5.30pm. Kids £1.15; Adults £1.95. liamily ticket. 2 adults plus tip to 4ehildren £5.75. I GORGIE CITY FARM 51 (iorgie Road. 337 4202. Open every day of the year. 9am—4pm. including evening sessions. Free. Young City Farmers Group livery Saturday. (7—13years). lilam 1pm. Regular club for children to learn ntore about animalsand farming. Membership 75p. plus 15p per session. I LITTLE MARCO'S Marco's Leisure Centre. 51-59 (irove Street. 2282141. Play Sessions 9.3tlam--8pm daily. Drive round in the roller derby. fight your way through the ball swamp or slide down the bumpy slides. all part of the fun exhaustingand noisy? 1 hour play session for non-members' children. £3. I MURRAYFIELD ICE RINK Riversdale Crescent. 337 (i933. ()peri week day s from 2pm; weekends from ltlam. Saturdays Illam —noon family skating; Sundays 1()-- 1 1 .3tlain group tuition. Check with venue for ftill session times and prices. Admission 811p. skate hire 411p. I ROYAL COMMONWEALTH POOL Dalkeith Road. ()67 7211. Nautilus Flume Complex Mon <l-‘ri 2.3(L-8pm; Sat and Sun 10am—4pm. Ride the River Rapids. the Twister. the Black Vortex and the ultimate challenge. the Stingray which bullets bathers round a 511 metre hairpin bend in four seconds. Hang on to your costume and your heart! 5 ride tiekets£1. I STOCKBRIDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY llamilton Place. 332 2173. ‘.Itist a ( iiggle' is the theme of the National tell a Story Week which runs from 2‘) Apr b May. In conjunction with lidinburgh ('ity Libraries. the liditibtirgh Children's Book (iroup is liolditig two sessions with American story ~1eller Barbara Mcl )errnitt on Saturday o May; Story-tellinglorT-B yearolds iii 1 lam. Stories— through theatre and games ( 9 13 years) 11.30am 12.311pm. Both sessions are free but places are limited. 'l'ieketsaie available in advance from Stoekbrtdgc library . from 2‘) Apr. I THINS BOOKSHOP 53 5‘) South Bridge. 5566743. Saturday Club livery Saturday 111.31) 11.3(lam. Free. Open to any child (age range approx 2 13 years). Activities and competitions yy ith pi‘i/es as well as story -telling for younger children I WILKIE HOUSE (itithrie Street. 225 2117‘) Playgroup l-dinburgh l‘iiiyersity Settlement have started a Playgroup tor children aged 2 5 years. Iloursare 9am 5pm. Mon I‘ll arid during school holidays. 511p per hour tot single parent ['8 4t) holders and students. of Ip per hour for students with aworking spouse partner and LI .211 to waged parents.


I PLAYHOUSE ( ircenside Place. 55" 35% Peter Pan [hill 13 May (Not Sun 1 7 V‘aipm'


Man on the Moon and the Move

Scheduled to land on Glasgow during Mayfest is busy Mr Boom who. accompanied by his dog Boomdy Bouncer. entertains earthlings with his percussion band and moonbeam singalongs. He's also zooming about at Paisley Arts Centre (see venue) and Linn Park Play Day. details next issue.

Saturday Matinees. ft and 13 May. 2.3Ilpm. t-‘irst ballet version ofIM. Barrrie's book. Presented by Scottish Ballet. inusic by lidward Mc( itiire. choreography by ( iraham l.ustigol StitIIL‘bs \Vells. Kids £3.75. £516.25. £7.51); Adults £7.51). £111. £12.51). £15. lixcept l‘ri and Sat evenings. full adult pricesonly'.


Street. 225 2424.

Muppefs. Monsters and Magic City Art Centre. Market Street. lilttll 24 May. Kids 511p; Adtilts £1 Miss Piggy . Pol/y Bear and Kermit are on hand in an exhibition which traces the career of theircreator. .liiit llenson. from his early days in television loctirrent inega-suceessiii films. Videos showing the tricksofthe trade in puppet filming and excerpts from Muppet Show s. Popular is the "l'oueh Wall'. little doorstoopen. wheelstoturn. hands to shake and a chance to feel furry bits and pieces from the puppets‘ props basket.

I CITY OF EDINBURGH ART CENTRE Market Street. 225 242-1.

Cadbury's National Exhibition of Children‘s Artl'ntil 12 May Mon Sat Illam 5pm. free 1 argest exhibition of its kind. coiitprising ltltitiwoiksol art. craft attd poetry by children nattoiiys ide. many of them by budding Scottish l)a \'ineis.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. Mon Sat. Illtllll‘SPITt Adttiissionfree. l-is e galleries full of all kirtdsol toys including niatiortettes. slot iitachines. a nickelodeon. large display of dollsatid dolls houses w hieh put today 'staeky modernettoitstoshaiiie \ideo presentationsand activity area.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (hambets Street. .‘25 "5 ‘~~t

Robes ofthe Realm t not 25.1mm

Mon Sat. l‘laiii 5pm. Sun. 2 5pm. 31)“ years o1 eereniotiial dress. ttoitt the suieoai worn by by (ieoige l\' at his coronation in 1521 to Prince ( 'harles‘ robes for his II1\L'\IIIIITL' at ( ~aetiiatyori ( ‘astle in I‘MN .-\lsiitill show Ilc'l .tItIlL‘ CUSIUIIIL‘ and illustrated riiatiusetipts

and a display of non-royaleeretiioriial robes. worn for special occasioiisby bigwigs in the legal. academic arider ie woi 1d Kids 511p. Adults £1


I FILM HOUSE I 111111.111 Road. 225 2fih.\. Children‘s Saturday Matinees. 2pm. All seats £1 bookable in advance.

Muppet Movie 1 l ' i It May .-\|so show iiigon lii .\Ia\.1p111 litteeii ‘ieal‘ riioviestais 111.1lsetltlt'\lappeatallseSlttIIIISIIIIIIIHII iitiliiitly \JII ti[‘\l.lilt‘ Ks'llllll .tlltI \Itss Piggy

Datk Crystal 1 I)( II I 5 \I.t\ .-\Istisllii\\tlli_' o11l‘lil2 \I.ty.~ll‘111 l-yil will riilethe world unless the missing I‘lL‘vL' ot the Dark ( iystal is found A Illll '\liippeis‘ l Ielison liliii

- - »——r -——-___1