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10 Years of the Fine Art STATE OF THE ART Society in Glasgow Painting and Sculpture A Celebratory Exhibition in Scotland today

Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm; Sat mam-1pm

Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow

HILL & ADAMSON 29 April—24 June 1989 (Print Gallery)

RECORDING MACKINTOSH The Photography of T. & R. Annan & Sons 29 April onwards (Mackintosh House Gallery) Mon—Fri 9.30—5pm; Sat 9.30am—l pm Admission Free Tel: 041 330 543]

Mackintosh House closed 12.30—1 .3()pm (Slip charge afternoons and Saturday mornings)


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I 4 3g. _ A, . PAINTINGS & PRINTS 2nd May 3rd June I ’/ Ma exl'

Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council 8: Glasgow District Council



Hell MacPherson, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow

Living in Caithness, MacPherson has discovered in his painting an extraordinary richness oi colour which comes closer to the vivid llat pigments at early Renaissance ltalythan the country around him. His composition too, sparse and centred on large, dominating ligures, seems to shadow that religious painting which Giotto mastered to inimitable ellect.

A graduate of Glasgow School ol Art in the early eighties, MacPherson certainly uses the colourful llamboyance associated with that background, but a llamboyance which is tempered by the quiet spirituality ol the ligures in his work. Bound somewhere between religion and imagination, these ligures and animals stand in lonely, dream-like landscapes with undulating lurrowed hills and little vegetation. Their expressions locus inward, with the occasionally peeking eye. The man in The Garden looks quiter at ease but he holds a green apple and his jacket has begun to melt with the landscape. Something has happened. A man dreaming under a tree with his two dogs does not appear to notice the snake travelling across the sky. There are obvious biblical

connections here, but they are understated.

It is possible to speculate about these people and their place, but it is not possible to know. MacPherson has charged his work with simple but powertul emblems overlaid with that brilliant glaze oi colour. He paints skies in unthinkable blue, coats wide ilat cows in red and gives his lavourite characterthe dog/sheep, a pelt of warm brick or grass green. This is delicious painting, lull ol messages and signs which mysteriously capture hidden corners oi nature and humanity. (Alice Baln)

Robert Adamson. A display to celebrate the 150th anniversary ofthe invention of photography and organised by Canada‘s Mendel Art Gallery. Some ofthese prints, which include portraits. landscapes and topography. have never been exhibited before.

The Mackintosh House Gallery: Open as above but closed for lunch 12.30—1 .3()pm. Slip admission on weekday afternoons and Saturdays. Recording Mackintosh Until further notice. Photographs by T. & R. Annan & Sons who recorded the architecture and interiors ofCharles Rennie Mackintosh.

I IMAGES GALLERY 74 Hyndland Road. 334 53] l. Mon—Fri 9.3(iam—5.30pm. Sat 9.3(iam—5pm.

General Exhibition Until 7 May. 19th and 20th century paintings and prints as well as Japanese woodblock prints.

Jennylrvine 9~3l May. Recent works ina contemporary almost colourist style by Jenny lrvine alongside the gallery's range of Japanese woodblock prints and general stock.

I INTEROEC GALLERY Maryhill Burgh Hall. 24 Gairbraid Ave. 946 5912.

Godlrey Banadda Until 27 May. Maylest. Paintings by one of the finest youngartists in Uganda. Working in a poverty stricken country. Banadda paints from dawn until it is time to go to his Ministry of('ulture office and earns just £6 a month. Muchof his work comes as a reaction to the 17 years of political turmoil in the country under the Amin and Obote regimes. but in more recent peaceful times his work has explored the possibilities of pattern and colour.

Orphans in the Bush Until 27 May. A photographic essay by David Brunoof Palkirk on a development project for ()rpltmis ofthe Regime in Eastern L'ganda.

I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 221 6025. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat lllam—lpm.

19th & Zlith century continental oils and watercolours.

I KELLY GALLERY 118 Douglas Street. 248 6386. Mon—Sat ll).3l)am-2pm.

2.3(ipm—5.3lipm; also Thurs 5 84 Fri 6 6—9pm. Movements in Landscape Until a May. Paintings by Silvia Allen. Annual Exhibition 13—27 May. Mayiest. An exhibition of the work of elected members ofthe Royal (ilasgow Institute ofthe Fine Arts. I LANGSIOE GALLERY 26—28 Battlefield Road. 64‘) 8888. Mon—Sat 9am—5.3()pm. An Exhibition at New Works 5—31 May. Fourth Year students at (ilasgow School of Art are given a chance to exhibit their work in the run-up to their final year graduation show in June. I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie. 956 2351. Tue—Fri 11am—5pm and 7—9pm; Sat and Sun Z—Spm. Closed Mondays. Scottish Society at Women Artists 6—26 May. All three galleries at the Lillieare taken up with this exhibition. I MAIN FINE ART Michael Main (iallery and The Studio (iallery. l6 and 34 Gibson Street. Both galleries on 334 8858 and open Mon—Sat Ilium—6pm. Colour in Landscape L'ntil 30 May. Maylest. A celebration of Scottish landscape painting. drawing attention to the special qualities of light and colour particular to this country. I MARYHILL ARTS CENTRE 1 l Malloch Street. 945 3995. Mon—Thurs 2—9pm. Work in 1, 2, 3 and 4 Dimensions Until 18 May. Maylest. (iraham Johnstone presents drawings and picture stories in sculptural frames. while Sam McVeigh has produced a specially created environment. I 908 GALLERY 12 ()tagt) Street. Kelvinbridge. 3393158. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Glasgow Belongs l'ntil 25 May. Mayiest. The gallery 's annual Mayfest theme isthe (‘ity of (ilasgow in all its visual splendour. Contemporary artists paint everything from the market stall to the grandest building. I ONE Princes Square. 226 3032. Mon—Sat 10am—7pm; Sun ll.3llam~5pm. Madeline Hand 8 May—3 June. Hand isa freelance artist and lleIl’itltir who has

72 The List 5 18 May l‘)8‘)