97 mins. Thoroughly decent iffarfrom .

milstittiitszni‘ir3.5.: roncnsone dissolveuimmawisnotreamust veterans try to come to terms with - an ordinary Shy person "mung '0' "‘9 ececceme'and the legume mmeef Torch Song Triloov i15) (Paul Booane, same securities in iiie as anyone else. their experiences in the trenches. US' 1989) Harvey F'e's'eiht Anne Apparently howeverTorch Song's Sensitiyely handled. finely Bancf‘mv Mahhe‘” B'°d°"c'§v Bria" cosy vision oi domesticity has met with photographed and admirably performed Kerw'n- mms' The opemng scene some resistance in seetofs of the gay but lacking one iota of passion. (ilasgow: is a perfect indication of the tenor ol the community. Yet, its ability to (EFT. . rest to come. Fierstein’s transvestite communicate on that basic "ml to a attains:$22.25:'2.‘.f..:'::i3.i*f'*‘“’m' 3mmimage's:':°";,,, wideoeneratawiencemakesnan Manfred Server. Anki Liden. ltll mins. and his wit ame la 8 av o 6 ~ era, important one- “1 one 0' the Ialer Wholly captivating rite of passage tale set h . d. u I“ n bg.enume l ' ' scenes. Arno” aha his "10th!" ate at in Sweden during the 195(1s. Twelve WP“ 'mme “"9 y his“ “Shes 3" . , , , the graveyard, each visiting their own year-old lngemar copes with his mother's and'ence rapport that Is [flamed . "1 one mom (thh 't ls" ell, but that the lost loved ones, and the powertul terminal illness and his family's general ""0th the Whale SlOW- we "mow h'm whole altair is SO determined to put on conimmaiion where he iinaiiy makes indifference to his boisterous spirits by from his attempts to win acceptance for a knock em' dead in the aisles-type he, realise that yes, he levee like her indulginginahighfantasylife.ine1uding his sexual orientationtrom his snowiorthe audience, Themm's blend and yes, he huneiike her, ieimbeee the pretence that he is a dog, terrible title. old-Iahioned JBWlSh mother (Anne 0' romance, deliciously camp musical with an honesty pain and directness wimdmu" “""‘"‘“‘N° ""“' [“m‘m'mh 330670“). and the sears" tor a Stable numbers, tangled relationships and that make it a milestone in the ila‘yhélleiiinother Is An Alien ( 15 ) 3:33:95:;%:’iirsgfii'ehigii'i‘eew in deVatsylahng anilinelsl. ma“: h 3 I mainstream cinema's treatment of Richard Ben‘nmin. L's. toss) Dan ' , , . r “V - "'93 .0118” 9 min!) Y emo i003 homosexuality. And itthat makes it EAykroyd. Kinjt Basinger. Alyson , l" a "at, 't 3 “he 933V ‘0 see that "'9 BXllerience that’s 80018110“! very much I sound too worthy, remember to take Hannigan. 1(l7 mitts. liecentric widowed mm has "5 mats m a huge lheatr'cal 0i the Old SChOOl. l a|ong your box at hankies, [of it’s as scientist Dr Steve Mills t Aykroyd ) gets success, not so much because the Whatever prejudices the viewer l threexleenex e movie as melee been hitched to attractive Celeste ( Kim action is conlined to tour people talking might take to the movie are soon l in a while. (Trevor Johnston)

Basinger). who just happens to come from

some concern to his teenage daughter I

(Hannigan). when dad realises his new are making the series increasingly Ellen Anne Bulljo. 86 mins. Set in the it‘s unfortunate to note that promising Palm” ha" “CV” NC" kth- “"d “"m‘ P”PC9rh"’riChl‘"Cd- (il‘lsgl’w (iahn‘m ShOWY “35195 “f [-E'Ph‘h‘h the hr“ hlm writer director Brickman died in acai 2mm" educating her in thc 1"“ “Humid (llarksmn Rnad’ Cannon The Forgc‘ Shot in lhc l-“PP language mum“ 3‘ crash about a year after the film‘s release. knowledge and all that. ()deon. lidinburgh: ()deon. Central: teenage. b0). Aigin (Gimp) as he returns Edinburgh: (semen Uthth‘hd “"hCl'“Kl-‘1hltlh'wmcl’t A“"hPin“(‘ithdOhiim- StrilthCl."903 from a huntingtripto find hisfamily .fliyef's Edge ( 13) (Tim Hunter ['5 fluff. with Aykroyd as unfunny asusual. AMCClydebank 1(1. Cannon. ()deon slaughtered by u gangof nmmudme wee) (.riepm (“new Keene Reevee‘ only several stones heavier. Director Ayr. ()deon Hamilton. warm,” and “me. to avenge theirdemhe. Denmeneppee W mine. A mnmeieee Benjaminh wrecrscum m haw sun-cred .The Nightpone”18)(l‘ilmnacawmi‘ Familiar rc“"’rklhtl”f(l“0d"Sli‘ll‘ murder is the catalyst fora moralcrisis a notable slump since the wonderful .lly Italy. 1974) Dirk Bogarde. Charlotte fascinatingly filmed as something akin t0" among a group of teens re buddi ‘s favourite Year. (ilasgow: ()deon. Rampling. Philipe Leroy. 115 mins. 1957, Scandinavian Kurosawa movie. Central: (g‘hancngmgupturiifim of with: i . i Edinburgh: (mum. Struthdmc: AN“. CX'SS commandant Bugardc measup Regal youth and their attem‘ ts to foi rL‘ 11"le Clydcbzmk 10. 1.21 Scallu. ()dcnn with former concentration camp inmate I Rain Man ( 15) (Barry Ley'inson. th. eeeicm in a 5000“. of :uinhl-n , in“: m Hamilton. Rampling. and before long out come the 1988) Dustin Hoffman. Tom Cruise. iiienknces pdinh'ureh. Mimiifleh‘ I The Naked GUM151(l)zt\‘idXllckcrl'S. Nazi regalia for a soothing spot of Valeria (iolino. 114 mins. lmpecunious tvniwreiie Film some“. i 1988) LCShC NTCISC'L PTl-‘Clhi‘ P1999)" SéldO-miiSOChl-‘m. Way-nut SCXUH' smalltime hustler Charlie Babbitt (Cruise) The seventh séai (pGi ( ingnmr Ricardo Montalban. 85 mins. Nielsen gets high-jinks. apparently serious. but in ends up kidnapping his pfgyifiugiy ' Bergman. Sweden. 1957) Mex “m a crack at a leading comic role as Frank effect. its Leonard Maltin remarks‘. unknown autistic savant brother Svdow‘ Gunner Biometrend‘ Bibi Drebin. adisaster prone LA copassigned ‘strictly for studentsofthe sleazy". Raymond (Hoffmany when theirtutc A'ndereeom Wmine Knight Vun Suit)“. to find the mun Who Shm his wnwguc in a (sluggnwz (imsvcnm‘ father haw" his 33 mllh‘m hmunc I" the returns from the Crusades to the brutal drugs bust. and protect our dear Queen at I Pascah'SlSlaM(151(Jilmcs Dcardcn. latter. However. as the two cross America hum,“ 0f medieval Swede." and Diem the 53m” hth “’hllc “'5” hhdlhtl “""h h” le~ 1988) BC“ thtl‘lcy‘ Charles Dahcct by road genuine feelings oft'raternal chess with Death as the Plague rages 9 romance with secretary Presley. Helen Mirren. 104 mins. A typically affection well up between them. around him. powerful mmelm. tale with e The mak9r5(’l44l’l’l‘1”"hCW‘WCm‘C‘m excellent BC" KingSlC-V 51““ as a mCCk hm Th9 1989 mal‘" ()SCi” “’lhhcr l5 1‘ profund sense of historical cruelty. which a similar principle: keep it fast. keepit perceptive spy on asmall Aegean islandin warmhcartcd and touching buddy-mt,in weeene ("the director'sbieeeeteem. man'cllouslydumb. and the comic 1908. whose life is disrupted bythearrival that scrupuloueg avoids sentimentality, eueeeeeee. Edinburgh: Edinburgh ' dividends will eventually flow. Watch out (if an enigmatic English architect (Charles and boasts a detailed performance from University Film Society. for a great beaver gag and comedy cameos Dance). The latter may or may not be Hoffman that skilfully elicits both I La Signbia Di Tum (pt; ) (Mex ()phuie from Arafat. (iaddafi. (iorbachev and the after some ofthe island's cherishable compassion and frustration. Glasgow: mm. 1934) lee Miranda Melee Beneee‘i Queen. Where else would you get all these antiquities. but his romance with the (‘unntm The Forges. ()dcnn. Edinburgh; Tede'ne bevieve 89 min; Even“ leelii‘ne elments in the same movie'.’ (ilasgow: sensuous woman artist (Mirren) Pascali Dominion, Strathclyde: AMC Clydcbank up to the. euempied suicide, of .m‘unh.l ) ‘t. Cannon The Forge. himselfhaslongadmired helpstospring 1(), Luscum‘ WMR Fiimccmru f. ‘f' e e e ._ V . ‘y I l p' . . . .. e. . , _ cmmc atalc hayc hcrlcarningonly too IAnghtmare 0n Elm Street4.The Dream the diffident lurk intoaction. IRisky Busmessux) (t’aulBrickman. “Hem.” while. she is. mnduetm ,1 Master( 18) (Renny Harlin. ['8. 1988) Iilegant and not overly-obvious US, 1983)Tom Cruise. Rebecca merccinn. .lff.iirwiih ., , at“. . . - e e. . A H i . . A r e i i i grotcsqtic bank Robert Innglund. Rodney ttastman. entertainment boasts attractive locations DCMOmey. (sums Armstrong running mane,” hie eon for whnm ehe nurmree Danny Hassel. 93 mins. Freddy Kruegcr and fine performances. but the narrative is Elm. Cruise mic heS young-rum eeen ' deer: hereel‘f ie‘in he! mum in “WC with returnsto slash his waythroughthe never quite controlled enough forthe film cmréprcncuriai [cw whotumethc family her U‘nueeeieiiiiv ()‘phuie‘min dreamsofanother set ofsuburban teens. tomove the viewer quite as much asone homc mum brmhcl white the folks-ire ' .i . . .i ,‘u -‘.. ' ,. ~~ .- __. h I . . . _ e .e . . _ . uncharacteristically dealing with lmpressiye and imaginative effectsalmost would like. ladinburgh. ( ameo. away {()rthc wcckcnd Sharp entire-(m enmem . . . b- .. . . i - e . . . . ,. . ' porary su Jcct mattcr. it” still compensate for inept padding in between. I Pathfindert 15) (Nils (raup. Norway. adatcsccm acquisitivcnws benefits {mm a Obeceecd with the we." mmmtie [hemee but the spectacle and the humour factor 1987) Mikkel (iaup. lngyald Cruttorm. very likeable lead performance. though and displaying thcimiw Menorah.

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