SATURDAY 20th MAY 1 lam-1pm Street March 8; Swing to Johnston Jazz 3pm Fly On The Wall Theatre Co present ( ‘aptain Scurvy d2 The Sea Sprite 7pm Clown Jewels present Fantasy Factory 9.30pm Yolocamba-I-Ta present the Music ofSouth America

SUNDAY let MAY 12.30pm Jazz In Bar 8pm Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra MON 22nd—FRI 26th MAY Festival Club in the Arts Centre. Baropen till lam. live entertainment everv night. WEDNESDAY 24th MAY 8pm Borderline Theatre Co present (:‘lasi'egas

THURSDAY 25th MAY 8pm Tom Conte in Reuben. Reuben ( l5)

FRIDAY 26th MAY 8pm Paisley Youth Theatre in cabaret The Angel (‘lub

SATURDAY 27th MAY 103m Asterix In Britain (U) 1.30pm Edinburgh Puppet Co present The Tempest 8pm Makvirag in Concert Hungarian Folk Trio

SUNDAY 28th MAY 12.30pm Jazz In Bar 8pm Paisley Youth Theatre in Cabaret - The Angel Club


Cicn 'ff 6



SBILDT A Third Eye Centre Commission

Dancers - Francis Bolt (Featherstonehaughs) and Marissa Zanotti and Composer - Nicky Hind in BE CALL COLLECT and BED Dance about memory and about relationships with humour, precision, grace and live piano.

Thurs 8 and Sat 10 June 7.30pm BSD/£2.50 Preview Wed 7 June 7.30pm 22/21

June/July brochure available now

346-354 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow 041 332 7521

’BOnned in 1928, back in 1989.’

THE Will [It lflNElINESS

by Radclyfle Hall ’An absorbing, moving and relevant story of the ove between women.’

T W Women's Performance Proiect


Wednesday 31 May - Saturday 3 June 8.0 pm £2.50 (£1.50 concession)


Hit. Cate / Bar

Open lOam - 5 m Monday - Sotur ay, Late during performances



Decadence Until Sun 21 May. 11.15pm. £2.50. £3.50 (concessions available). Steven Berkoff's uncompromising and very funny savaging of the linglish social heirarchy in a new production directed by Victor Spinetti and Judy (‘hanning Stephanie Prince and Fenton (iray are the stars of this highly stylised tvvo-hattder. See Preview.

Art and Nationhood: Scotland and Quebec 20 May. 10am. £1 . The Tron concludesits Mayfest ()uebecois season with an all-day conference chaired by Ian Lockerbie of the L'niversity of Stirling and featuring contributions from Billy Kay. Michael Boyd. 1.i'/.1.ochhead. llcctor McMillan. Martin Bowman. Bill l-‘indlay. Penny

'l‘hornson. Marc Boucher. Joyce McMillan

and (‘hristine Winford. Parallels will be drawn between Scotland and Quebec. both nations of five million people. both part of a larger country and both havinga distinct identity. society and culture.

The Guid Sisters Tue 23 Sun 4 June. 7.30pm. £5 (£2) ck £4 (£1 ). Michel 'l'rcmblay‘s ()ucbecois lirench is translated into (ilasgow patter for an orgy of ( ireett Shield Stamp licking. See Maylest Review.

I OEOLAM THEATRE l‘orrcst Road. 031 225 9893. [Access: St. l‘acilitics: “'8. (i. B. Help; AA]

Midsummer Night‘s Dream l'niil Sat In May, 7.30pm. £2.50(£1.50). £1 Bedlam Members. The Bedlam tryout turn-of—tbe-ccntury' costume to draw out ideas of colonialism and victimisation from Shakespeare's popular comedy.

I BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. MS 2240. [Accessz PPA. R. St. Facilities: W('. WS. li. (i. B. Help; AA]

The Brunton is dark for the moment. but you might still be able to catch its production of The Jungle Book as it travels round the country. See'l'ouring.

I CHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningside Road. 447 7597.

Key for Two Wed 31 May «Sat 3June. 7.30pm. £2.50. lidinburgh People's Theatre throw themselves intoJohn (’hapman and Dave Freeman’s three-cornered romantic comedy. All proceeds are going to St Joseph's Riding for the Disabled. a charity for which they raised over £2000 last year and Consequently covered all expenses for three horses.

I OILOEO BALLOON (‘ovv gate. 225

31113 22.5 4-303.

See (‘abarct Listings.

Strange Growths In Vietnam t 'tttil Sun 21 May. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Donald Main‘s comedy takes oils Vietnam as its starting point and then travels through two decades worth of movies. This production by Raptus Theatre was very well receive d in last year's lidinburgh Fringe.

I KINGS THEATRE 2 1.even Street. 22‘) 1201. Box Office Mon Sat 10am 8pm. Bar. [Accessz PPA.1.. l-'acilities;\\'(’. WS. AS. 1i. (i. B. Help: AA]

Gypsy 1 'ntil Sat 20 May. 7.30pm. Mat on Sat 20 at 2.30pm. £2.50—-£B.50. Popular musical by Jule Sty'ne and Stephen Sondheim about (iypsy' Rose Lee. the celebrated American stripper.

The Last of the Red Hot Lovers 22- 27 May. Mon— Fri 7.30pm; Sat 5pm and 8pm.

£2» £5.50. Neil Simon's 196‘) comedyof modern relationships.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE ~1311igh Street. 556 957‘). Box Office. 10am~—-1.30pm.7 A)pm pcrf. evgs. (‘afe [Accessz R. Facilities: W(‘. WS. 1i. (i. B. R. Help: A. AA]

Sotto Voce by John Mc( ‘oll and The Fan by David (iourlay. Fri 1‘) May. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). The Netherbow gets into its fortnight of community drama productions with this double bill by (‘anongatc Theatre and the Old Town Theatre. [fight ofthe thirteen plays to be performed over the fortnight are premieres.


The Voyage to Paradise Island Sat 20 May. 2.30pm. £1 (50p). Afternoon entertainment by the Netherbow Children's \Vorkshop.

SDNO Voce and Sins. Sat 20 May . 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). ('anongate 'l'heatre perform John McCollK Sum) YUH’ and l.cith Rep perform .lohnni Stanton's Sins.

The Apothecary by Alex Rigg. Busy. Busy by Susanne l-‘rase r and The Quality of Life by James lrv ine. Thurs 25 May. 7.30pm. £2 (£1). A bumper package of community drama entertainment by Brink'l‘hcatre Company. The lixecutive Theatre (‘ompany and Springvv ell llouse Autumn Players. See Previevv.

Parlour Game by Philip Johnson and The C0101" 01 the Wind by Peter linglish. Fri 26 May. 7.10pm. £2 (£1 1. Tonight's community drama choice comes from St (’olumba's Dramatic Society and Palmerston Place Dramatic Society.

Low Noon and The Undertakers plusThe Apothecary by Alex Rigg. Sat 27 May. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 1. The first two playsarc staged by lloly rood Drama ( iroup and the final one by Brink Theatre Company. Shang-a-lang Wed 31 May Thurs l .lune. 2.30pm. £3 ( £2 ). ('lyde l'mty Theatre in Aileen Ritchie's comedy of tartan tack circa WU vv hen the most important things in arty girl's life were boys and the Bay (‘tty Rollers.

I ROYAL LYCEUM ( irindlay Street. 22‘) UN)". Box ( )f'fice Mon Sat 10am (rpm. 10am Sth on perf. cv gs. Bar. Rest ('afe. IAL‘L‘c‘ssI l). 1.. l'iacllllcs: \VC. “'8. AS. 1:. (i. B. R. 'I’. Help: A. AA]. lThcatreSaver (‘oncession (‘ards cost £1 . last all year. give £1 off the full price each time you come for you and a friend av ailablc to ()APs. l'B-itis. Students. Disabled and YTS scheme) Tickets for Lyceum productions are also av ailablc at the Ticket (‘entre. Waverley Bridge; branches of AT May's 'l'rav el and the Queen‘s l lall. (‘lerk Street.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? t'nill Sat 3 June. 7.45pm and Mat 3. 15pm on 27 May. £2.50~£5.50. The Royal Lyceum head straight into the Summer run vs ith lidvsard Albec's celebrated early (H ls play which did no harm to the careers of Richard Burton and lilizabetb Taylor when they starred in the tiltn version. A love-hate relationship on an American university campus is central to this powerful play. See Review.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND ('hambers Street. 225 7534.

Lecture and Demonstration Sat 3n May. 3pm. l‘ree. A rare opportunity tosee a demonstration of Kabuki. the traditional dramatic art of Japan. The lecturer isthe

Ja wanese Kabuki Actor. Professor Matazo' l

Nakamura vv ho vv ill demonstrate the colourful techniques of the spectacular dance. music and acting tradition.


Stories From Around The World Sal 2o May. '7- 9pm. An evemng to learn about the InagicofSltadovs Puppetry withshadovv puppets made by children and adults. ()rganised by ( 'lyde Built Puppets.



“\pr tsYTO Technical

Community Job8

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32 The List 19 May— 1 June 1989