Show Saughton Park and Winter (iardens. l0am—4pm. See Sa127.


I Buskers Festival The Mound. Princes Street. 10.30am—5.30pm. Free. No self-respecting community event should be seen w ithout its street festival. I lere is just w hat we have come to expect ~ fire breathing. laughs and music. If the weathch good. street theatre is fun.


I Absolute Beginners with Anne Marie Di Mambro Traverse Studio.

I lam 5pm. Free. How to shape. bring to life and sharpen a play. The 'l't‘aversc Writer-in-Residence gives you the line on how to begin.

I Clocked Out and Asking for it Discussed Traverse Studio. o 7pm. Free. How to read between your own lines. Ben 'I'wist. assistant director at the Traverse and w riters John McKenzie and Aileen Ritchie talk about the process of writing a new script.

I Persies Theatre Group Ryries Bar. 7pm. Free. In the relaxed surroundings of Ryrie's. authors and members of Persies 'I‘heatre ( irottp read from the new literary magazine ‘l'nderstanding'.


I The Edinburgh Puppet Company (iracemount Leisure ('entre.

1 2.30pm. 3 .«lpm. Free. ('hidren aged 7 and over will learn about puppet and set making and then be asked to sit back and enjoy this company 's colourful y ersion of The Tempest.


I Common Bonds Springyy ell l louse Arts (l‘tltt‘c. LI .5” ( Ll ). See Sat 37.


I Some of the People Southside (‘ommunity ('entrc. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50). See Sat27.

Khoros Dance Theatre




I Edinburgh Fringe Film Festival The Filmhouse. Lothian Road. ltlam. See I'ri 3b.


I Women Work! Portobello Library.

10 l 1.30am. Free. Tickets available in

ady ance from the Library and l’ortobello('itizens Ady ice Bureau.

I Women Work! Stockbridgc Library. 10am 3pm. Free. The launch of Iidinburgh Women's Resource (‘entre begins a day of women's events. 2 -3pm: Writing for Profit Another 'I'ravers‘c Theatre ‘Spin ()ff'. Ann Marie Di Mambro and Aileen Ritchie give tips on how to make a living out of

w riting and how to survive a writer's life.


IThriller 89 Nelsonllall. McDonald Road Library. 4.30 8.30pm. Free. Bookingis essential.

l (‘ontact Philip Wark. Nelson Ilall.55o5(130.

Michael Jackson's video and hit single Thriller was one of pop'salI-time treats. I Icre‘s your chance to get down. dress up and join in Spring Fling's

special re-creationofthe Jackson hit. In four days.

you will be making special effects. designing your own zombie kit and learning the Thriller dance

routine(yelpifyoucan). ()n the fifth day. a special E performance will put the w hole gruesome Iot

together. Noexperience necessary. no age limit.


I Common Bonds

Springwell Ilouse Arts (‘entre. £1.50(£l ). See Sat 27.

I When the World Was Young Triangle Arts (‘entie 7.30pm. 50p. ('lyde l'nity' Theatre stage John Binnie‘s play about

; three girls in a playground

surrounding one gay boy. Happy then. they find that

I file has changed sixteen years on.


I Some of the People Southside (‘ommunity l Centre.7.30pm.£2.50 (£1.50). See Sat 27.



I Women Work! Portobello Library.

ltLl 1.30am. Free. Tickets in advance from the Library or Portobello Citizens Advice Bureau. The boss tells her story. This workshop for women is led by Personnel Managers from offices. factories and shops who describe their ideal employees.

I Women Work (iilmerton Library. 10am—3pm. Free. An information day with displays. books and practical advice on the subject of Women and Work. Ham—12.30pm: Lunch at the Library. This informal session. part of the Traverse Theatre's ‘Spin ()ff‘ season. is led by Ann Marie De Mambro who talks about how she slots writing. family and theatre career into her life.


I A Fantastic Journey

(iildedBalloon'l‘heatre. 10am—5pm. Free. See Sat 27.


I Movement for Actors with Liz Ingram The Pleasance. 10am—5pm. £6 (£4). Limited to 20 places. Advance booking from the Traverse Theatre. 326 2633. Liz Ingram. one half of the Glasgow-based duo Rotating Dancers. takes the stiffness out of acting with confidence-9 oosting movement.


I Talk at the Brass Rubbing Festival Brass Rubbing Centre. 1pm. Free. Derek James. assistant city

District ('ouncil‘s Museums and Galleries. talks about the museums in his charge. , I Writing in Scots Traverse Cafe. 1.15-2pm. Free. Scottish playwright Marcella Livaristi stands up for writing in Scotsand dialect. Another Traverse ‘Spin Off. I The Traverse and Edinburgh Traverse Theatre. 5.30-6.30pm. Free. Ian Brown and Ben Twist of the Traverse talk about the Traverse and the educational work which it is currently promoting. A Traverse 'Spin Off of course. I Talk on RSPD South Queensferry Library. 7.30pm. Free. Jean Smith.

i curatoroffidinburgh

A \‘3 3s figs .\\\\ «S \ s

. Tit; l1 3. t it ~ ~51 "5..

Gorgie Dalry Photoworkshop have searched their awhives l0 ! DANCE contemporary photographs of Edinburgh. 1 Responding to these older images. this 30 strong group compare. I WHEC over 50s Tea two daughters ol1908 with a pair in the present. 31930slireman; Dance wcsier ,t Iailes with Grecian-style brass helmet with today‘s smoke headgear . Iiducation ('entrc. 3pm. 3 £1 Tickets in advance

inspire theirown

and Victorian Gorgie country cottages with the current co-op

housing. See exhibitions in this Spring Fling

venue details.

secretary ofthc l Iidinburgh branch of the RSI’B. talks about the society's history and its present and future roles.


I Spring Fling Soccer Sevens Tournament (‘olinton Mains Park.

lilfi’llllllz ' I Shang-a-Lang Muirhouse Festival Activities(‘entre. 7.30pm. 50p. ('Iyde L'nity Theatre go off in search of tartanalia with a couple of best friends. Remember the Bay (‘ity Rollers'.’ i


IWomen Work! I’ortobello Library. lll~l 1.30am. Free. Tickets in advance from the Library and

section for

Advice Bureau. I'pdating skills is very much a part of the employment scene

; today'.'I'ltis workshop

shows how to go about it.


I A Fantastic Journey (iilded Balloon Theatre. 10am ~4pm. Free. See Sat 27.


I Storytime fora—5 year-OMS(‘orstorphine Library. 10.30am. Free. Rivet your toddler's attention this morning in thisJackanory for 3- 5 y'car-olds.


I Lunch at the Library ('entral Library. (ieorge IV Bridge. l—«me. Free. Ian Brown talks about the work of the Traverse. A ‘Spin on".

I Script Surgery Traverse Theatre and Studio.

I’ortobello(’itizcns l 3.3” 5.3”an [.‘rcc. 'I‘ukc Teddy Bears' Picnic . o ,. .

The List 19 May— 1 June 198919

{your play to this operating

I theatre of a workshop which looks at opportunities to improved Led by Ann Marie Di Mambro. this is a

(Traverse 'Spin ()ff'.

( I Oxygen House Plays tor

l Today Traverse Studio.

8pm. Free. Readingsof

new Scottish plays by a

popular lunchtime theatre



I Lunchtime Concert Brass Rubbingfentrc. lpm. Free. An hour of loth and Will century Scottish domestic innsic. including solo songs by Fiona

Mitchell (soprano) and

“.I Ili(‘ or from the Tea Dance(’ommittee.

I Kate and the Big Crunch

Wester I Iailes Iiducation

play about the

tackling a complex

she goes home for tea. For

.lame Blackic (harpsichord). Iistra date: nJune. lprn. Free.

from the cash desk at


('entre. 3pm. Free. A little play about the Big Crunch. a monster which Kate inust conquer before

(y lllyear-olds.

I Captain Environment Southside ( ‘ommunity (‘entre. 4.15pm. Free. A

environment battle as I taken on by the ('aptain himself against enemies like the Lethal Lead Lady. 3 A lighthearted way of

subject. Presented by Lothian l'rban Wildlife (iroup. I Thespians Netherbow

Arts ( 'entre. .7pm. £1

(50p; First in a seriesol

four pray readings

followed by audience discussion. 'I‘hespians. by Neil I’urves. is based on

the rocky and incongruous relationship between a l

pretentious music student

l IStraightUpIloly(‘orner

and a farmhand.

('entre. 7.30pm. £2t£l ). The Iidinburgh Players bring together a comedy of misunderstandings. lusts and laughs.

I Shang-a-Lang Netherbow Arts(‘entre. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). SeeTue 30.

I Whodidit? Springwell IIouse. 7.30pm. £l.50

(£1 ). In the tried and tested ('hristie formula. this play wheelsout nineteen characters. traps them in a mansion and looks for the murderer among them. Performed by Invisible Inc. I The Well of Loneliness Theatre Workshop. 8pm. £3.50(£l .50). Tickets in J