Any film programme containing titles like I’s‘yt‘lrmes (m H cut and ( ‘laust’ And [if/cc! gets my vote for pure pun-appeal. ()/2 My (ind. That's My Husband.’ is the provocative umbrella title fora


l-' THE LIST '

clutch of gay films on show at Edinburgh's Filmhouse on Sat 27. as part of the fifth Fringe Film Festival (see Film panel).

In the same programme you can see Homo I’mmo. which speaks for itself. and an interview with playwright. performer. Compulsive nudist and Time ()ulcolumnist Neil Bartlett. who has been known to have a thing or two to say for

himself as well.

The Festival also celebrates homosexuality on Sun 28 with two programmes assembled independently by a lesbian group.

These screenings are designed to tie in with the Lark In The Park. a defiant gay pride event to


Batman has managed a half-century. and surprisingly. although he is a little ravaged by time. his underpants don't look a day older. Sadly. Robin (Mark 2)the Boy Wonder. whowas voted out ofexistence viaa severe case ofteenage crisis by readers ofBatman comics. didn‘t quite make it. To mark Batman‘s 50 crime-fighting years. The List lists many ofthe punches he has pulled:

mark the anniversary of(‘lause 28 (see ()pen FAPP WHOKK listings). KRMP WHOMP In the meantime. 'I‘lit' Lislwould like to CHOK THUNK contravene (‘lause 28 by offering a prize for KR“ aLngx correct identification of the two Levi‘s-clad fill-BF“ KERSPLOOSH gentlemen pictured ahov e (though the VRONK KERJHOOOK indications are that this will he a short-lived state ZOWIE KA_THAACK of attire). Sadly. however. we are not sponsored CHUDD KER-THACK by a local authority (and are thus within the law), KAPow THERACKK we have no prize to offer. and to be quite honest KOWEE BLAM we‘re trying to figure it out ourselves. WHDD BUNK (Andrew Burnet) Diana Ross aside, heis canvassinginthe home of . unquestionably the biggest the Motown Sound _ starting (tom next season. THWACK KER-THUNK star. His charisma. and the shouldn't pose enormous The P'esldenl 0' the SPA. LBLAMM KRAKKKKK depth otieeling America problems, It‘s mostunlikely Dayld Will. called lt'the THWAKK BUDDANGG has to, him, is beyond that his sold out concerts at , . most sensational contract THWAPP KAR-RUMP question after his success Edinburgh's Playhouse 9°" tyou behave mat the eve! entered Info by SPLOOT ZZZZWAP in pushing through a hill Theatre on Sunday 21 and "3560 "l?" V98 "18 Sky Scottish football'. and he SPLATS WHA-UMP which has marked Martin Monday 22 will resemblea '39000 Slgnllledlhall'he. wasn'texaggerating— WHUMP K-THUNK Lame, King's day a holiday political rally in any term. 3W5" DBODIB 000'“ 10018 indlwdual clubs have the SLERK WAM (Arizona has held out though there's a few 3 he'llcoalhangeflm right to negotlate their own ZLONK WAK against the move, and seasoned campaigners salelllle The $86000 deals for European THOKK PAM Wonder has responded by who’d like to know his wave beams With the launch matches. and those at the KPWEE Pow boycotting the state), so secret. 0' Bm'Sh 8.3mm“? 5 VBW top stand to earn SPAKK ZOK Broadcasting tn the somewhere in the region of SAM mow aummnr and "18V"!!! put £500,000 peryeartrom PPF pow|E their money where their satellite. The word isthat an mecx


You may have heard about Elton John clearing out his wardrobes of extravagant stage clothes. platform shoes. windscreen-wiper glasses. powdered wigs. cummerbunds. cravats. socks. etc. and puttingthem up torauction. His reasoning was that he just didn't have space left in his mansion for the bric-a-brac collected overthe years. and that he wanted to strip

away the excesses that drew attention awayfrom his music. As the photo shows. you can go tootar. Za-Zen by Elizabeth Rosser. THIS IS ALL THE CLOTHING _ The prize of £5000 isthe ELTON HAs LEFT. so he will biggest tor sculpture in the gratefully receive all The (man, Donald country and marks yet donations thrown on to the Scumure min is another coup for stage of the Edinburgh announced M18 May am", commercial sponsorship. Playhouse on 1 and 2June Scottish Gallery by the Just another episode in the (some tickets remaining at literary and high-pmme compromise art must make time of writing. see rock

media celebrity. Melvin

for survival. Seethe

listings) of platform shoes.

‘squarials' are by announcing a three-year. £12.25 million deal withthe Scottish Football Association. which will involve the screening of around 20 matches a year ontheirsports channel.

Rangers are to be singled outas beneficiaries ota very lucrative deal. which

would heighten their profile 3

inthe UK enormously. but 088 will admit onlyto ‘exploringthe possibilities'.


Bragg. Out otfilteen

finalists we illustrate

Scottish Gallery. Edinburgh i

. windscreen-wiper glasses. in the Art Listings. 1

powdered wigs. . .