I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 I Iamilton Place. 226 5425. Box ()ffice Mon—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. [Accessz PPA. R. Facilities: W(‘. WS. AS. Ii.(i. lleIp: AA]

The Well of Loneliness Wed 31 May—Sat 3 June. 8pm. £2.50 (£1 .50). Radclyffellall's novel was banned in 1928 because ofits . lesbian overtones. Back in 1989 it is being used as the basis of'I‘heatre Workshop's Women's Performance Project which has involved some (it) women in all aspectsof the production Process. See Preview.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE 1 12 West Bow. (irassnlarket. 22b 2b33. Box ()ffice

'1'ue Sat 10am 8pm. Sarto-10pm. Bar. Rest. 'I'ickets also available from the Ticket ('entre. Market Street. (Access: St. Facilities: It. Ilclp: AA]

Clocked Out and Asking For It Wed 24 Fri 26 May & 'l'hurl Sun 4 June. 7.30pm. £4.75 (£2.50). The 'I'raverse's .S'pi'riritng.-t Line season is the equivalent of last year's Smalls/i .elr'renrs which produced the likes of Dead Dar! Dog and Sheila. It opensup with this double bill directed by Benjamin 'I'w ist and w rittcn by John 'Busted' McKenzie and Aileen Ritchie respectively. McKen/ie's play is set in a cell w here a prisoner reflects on his miserable life outside. Ritchie's two-handcr sets Betsy and Sheena away frorn their scrv ice industry jobs and into the land of ( ilasgow yuppics. Loose Ends and Politics or Blood. Sat 27. Sun 28. Tue 30 Ly Wed 31 and Sat 3 & Sun 4 June. 7.30pm (except 3 June 2.30pm). £4.75 (£2.50). The second .S‘pimrr'ngxi [.me double-bill is directed by Ian Brown and is vv rittcn by Stuart Ilepburn and Andrew Readman respectively. The first play concerns an exile from the Isle of Skye coming to terms with the bigcity. while the second seems to concern the chance meeting of a mother and daughter at the bottom of a well. Workshops. Discussions and Readings to back tip the new writing season..Spmnrng .4 Line there is a wide programme of related meetings and talks. (‘ontact the theatre for further details and for special ticket discounts. Spin 011- Opening Conference Wed 24 May. 5pm. Free. Join varioustheatre professionals for a debate about the importance of new writing. Hariet Buchan - Voice Workshop 'l‘liurs 25 May. 10am —5pm. 20places available at £10 (£5 ). 'I‘his workshop takes place at The Pleasance. Ann-Marie Di Mambro— Writer In Residence Thurs 25 May . (rpm. Free. A talk about w riting. Funny Women! Fri 26 May. 1.15pm -2pm. Free. A lunch hour talk about women and comedy between Ann Marie I)i Marnbro and Anne Dow nie. Stephen Jeffries Fri 26 May. (rpm. Free. A talk by the Paines Plough writer. Stephen Jeffries: Dramatic Structures Workshop Sat 27 May. 10am—5pm. 20 places available at £5. Another workshop in The Pleasance. Absolute Beginners—Ann Marie Di Mambro Sun 28 May. 11am-5pm. Free. Ilowto write your first play. Clocked Out & Asking For It Sun 28 May. (rpm. Free. Ben 'I‘wist talks to the authors about the double-bill of plays he is directing. Writing For Profit Mon 29 May. 2pm. Free. A talk in Stockbridge Library about how to make ends meet as a writer. Movement For Actors with Liz Ingram 'I‘ue 3o May. 10am 5pm. 20placesavailable at£fi (£4). Workshop in The Pleasance. Lunch at Gilmerton Library The 30 May. 12-2pm. Free. Not the first place yoth

but the prospect of listening to Ann Marie Di Mambro and Aileen Ritchie talking about their careers in the theatre will make it worth your while.

Writing in Scots— Marcella Evaristi Tue 30 May. 1.15—2pm. Free. A talk in the cafe. The Traverse and Edinburgh Tue 30 May.

think of to spend your lunch hourperhaps.


Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh. (Touring to Theatre Royal, Glasgow in June). Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is a play about intellectuals that appeals to the intellect. Albee’s 1962 New England campus black comedy is an elaborate series of games played between Martha (Libby Morris) and George (David ItilIick) using their hapless younger guests Nick (Malcolm Hassall) and Honey (Bosaleen Pelan) as unwilling pawns.

The play succeeds in the realm of ideas notions about self-deception and people’s inability to communicate are Albee's concerns. In some ways it is a three hour exposition of the dictum that Fun and Games (the title of the first act) always end in tears. Except these games are much more serious than normal. In a frightening extension of childhood play, Martha and George tease and dare each other, always stretching and challenging the other's limitations. And like children they collaborate and fall out atwhim. Nick and Honey— naive and inexperienced are ideal foils with whom they can team up, form pacts and then just as casually


A weakness of the play is that we are expected to appreciate the emptiness underneath the role-play after spending the whole evening being entertained by it. Martha’s breakdown —at least in this production-comes too suddenly for us adequately to grasp the torment she has undoubtedly been going through. Ironically it is sometimes too difficult for us to see through the charades and into the heart of the characters.

Being a play of ideas has its limitations. The acting is truthful, perceptive and uniformly strong, and Ian Wooldridge's direction is solid, but the play has little intrinsic theatricality. Kenny Miller‘s imposineg austere set doesn’t help, but the real problem is that Albee demands little more than four characters sitting on couches talking to each other. As the games become more intense, so our interest in the issues at stake is stirred, but Albee takes too cerebral a path to the soul of his characters for us to get fully involved. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was an important play in its day and it still has much to say, but despite the Lyceum's best efforts I found it hard to connect with it. (Mark Fisher).

5.30pm. Free. Iiyeryone is welcome tothis talk by Ian Brown and Ben ’I'wist. but it is particularly aimed at teachers and community workers.

Writers' Workshop line 30 May ".30prn. Free. A workshop in l.eith library.

John Byrne—SpinningA Line Masterclass Wed 31 May. 10am 5pm. 25places available at £15 each. A chance for tnorc experienced w riters to spend a day developing ideas alongside the creator of [he Slab Rays and Ira!) l‘rum.

Lunch at the Library Wed 31 May. 1-2pm. Free. Ian Brown chats about the'Iravcrse in the ('entral Library.

Ann Marie Di Mambro‘s Script Surgery Wed 31 May. 3.30 5.30pm. '1 he first ofseyeral chances to have your play looked ov'erby the theatre‘swriter-in-residence.

Oxygen House - Plays For Today wet) 31 May. 8pm. £2 (£1 ). Readings of playsso new that they have yet to be selected.


This section lists shows that aretouring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlylor periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number loreach company. however. should you require more information. Unless otherwise specified. the number after each venue listed is the telephone numberlorticket enquiriesfor that particular evening (please note. this is nofalways the venue number).

I Glasvegas Borderline's offering for Mayfest is a musical comedy about

(ilasvy egians in search of a more glamorous life. See Review . Formorc details call 0292 281010.

Umulee Repertory 'l‘lrealre'lihurs 13 Sat 20 May. 7.45pm Ly Mat on Sat 203pm. (I382 2.3.530. [fa/(rm) Hie/l Selma/Tue 23 May. 7.30pm. 030040209. l’ar's/eyz-lrrv ('enlre \Ved 24 May. Spin. (I41 887 1010. I’a/ar‘e I'lieamn KI/NIUNIUt‘A’ 'I‘hurs 25 May. 7.30pm. 05b3 23590. (‘mnlu'mau/rl liltealre Fri 2b Sat 27 May 7.45pm. 023i» 73288".

I Frankensense Subtitled 'I'Ire Semen,- ()I/tc’r H 131' (It/21' rank .IIt‘NIl/Iy (IIII/ Keri l'trrel. Riot Act's show is anoff-beat comedy about ey ery thing and nothing. For more details phone (I41 9521599. Rue/rill ( 'lI'( Fri 1‘) May . 7.30pm. Korey/rrrrlge Resource ( 'emre Tue 23 May. 7_3()pm. Drama ( ‘emre. Ingram .S‘rreerStit 27 May. S'pm.

I Harmony Row. \y'rltleai 's latest musical comedy is a timely stab at the Poll Tax and comes with the backing of NAII i( ) ztsptlrt of the SH '(‘ anti-tax campaign. Peter Arnott and Peter Mullan‘s play is set in a street vs hose nomination for a .\'r'1_e/i/)rarr/mm]off/re Year award is threatened by the non-payment campaign ofone of its residents. Private and public politics. tiitisic and jokes. For more details calIII41 9540000.

.yruyrm l 'ntiI Sat 20 May. see May fest listings. [)umlmrtmt. Denny ('iv‘ir ’l‘liearre’l‘ue 23 'I‘hurs 25 May. 7.30pm. 03b") b2015. (ireenm‘k .4 Ni (itu'lrl 'I‘liealre Sat 27 May. 7.30pm. (I475 23038. Newton

Stewart. Douglas Ewart H .5. Mon 2‘) May. 7.30pm. 0671 239‘). Dumfrr'es. Theatre Royal Tue 30 May. 7.30pm. 0387

31 MayJI‘hur | June. 7.30pm. (13552 4va69 Tom continues.

I Jungle Book. The Brunton 'l‘heatre's‘ successful adaptation of Kipling's stories

their last season to take out on their first children alike. For more details call (I31

May. (0733) 21031.

I Shang-a-Iang (‘lytlc tfniiy- ‘l‘hcatre slip ) back in time to 1974 w hen there was nothing more important in life than the Bay (‘ity Rollers. For further details phone 041 339 Sb55.

I'.'a.vI_/ie/r1( 'I'.'("I'hurs 18 May; 7.30pm. Da/marrimk (‘( ' Fri 19 May. 7.30pm, St Andrew's I‘lieafre Sat 20 May . 7.30pm. I Them Through The Wall. (‘umbernauld

[.i/ I.ochead. now writer in residence at The Royal Shakespeare (‘ompanyu and Agnes ()wens. Two very different families. the dow n-on-their-Iuck Mc(ilogans and the upwardly mobile (irahams. at odds over a designer fence - a 'working-class larce' about gender. family . generation gaps and the desperation of poverty. For more details call (I23b 7328b”

(‘umhernaulrl 'l'ltearre I 'ntil Sat 20 May. 7.45pm and Sat Mat 2.30pm. 023(v7328h'7. I’errli I'liearre Mon 22 ’I’hurs 25 May. 7.30pm. (I738 21031. I.fl‘lllg.y!r)ll .Ilr’iiiy 'l'liearre Fri 26 May. 7.30pm. 0506 33634. 12w Krlbrule I'll/age l‘liearre Sat 27 May. 7.30pm. 0355: Mam ' I Road. Jim ( ‘artwright's powerful and bitterly funny study of inner-city life is given the ( ilasgow treatment by 7:84 initially for Mayfest and then on tour. Phone04l 331 2219 for further details. .Ilagmmi l‘liearre Irvine Fri 19 May. I’earee Institute. (int-an Sat 20 May . Livingston .IIeii-y I'liealre. Mon22 Wed 24 May. I'liealre Royal [hurtfrres Than 25 May; ('ayI/e Doug/av lire/r Selim)! Fri 2b Kitty. II'MIH ()m/ Secondary St‘llruil. [caster/muse Inc 30 May. (‘rmrhernau/d I'lrearre Wed 31 May Sat 3.ltine.

I Liz Lochhead and Susie Maguire Rentrevv Ferry. (ilasgow. (rpm. £5(£2.50).

May lest's ow n water-borne venue play s host to these popular raconteurs with support from Martha McBrier and Marie ('Iair and Irish,

I The Comic Club Blacktriars. Albion Street. ( ilasgovv 9pm. £3.50 ( £2.50). No doubt even sharper alter tlieirvarious appearances in May lest. (ilasgow 's very (m It comedy collectiy e settles III (or another weekend of w it. Resident compete Stti Who introduces Parrot. linchI Swift. ( ioidon Robertson and I‘Iol‘ls Vesta

IJohn Sparkes RL'IIIIL'W I‘criy .(‘ilasgow 9pm. £5112 50) Spar kes' second night at Mayfest in coniiinelion w ith new boy lack

I)ec. pitisold l.l\i)tll iles Siadw ell and Frank Ilovis

I Hughes. MacPherson and Redmond Mitchell 'I Iletiflc. ( ii.is_LZri\y lflptit £5 (£2.50). A Ill_L'IIl of \tIIIIL'll\ liom Ireland's finest stand-tips


I Liz Lochhead and Susie Maguire Rev- r: at Ferry. (ilasgovv (rpm £5 ( £2 50) S. e1 'I


I The Comic Club Blacklriars. .-\li‘li ‘II Street. ( ilasgoyy 9pm £3 5(It £2 ‘0)

I 'l'onight's line-up of (ilasgow stand-ups

includes Kevin Koplstein. I'IL'ti MeAtiIey May McReaddie and special guests Bad and ( 'ra/y Stu Who competes

The List 1‘) May— 1 June 198‘) 33

54209. [fast Krlhrv'rle. I'll/age 'l'ltearre Wed

was deemed to be the most suitable play in ev er Scottish tour. Intended for adults and

bb5 9900. I’erfli I'lreatre Fri 19 May— Sat 20

Theatre ('ompany touring new comedy by