a statement that we think that narrative is important in theatre.'

Three of the plays this year have to do with living in contemporary Scotland. the fourth. by Andrew Steadman. being set during the Easter Rising. The writers are people early on in their stage writing career: Aileen Ritchie has had plays staged by (‘lyde I'nity"I‘heatre; John McKenzie has written for radio and Stuart Hepburn is well-know n on the cabaret circuit. The ’I‘raverse. tliotigli. is anxious to broaden the experience of new w riting; as well as the productions there will be more workshops than last year including voice. moy ement and script sessions aiiopeningand closing conference. lunchtime and early eveningtalks. open rehearsals and the chance to join a Tray erse Attachment (the oppoittiiiity to learn abotit writingand directing by followinga production from rehearsals to performance).

‘It's aimed not jtist at writers btit at any body interested in theatre.’ explains Twist. ‘We want people to be able to learn about theatre. to get in behind the scenes. The opening tip ofthe 'I'raverse is very important to tis. \Ve want to let people in at an earlier stage so they can see that it‘staking a risk. butsee alsowliy it's an exciting risk.’ (Sarah llemniing) Spiiiliiiigu Line: Traverse '1 Marina See 1. ratings.


I-or scycial years now . l’at Keysall ( y oti may remember her best 1101]} Vision ( )ii' i has been keeping the Scottish mime scene aliyc yirttially single-handed. Illl\ summer she w ill once again been ttitoiiiig an 5-day iiiiiiic school at the \Ioiay llotiset'iamontl (aniptis toi liegiiiiieisaiid

those with a ii'uic mime experience from 29 July—5 August. Mark Saunders. the Edinburgh-based performer who has been touring extensively with his soloshow The Chaplin ()bsessioii. will also be taking classes.

In addition. Pat has managed to entice her former teacher. the I-rench master of mime Jacques Lecoq away from Paris to give a six-day course for experienced professionals with the theme of "The Mask.‘ taking place from 7— 12 August. Monsieur Lecoq is now bb’ btit is still much in demand as both teacher and performer. The likes of Juliet Stephenson and other ‘big name British actors took up many ofthe places on his classes at last year's London Workshop l’estival. so this is an opportunity not to be snee/ed at. (Simon Bayly) The cost of both courses is t. llllleach (some concessional places are ayailable on the beginners' course ). with a deposit required when booking a place (the deadline for Lecoq‘s course is 1 June). The good news is that the Scottish International Iidueational Trust has made a I. lllllllgrant to the summer school for the provision of bursaries. with priority given to applicants for the 1.ecoq cotirse. Detailsofthis scheme and of the courses as well as application forms are available from Pat Keysall.

Moray I IoUse College. ('ramond Campus. (‘rainond Road North. lzdinburgh.(l31312N101.


Theatre Workshops Women'sPerformance Project. which will form part of this year‘s Spring Fling in Edinburgh. can lay claim to several firsts. It is the first time that director Maggie Kinloch. who is best known for her


WOiiien‘s Pedoance Project in ‘The Well I


work with TAU and Annexe Theatre. has participated in an Edinburgh-based project. For many of the 45 women taking part. it will be their first direct experience in theatre.

All of the forty-five participants have been involved in more than one aspect of the production. working on dance. music. acting. stage management oron the script. A team of nine have been adapting Radclyffe IIall‘s lesbian novel 'Thc \Vell of Loneliness for the stage. and it will be the text's first public performance. Kinloch submitted the idea: ‘I had been looking for the opportunity to do 'Thc Well of Loneliness‘ for years. This project seemed ideal for it. It'san immense book to squeeze into about two hours. btit it's working very well. The performance will be a total merging of music. dance and theatre. The buzz ot‘energy. commitment and enthusiasm from everyone involved in the project is so exciting.

There‘s a huge age-range from 16 to 78~ and most of them will be on stage performing. either dancingor acting.‘ Community-based theatre is Kinloch's main interest. and she is. she admits. lucky to be able to only do work she's committed to. ‘My roots are in community theatre. Those of us working in professional theatre have a sworn duty to feed back what we have into community theatre. and vice versa. The energy of one informs the other.‘ Soss Dance. who plays Stephen. the heroine of the novel. is not a full-time actor. although she has

participated in community

theatre projects before. She has strong views about the direction that theatre should take and welcomes the growth in interest in community theatre projectslike (ilasgow's mammoth ‘(‘ity' venture: ‘It'sa fantastic development. It's also essential ifthcatre is to stay alive and be relevant and exciting. It should become much

more involved with ordinary people like it wasin the 16th and 17th centuries.‘

‘The Well of Loneliness’ tells the story of Stephen. a woman mis-named because her parents planned to have a son. She falls in love. but pushes her lover into the arms ofa man. feeling that Mary will not be able to

withstand the loneliness of

being ‘an out-cast‘. To Soss Dance. herselfa lesbian. it has especial relevance in the light of Clause 28: ‘It does have universal themes— that people feel thay have to suffer for love. that they have to martyr themselves for love. It explores the whole thing about gender stereo-typing. But it is also a way ofstating that being a lesbian is a natural and wonderful way to be. Because of Clause 28. it's even more important to say what we are. Working on this project is really exciting— there's a lovely atmosphere. and a lot of mutual respect.‘

Theatre Workshop‘s Women's Performance Project. ‘The Well of Loneliness‘. runs from Wednesday 31st May until Saturday 3rd June at 8pm.


In case you are one of the halfdozen (ilaswegians who is not yet involved in ('1'!_v.TomMcgrath's massive community play forTAU. the pilot

perfoi rnances will take place 1 1—15 July in the TramwayTheatre. There is still time to get involved in any aspect of the production (costume. design. set building. painting. acting. singing. music. dancing. writing. photography. typing. reporting. . .)and ifyou are interested you should call TAG on ((1-11 )42‘) 2877. Absolutely everyone who is involved is urged to turn tip toa photo call at b.45pm on

Mon 22 May to give a


publicity boost to the event. It is also a good opportunity to see round the space where you will be performing and to have a look at the models ofthe set.

Rehearsals have been building tip this month and in June the various local groups are going to start coming together at larger central venues. culminating in three all-day Sunday rehearsals for the ftill cast ( 18 & 35 June and 2 July). Please phone the TAG number above for specific details of where and when your local group is meeting.

If anyone out there just happens to be sitting on 73‘) Bentwood (hairs. 2500 square metres of black polythene sheeting or llilltl square metresof clear fireproot'ed polythene (well somebody might be . . .1. you could be a great help to the ( ‘(Iy set builders. Ring Angie (iraiit the Production Manager on (1141 )422 21123 if you think you might be able to help. (Mark Fisher).


The Springw ell llouse Positively L'ncmployed Drama (iroup based at Ardmillan Terrace Iidinburgh are looking for new members toget involved with producing. directing and performing plays and pantos for the local community. They will be touring a number of local primary schools duringthe (iorgie Dalrie I"estival(12 17' June) with a panto extravaganza called :1 lieu/(Ii Inspector ('ully. Previous productions hay e been warmly received and if you would like to try something a little different they would be happy to hear from you. Meetings are at Springwell l louse on Mondays and 'l‘hursdays( l .3(1~4pm) and if you are interested you should call ((131 ) 337 1971.

Save up to thirty six point eight four per cent.




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