musical and technical tour dc force. The Borodin is. of course. one ofthe world's finest quartets and this is likely to prove one ofthe best recordings available ofthe ()p 132 A minor Quartet. Written just two years before Beethoven's death. it's one ofthat marvellous set known as the late quartets. Ideal exponents. the Borodin’s sound is full and glorious. in a quite astounding performance. Coupled with Op 18 No4. the disc gives an interesting contrast between Beethoven's early and late periods.

I ORCHESTRA OF THE AGE OF EHLIGHTEHMEHT: Bach Brandenburg Concertos (Virgin). In a now steady stream of authentic recordings being released. this is rather a good one of the Brandenburgs. Mainly under the direction of violinist Monica lluggett (recently heard at May'fest with the Academy of Ancient Music). there’s a zip and freshness that modern instruments just can‘t bring in the same way. The valvelcss horns take a bit getting used to.

character. In addition to concise programme notes. there‘s a comprehensive and fascinating list of when all the instruments used were made or copied from.


but add lots ofcolour and

dialogue. Dancecollects fiveworksforthat medium.butgreatest

populist mood. Systems

EVANS: Martino Cello l Sonatas (Hyperion). Not a recordingforunwinding to in a quiet moment. No I i is exhausting and unsettling. lsserlis performs with unrelenting energy. accompanied by ' powerful. spiky playing from Edinburgh based pianist Peter Evans. By

the time of writingthe second Sonata. Martinu. exiled from Czechoslovakia. was conscious ofwhat his new 1 American audience might or might not laketo. um i common with No 3. is less disturbing. but still played with great authority by this now well established celloxpianoduo.

I PHILIP GLASS: Music In Twelve Parts (Venture); 1000 Airplanes On The Root i (Venture); Dance (CBS); The I Thin Blue Line (Nonesuch)

A deluge of (ilass works. from the first complete recording of his massive i minimalist Music in Twelve Parts to the film soundtrack The Thin Blue Line. marred by excessive

interest is likely to focus on 1000 Airplanes. a distillation of the score which finds him in more

fans should alsocheckout Steve Reich's brilliant

Different Trains

(Nonesuch). with the i

Kronos Quartet. (KM)


IJDHN ZDRH: Spy vs Spy (Elektra) ()rnette (‘oleman might have started out in the late Fifties as the great harmonic iconoclast. but he's a revered statesman now. Zorn has taken the big ()‘s tunes and run them through the speed of sound tempos and thunderous drummingof rock's hardcore scene. but the sheer melodic strength of the material makes fora delirious combination. The second side has a more jazzy feel. but this is as mischievous as a plastic alto must have been in 1958. (TJ)






Edinburgh EH11TE.


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I Music is listed as diary: by day, then by city, then by event.


FRIDAY 19 Glasgow

I Competition (iuinness Room. RSAMD. I00 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 5.30pm. Free at door. The ( iilbert Innes Prize for Brass and Nan (‘hristic Memorial Prize for Strings.

I Glasgow Youth Choir City I lall. ('andleriggs. 227 551 I. 7.30pm. £2 £2.50. I The Linn Choir South Shaw lands ('hurch. (‘horal evening with guest artist .\'immo Davidson at the organ.


I SPCA 150th Anniversary Concert 1 'sher Hall. 1.othian Road. 22S 1 I55. 7.30pm. ££~I~ £12. As part of SPCA celebrations actress Virginia McKenna is narrator for Peter and (he ll'olf‘played by the S('( ) with conductor(’hristopher Bell. David I Iorne and Steven ()sborne play Mozart's (‘oncerto for 2 pianos.

I Music at Merchiston Memorial 1 tall. Merchiston ('astle School. Free at door. ts'pm. ()rgan recital by Adrian l’artington of Worcester Cathedral.

SATURDAY 20 Glasgow I Scottish Opera Study Day laxtra-Mural

Dept. (ilagsow I'tiiversily . 5‘) (:1 ()akficld Avenue. ('1 I2. 33‘) 8355 ext 439-1. 10.30am 5pm. £8 (£6) includes light lunch. All you ever wanted to know about Kurt Weill's Street Scene. opening in a new production on Tuesday 23.

I Competition (iuinness Room. RSAMI). 100 chfrew Street. 332 5057. 2.30pm. Free at door. The (iilbert Innes Prize for Piano and Woodwind.

I Bearsden Burgh Choir ( 'ity' l Iall. (‘andleriggs. 227 551 I. 7.30pm. African Sancliis by David I’anshays'e.


I Music from a Palm Court St Mark's lipiscopal Church. Portobcllo High Street. Admission: at door. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Selville (‘hamber ()rchestra give a programme of popular classics and light music from the 18th century to the present day with funds going to (‘hristian Aid.

I Fund Raising Concert ()ueen's I fall. (‘lerk Street. (368 201‘). 7.45pm. £15. Friends of SARA present an eveningof light entertainment to raise funds for research into I “V and AIDS in Scotland. (‘lassical input comes from a cello duo. but there's cabaret. dancing. barbershop and a buffet supper.



I Westbourne Music Belhaven-Westbourne Church. Westbourne (iardens. Tickets: 332 5057 (RSAMD). 3pm. £4.50(£3.50). Attractive Sunday afternoon combination of Patricia McMahon (soprano). Walter Blair (piano) and John (‘ushing (clarinet) with Schumann. John Mc(‘abe and. of course. Sch ubert's Shepherd on the Rock . I Glasgow Orchestral Society I lenry wood Hall. (‘laremont Street. Tickets: at door. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1 .50). ()rchestral evening opening with Nicolai's ()verture to The Merry Wives of Windsor. followed by Vlrui'a by Smetana. llay'dn's'l‘rumpct ('oncerto with soloist Nigel Boddice and Vaughan Williams' London Symphony.


I St Giles‘ at Six St (iiles' ('athedral. High Street. Free at door. 6pm. Bass Kenneth Atkinson teams up with Herrick Bunney on piano for Four Serious Songs by Brahms and Finzi's Let us garlands bring. I Edinburgh Academy Choral Society School Hall. Ifdinburgh Academy.

I Iende rson Row. Admission programme at door. Spm. £2.50 (£2) including refreshments. .Vlcllolus .Ilavs by Haydn and llandcleks Te Deum in Academy's annual concert conducted by .\'oel de .longh.

TUESDAY 23 Glasgow

I Street Scene Theatre Royal. l lope Street.331 l23~lor332‘ll)()(l.7.15pm. lixtra dates: Thursday 25. Saturday 27. Wednesday 3I.Thursday l (all(ilasgow); Thursday 22 .lunc ( Iidinburgh). £3—£23. Scottish Opera in a new production of Kurt Weill‘s slice of life in downtown New York. Pre-performance talk at RSAMD. Phone liiricnds of Scottish ()pera on 248 4507 for further information. See feature.

WEDNESDAY 24 Glasgow

I Glasgow Festival Strings Merchants

I lall. 7 West (ieorge Street. Tickets: at door. lpm. £3.5II(£2.50) - incl refreshments. Young talented string ensemble play lilgar. Mozart. Bach and two Vivaldi double concertos. One for two violins with Hector Scott and (irace Findlay as soloists and the other fortwo horns. with David black and Shelagh Watson.

I Don Giovanni Theatre Royal. I lope Street.331 I23~Ior3329000.7.15pm. lixtra dates: Tuesday 30 ( ( ilasgow); Wednesday 21 and Friday 23June (lidinburgh). £3 £23. New Scottish ()pera Spring production directed by David Walsh and conducted by John Mauceri continues with its summer cast. Francois Ie Roux and Jason I loward share the title role.

THURSDAY 25 Glasgow

I Street Scene Theatre Royal. 1 lope Street. 331 123-1 or 332 9000. 7. 15pm. Iixtra dates: Saturday 27. Wednesday 31. Thursday I ((ilasgow); Thursday 22June (Iidinburgh). £3~£23 See Tuesday 23 for full description.

I Winter Gardens Prom Winter ( iardens. People's Palace. Tickets: 227 551 1 (Ticket Centre). 7.30pm. £3 (£1.50). The wind players of Strathclyde I'nivcrsity ('hamber ( )rchestra and the University Brass linsemble in an informal concert. including Mozart's B flat Serenade for 13 wind instruments.

FRIDAY 26 Glasgow

I Shell-LSD Music Scholarship Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street.332 5057. 10am. Free at door. A workshop for woodwind players directed by membersof the London Symphony ()rchestra.

I 88C 330 I Ienry Wood Hall. (‘laremont Street. Tickets: 332 5057 ( RSAMD Box ()ffice).12.15pm.£4.50(£2.75 £2.25). Young Artists Series comes to a close with James Dower as featured soloist in Nielsen‘s I-‘lule ( ‘oncerro. There's also his Saga [)rom. Symphonic Variations" by Dvorak and the Symphony No 9 by Shostakovich.

I La Traviata Theatre Royal. Hope Street, 331 123-1 or 332 9000. 7. 15pm. [{xtra dates: Saturday 3 June (mat). (ilasgow; Tuesday 20 and Saturday 24 June. Iidinburgh. £3—£23. Highly acclaimed new Scottish ()pera production with the young American soprano. Nancy (iustafson,

42 The List 19 May— 1 June 1989