xllunlnu L101

I Hughes. MacPherson and Redmond Mitchell 'l’heatre. (ilasgow. liipm. £5 (115(1). See Hi 19.


I The Wizard oiJau ( iiltietl Balloon. 233 (‘owgaicx ltdinburgh. 22.< 44(v3. 8.3(ipm. £3 ( L2 ). Subtitled .-1 Bar Room Blur/t ("timer/v u irli Rea/Jun. this ev enmgoi jazz llieatre features liv e music from Jan ()uartet made up of (iari‘y Boyle. Brian Shields. Steve Kettley and Rick Bamiord.


I Dame Edna Everage Hospitality Inn. (ilasgow. L55. ()ptical. the new opticians in Princes Square are getting Barry llumpliries‘ alter ego toopen their shop and are ilieii going to celebrate w itli a four course meal and package of cabaret entertainment at the Hospitality lnii. Phone 114 I 554 "(1115 for credit card bookings.





See Mayiest Diary for details of performances and dance preview.


I DANCE FACTORY 142 ( "alder Street . 423 943i).

The Dance factory is open tol' a variety of classes during the week. botli evening and day time. l-‘or example there isJaz/ (Beginners 1 at o.45pni on Mondays. Ballet at b.45pm on Wednesdaysand Ballroom and Latin at 7.30pm on Fridays Phone for more details.

I GARNETBANK SCHOOL Renirew Street. Stretch and (iet I.oosc 'l'ucsdays

7 hi3ilpni. Movement with Jane Simpson. I GLASGOW ACADEMY OF DANCE 2 (i. 19 Queen Street. 221 (17511.

('lasses are held throughout the week in a mirrored and barred studio liiiiilieet square. The following is a selection of

w hat‘son offer. Phone ior details oi daily classes.

Open Elementary Ballet Mondays ti,,‘stl»Spiii.

Lunchtime Stretch 'l‘uesdays noon 1.15pm (iood ior city centre workers. Spanish‘i‘uestlaysh 7.30pm. BeginnersJazz \V:tIliesttays(> 7.3tipni. Classical and contemporary tor the male dancer'l‘iiuistiayss 9.3iipm.

T'ai Chi I‘ridays 5.3(1 (i.3ilpni. Contemporary BeginnerS/Elementary l-ridaysh..‘so 5pm.

I HILLHEAD SECONDARY SCHOOL ()akiield Avenue. Iiiio trotti(ilasgow Independent Dance on 334 48%.

Stretch and Get Loose with Jane Simpson (‘lass every Monday . 2 8.3” mi. £2. I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIO 261 West Princes Street. 331 2931.

As well as its regular classes. these studios w ill be used for special May lest classes by visiting pcrlormcrs. lindsay John 19 May. noon 3pm; Siobhan Day ies(‘o 211 May. Illam noon. See detailsot these

pei formers in the Mayicst section. Regular classes finish on -2 .May.

Junior Contemporary '1 trestlays. (v 7pm. tlfiii

AduliJazz luesdays ".15 .\’._‘silpni. L2 (USU).

Adult Contemporary wetlnestlays.

2.3tipin. L2tLlSii).

Beginners Ballet Saturdays. 14 yearsto adult. to 11.15am. {2(L1511).

Beginners Jazz Saturdays. 14 yearsto adult. 11.3tiam 1pm. £2(f;l .511).

I T'AI CHI CLASSES Phone I_arry Butleron 334 35117 for details. Beginnersand lunchtime classes available plus residential weekends.


I KING'S THEATRE l.even Street. 229 4840 extl33.

Dance with Sheridan Nicol (‘Iasses by lidinburgh's dancer-in-residence. Sheridan Nicol is a vivacious teacher with bagsof energy and fun. (‘ontact her at the above number for more details ofthe classes listed below. All Classes £2 (£1 ). Contemporary with Marilyn Williams Mondays5.3il 7pm.

Jazz with Sheridan—General 'l‘uestlay-s 5.3or7pm.

Jazz with Sheridan—General Wednesdays 5.311 7pm.

General Open with Raymond Kaye 'l‘hursdaysS.3il 7pm.

Jazz Advanced-Professional Wednesdays 11am 1pm.

Edinburgh Youth Dance Theatre Mon and Wed at St Brides (’entre (rpm and I-‘riopm. Sheridan is building up a youth group which will take class and workshops at this time at St Brides ('entre. ()rwell Terrace (just off (iorgic Road). ('ontact the phone number abov e for details.


I LABAN CENTRE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL Laurie (irovc. New ('ross. London SIiI-t (iNI I. 111 (N2 4071). ()ne of the country's best summer courses for both professionals and those with a special interest in dance. This year there are several courses to chose frorii: A ftill time course which includes the choice of contemporary. ballet.choreography. singing and music for dancers with the young choreographer Jacob Marley in residence. This lull time course runs from 17 28 July and costs £22“ not including acconiodation. There is also a young people‘s course. a dance movement therapy course. and a dance video course. ('ontact the college (one of Britain‘s top contemporary dance colleges) for more details.

I STEPS OUT SUMMER DANCE SCHOOL Dance School of Scotland. Knightswood Secondary School. 331 2931 forinio. Scottish Ballet's educational unit. Steps Out. takes a summer school aimed primarily at children and young people. but for the first time this year. also incorporating a performance cotirse which adults can join. The event will be held from 3 14 July with one or two-week long options. As w ell as the performance course there is a junior cotirsc (9-12 years). a teenage course ( 13 and over)and a creativ e dance course for primary teachers. Dance experience is not essential for any section. Write or phone Steps ( )ut at 2(il West Princes Street.(i4 91-11: for further information and application forms.

I MOVEMENT. THE INNER MIND Phone (1750 32213 for details. A residential course. held 14 24 June. withexperienced teachers Ked/ie Peiificld and Kate Murray.

I MOVEMENT ANALYSIS Phone (175032213 for details. A residential course. held 24

.1 une 12 July . which examines dance therapy and movement analysis with experienced teacher Kedzie Penfield.

I T'Al CHI WEEK Lauriston llall. Phone (141 334 35(17 for details. A residential course. held (w l 2 July. for both experienced practitioners and beginners.



Isle oi Lew is. Kemp has blossomed from Scottish roots to become world famous as a mime dancer and entertainer extraordinaire! Based now in Italy. he tours the world. He and his company are performing their idiosyncratic version of .-l .lli'dsimmier Night's Dream at Theatre Royal. ( ilasgow. 19 22 June. and should not be missed?


I God's Frontiersmen ( (‘4) 8-9pm. First programme in a series ofsix made by Ulster'l‘elevision which looks beyond the stereotype of the Ulster Protestant and challenges the conservative image. with particular reference to the influence of Scots Irish stock on the development of the USA. This programme traces the migration of Lowland Scots to the North of Ireland and beyond.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

11.05—1 1.50pm. Sheena McDonald presents a new series dealing with issues affecting women today. and is joined in the studio by 100 women from all walksof life. This week. to discuss integration and racism in Scotland. is the largest gathering of women from ethnic minorities assembled in this country. Future topics include leisure. the right wing. men's view of women and another discussion of racial issues.

I Tommy Smith: Jazz Types ( BB( ‘2 ) 1120—1 1 .Siipm. Joining the Wester 1 lailes wander/(ind tonight. llue and (‘ryx who play a wide range of tunes. includingone written especially for the programme. and find their ranks swelled by the young jazz band The John Rae Collective.


I Scotsport Cup Final Special (Scottish) 12.1(1—5.1()pm. Live coverage of Rangers v. (‘eltic at llampden. Hosted by long-serving Arthur Montford, who retires at the end ofthis season.

I Civilisation. Ways of Seeing and The Shock of the New ( 813(‘2 ) (3.05—9.3tipm. With a break for .‘v’ewsvrt’w from 7.40—8.25pm. BB(‘2 present three landmarks from its 25 years ofarts coverage. Kenneth (‘lark's ( 'r'i'i‘lilvuri'mr (1969) became the most watched arts series ofall time. and one ofthe most influential. In this edition (‘lark looked at the disillusionment of the Romantic movement. from Beethoven to Delacroix. John Be rger's Ways ofSet'ing( 1972) discussed how we look at painting and photography. and how they and we can be manipulated. Tonight's edition of The Shock oft/re New was originally shown in the early 1980s. presented by Robert Hughes. who examined the history and implications of modern art.

I lranian Nights ((‘hannel 4) 10.25—11.25pm. A hurried TVscreening of the play written by Tariq Ali and Iloward Brenton in response to the Salman Rushdie affair. Scottish theatre-goers have already had the chance to see a reading. which was held at the Traverse in April.

I Scottish Supplement (Scottish) 12.30—12.55pm. A new series focUsingon the newspaper and magazine industry in Scotland. A look at the news as it's been reported in the week's papers is followed by a discussion which this week should see host Alex Dickson joined by(ieorge McKeehnie of Enterprise Training. leading advertising executive David Shaw and John McKay MP.

I Theatre Night: Metamorphosis (1313(‘2 ) 7.45—9. 15pm. Tim Roth re-creates his role as the human dung beetle in Steven Berkoff‘s version of his own stage play. adapted from Kafka‘s story.

I Dance on 4 (c4) 10.45pm 12.4(lam. The controversial and influential i choreographer Piiia Batisch presents her

Lumen! oft/it: limprt's‘s. dealing with men

and women's struggle against the forcesof nature and their own deepest instinctsand I emotions.


I Europe: Scotland Debates ( Scottish) (1.3” 7.3ilpm. live from the litiropean Parliament in Strasbourg. leaders of the Scottish political parties ptit forward their cases for Scotland's position in liurope. I That Was Then. . . This Is Now first ‘2) : 7.1(1 7.4iipm. Mick Jones reflects on the early days with The (Iash. his recent life with Big Audio Dynamite and the years between.

I Horizon ( BB(‘2) 8. lil 9pm. In a programme entitled ‘The New Sixth Sense" a report on the research that's been going on into our bodies‘ capacity to measure the bodily processes. and Iiow this is allied to electronics tocreate ‘biosensors',

I FaiiSaie((‘4)911.10pm. llenryl‘onda is the President in this 1904 film. favourablycompared to l)r.S'(runge/ovt’. wherein an American bomber is accidentally sent to destroy Moscow, and he has to face the sacrifice ofone of his own cities in return. Walter Matthau eo-stars.


I A Beginners Guide to Freud ((‘4)9—1i)pm. ,. As a bridge between the series on Jung. which finished last week. and the first part of Prisoners ()f( Til/(Hitth about Dr Alice Miller's ideas. this dramatised introduction to Freud's life and work stars David Kossoff in the title role.

I Blackadder's Christmas Carol i 13m ‘1)

9.3(1 lil. 15pm. Rather tooswift repeatol’ the ('heras show. which was a fairly average edition in the first place. IADSDIUter ((‘4) 11 11.45pm. The firstof a new ‘oflbeat‘ comedy series with John (Siadwel ) Sparkes and past contributors to f l-rt'nt‘li urirl Saunders. I’m/(iv .N'i'g/ir Live. This is I)(ll'i([ Lam/er. Iii/18[UNITY/[Flirt Show and Rtltllt) .‘It‘llt‘t’.


I The Session ((‘41 1 1.45pm 12.45am. This week Nanci (iriiiith. one of the best singers to emerge from country music in the last few years. is hooked up with country-i’olk-bluegrass singer-songwriter Peter Rowan and Nashville fiddle and dobro players Jerry Douglas and Mark ()'('onnor.


I Letterto Brezhnev ((‘4iu— 10.45pm. Prank (‘larke's Scouse Mtiscovite Romeo andJu/it'! inspired a truckload of superlatives when it was released in 1985. Alexandra Pigg and Peter I-‘irth are the star-cross‘d lovers. supported by Margi (‘larke and Alfred Molina. whose fling is not quite so long-lasting. (‘larke and Pigg won the Most Promising Newcomer award at the 1980 London Standard Film Awards for their performances

I ND (Scottish) 111.35- 1 1.05pm. What's happening in ( 'entral Scotland in the fields ofdrama. art. music and whatever else you may care to mention. Presented by Bryan Burnett. Alan (‘ampbell andJanice liorsyth.