special guest Brian Kennedy EDINBURGH usher hall : 20 MAY


GLASGOW Barrowlands : 13 July

throwing muses

special guests from NYC BANDS 0F SUSANS

EDINBURGH Queens Hall : June 26

GLASGOW Fury Murry's : 25 May EDINBURGH Venue : 26 May

G arth ockett

special guests & Mayfair 3

Garrison featuring Ian Gillan EDINBURGH Venue °

23 May % 1%0W Wgow

25 May in EDINBURGH - 3 Nights at Calton Studios - l6 : l7 : 18 June


GLASGOW Fury Murry's : 1 June

Tickets available from usual outlets & all TOCTA agents for more information call: GLASGOW - 041 226 4679 FURY MURRY'S - 041 221 6511 or NATIONAL (TOCTA) - 031 557 6969


Concert Presentations by Dance Factory

WEDNESDAY 24 I lEIvisCostellol’la}house'l'heatre.


I REM and The Blue Aeroplanes Barroxx'land. 244 (iallougate. 552 «tool. S()l.l) ()LTI, Sec feature.

I Brookes rm. so Miller Street. 343 255‘). lllpm. I-‘ree. B} an} other name. I.orna Brookex. lormerl} ol .lulia Please.

I Duncan Finn l.a ’I‘aniere. l5 I-'o.\ Street. 33] 4844. 0pm. I‘ree.


I Boxing Clever Venue. ('alton Road. 557' 3073. Now that I tinall} get to heartheir tape. they‘re a wry accomplished-soundiin: pop practitioners. (‘lose to the Darin} Wilson \ehool. it I had to make a comparison. .\'ot as predictable as I expected. h) a longwa}. Iiigthingx ahead'.’ I uouldn't douht it tor a moment. I Woodrow Wilson Negociantx. Iothian Street. 325(1313. 9.45pm. l-‘ree. excellent locally-hased soul singer.

THURSDAY 25 Glasgow

I Gun Fur} Murry's. % Maw ell Street. 321(i5ll. I‘resh'l'rom their support slot with Texas. Atk .\l signings ( inn are the latest (ilasgon hand most likely to. . .and they say their spiritual godfather is Alex Harvey. (‘ertainly can‘t he all had. then. I Fallen Hero I.;t 'l’aniere. 1.5 I'lUX Street. ZZI 48-1-1. 9pm. l’ree.



China Crisis have never ruttled pop’s leathers much, but they're still active after ten years, unlike many other bands which emerged around the time of ‘Atrican and White’, the group's lirst independent single. Since then the Liverpudlian two-piece of Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon has expanded to take in bassist Gazza Johnson and drummer Kevin Wilkinson, who were closely tollowed by keyboard player Brian McNeil. McNeil, from Glasgow, became a part at the group through Jim Kerr’s brother Paul, who was asked by Daly and Lundon it he knew any keyboards men. McNeil, who had been playing in bands around Glasgow waiting tor a break, describes his subsequent successlul audition in January 1985 as ‘the happiest day in my lite'.

The album they started working an alter McNeil joined, ‘What Price Paradise', saw the new members making a greater contribution to writing and arrangements,and he describes the new LP ‘Diary of a Hollow Horse’ as the most collaborative ettort yet, and has high hopes that it will give the band the boost they need.

‘We think it’s a progression from the last one, which sounds a bit corny, but when you read the press it seems that theythink it’s gone backto . . . ‘Flaunt


£3.50. Hardcore hand trom ('anada loined ; h} ltdinhurgh .marcho-punkx and the less

Road. 55" 3’25. 0pm. l’ree. just recorded a new demo with Suamp

' hand Rua. \\ hich l\ \ccmlnul} rathergood.

ILive band Hamilton Lodgzcllotel.

3 I Big Country and Cry Belore Dawn

: £8. See leature. I Garth Rocket and The Moonshiners

I Npmeansno. Political Asylum and 1 Archbishop Kebab Mora} IIUtl\e Student

f FRIDAY 26 j Glasgow

I Elvis COSIBIIO I’m ilion 'I‘hcatre. III

(ireenside Place. 557 25‘)“. .S‘pm. £8.50.

Venue. Calton Road. .55" MW. Sec 'I'ucs


l'nion. llol} rood Road. 550 .\'-155. Spin.

L‘a\II_\ clawllicd Kchahx. I Vatican Shotgun Scare I’clican. (1m gate. 225 4513.

I Dave Robb St .lamex ( )txter liar. ( 'alton I‘olk-Int‘lnenced singer-song“riter \\ho\ 'l‘raxh‘x drummer and memherx ot hisold

I The Dan Blocker Experience Ncgociantx. l.othian Street. 335 (613. 0.45pm. I-‘rec. lixcellent country hand.

I The Brothers I’rcxcn ation Hall. Victoria Street. 2% .‘sSlh. ‘l..‘~tlpiii. I-ree. Residelle}.

I Texas Breaklast R} rlc'x. I la} market 'I‘errace. 33." 7583. 0pm. I’rcc. Residency. Rh} thm'n'hluex.

.loppa. 9pm. £1. In rh_\ thin & hluex. rock \ein. Ne“ regulargig,

Rentield Street. .55.: lS-lti. Scc tcaturc.

the lnipertection’ was produced by Walter Becker (ol Steely Dan), the last album we did with Langer and Winstanley and this one was with Walter, so they think it’s gone back to the same style, but we think it’s slightly ditterent.‘

Though China Crisis is a name that’s , known well enough, and the band have ; toured the world three or tourtimes, ' big time success has eluded them so much thatone might think it's a , deliberate choice to keep a low profile. 9 Not atall, according to McNeil. ‘We actually went over to America to record 5 some at the singles again, to have a ' better chance of a hit. Somebody’s to blame.‘

They’re managing to survive, though, and seem in no danger ot going under yet. The year betore last they changed theirAmerican company to A&M Records and quadrupled sales almost overnight. Live, this tortnightsees them at Glasgow Pavilion on Monday 22 and Edinburgh Queen‘s Hall on Tuesday 23.

‘We've had albums that have got to Number Nine and hung about tor a while,’ McNeil concludes, ‘butthat doesn't necessarily mean that they’re going to be big. A big album could stay in the charts tor a year. You need to stay in there tor a while.’ (Alastair Mabbott)

50'I‘he List 1‘) May— 1 June 1989