(Ilappy Ilour9~11)pm). 26 May only: £2. Wide selection of punk alternative sounds .played at ear-shredding yolume. IZenatec 11)pin——3am. Free helore 10.30pm; 51)p helore llpm; £1 heiore 11.30pm; £3.51) alter. 'l‘he aptly-named 'Beat the ( ‘lock'. All drinks are hall price helore l 1.31)pm. [ND] [N'l'l


IThe Alhambra 3) Waterloo Street.221 3261). Spin midnight. Free. Resident DJ with the latest sotitids.

I Bennels llpm 3..‘st)am. £3. Mainly (lay with I li-.\'R(initisic.

I Brat Pack at Knightshridge SW 1.

"pin 11).31)pm. £ 1 .51) with ticket; £2 without,

IThe Choice at l’zazz. llpm 3.311ain. £4. include Segan. Harry. and ( ‘olin Barr.

Beers and slammers £1 . iced teas £2.

I Cleopatras11)._‘~opm 2.31). £3. Non-stop

disco sounds in the West l-.nd. (‘omeearly stay late.

I Cotton Club 1 1pm 3.31)arn. £5. I'lie night

at the ( ‘otton ( ~luh. What more can he


I Follies ll).3l)pm 3.30am. £451).

(‘llllrl-INISCtI tlisct) sounds. IND] [NI]

I Hard Rock Calie at the Venue. 1 1pm till

late £3.51). With l).l(ieorge.

I Henry Alrikas 11pm 3.31)am. £4. Playing

the hest in Balearic Beats. soul and house.

look till! 101' II\ c I’.-\s as well.

I Hollywood Studios 1 lpm -3.31)am. {4.

See I'l'l.

I House Live at 'l'in Pan Alley.

11).31)pin 3 31)am. £3.51). ‘l'he House [is e

is hack on the top floor ol 'l‘in Pan Alley hy

popular demand.

I Kiss at SW 1. £3.51) 1 look out for

promotional tickets iii liars).

I Libra at l lolly wood Sttidios. £3.51). ()yer

25s. disco. Also on \Vednesday‘s.

I The Mad Hat Club at .loe Paparazzi.

11pm 3.30am. Slightly unusual name lora

slightly unusual night (they had a iuggler

on the dooron openingnightl).

I Mardi Gras 11).31)pm 3.30am. £4. Mardi

(iras(‘luh Night. A mixture ol house and

chart sounds.

I Maylair l lpm 3am. £3.51). ()y er2ls

disco in the hallroom and llelter Skelterin

the ( 'ameo stlilc.

I MI 0.8 See I't‘t.

I Palomino Club 9pm 3am. £4. See Fri.

I Panama Jax 1 1pm 3.31)am.£~l Soul and

mixed chart music with resident

'l‘ommy Arnold or Ray tnond Dayren.

I Prestige at 'l'in Pan Alley

llpm -3.31)am. £3 waged; £2 unwaged.

Real soul. lunk jazz and hip-hop with DJ

Nick Peacock and ( itiests. Red

Stripe Slammers £1

I Rallles 111.31) 3am. £3. Discosounds

with DJ. Roddy" Stewart.

I Savoy 11pm 3am. £3.51). (her 21s'

night at ( ilasgow 's largest disco.

I SLAM at l-‘ury' Murrys. 11pm 3.30am.


I Sub Club I lpm» 3.3llani £4. The

eyergreen Stih ('luh is still as popular and

trendy as ex er. so he prepared to queue if

yoti arris e alter midnight. All sortsof

dance music will he going down tonight.


I SWDS (Single. \Vidow‘ed. I)iy orccd.

Separated eltih) at Rooftops. See Fri.

I Teenscene at the Sayoy. 7pm ll).31)pni.

£2 with ticket; £1 withotit. l'nder lSs‘

disco with Radio(‘1yde DJ (iary' Marshall.

I Unity Reggae Club at the Palomino(‘luh.

lllpm 3am. £2.51). 1.iye and direct reggae.


I The Amphitheatre I 1 .31)pm--1am. £4. llall price helore 1 1pm. Iintertain yourself in style in Scotland's l 'ltimate Nightcluh. [ND]

I Buster Browns 1 lpm~4am. £3.75. Worthwhile night with steady youthful crowd. Buster Browns‘ l'nder- lSs disco. S 11pm. See Fri.

I we SI James See Fri for details. (iood

venue which is free to hire for private functions. [ND] [NT]

I Chambers Street Spm— lam ( I {zippy llour S..‘~1)—i).31)pm). 75p. Restiiained student disco and all the hetter fpr it. [S] I Chaplins at Finshury Park's Slight Club. 1 1.31)pm--6am. (‘haplins' midd floorhar is also now open throuin to hair .See Fri. |r\l INTI {

I Cinderellas Rockerlellas 9pm~3am. £2.51); £2 helore llpm. Immenser popular mainstream cluh. D.Is Rick Baker and (iary (ilos er host the 'higgest party in low 1]..

I Coasters 6.30pm 11)pin. £1.51). l'nder lSs.

I Dance and Soul at Shady Ladies.

l1)pm 3am. £2. A moye to Saturdays lora club which has aehiey ed popularity by show easing a wide spectrum ol‘s'oul sounds.

I Edgars l1)pm 4am. £2 helore midnight; £3 alter. Mernhership forms for the suitath impressed ayailahle at the door. I Fever at Wilkie Ilouse. Starts 27 May.

1 1pm 3am. £2.51). New club from the people behind Spanish Harlem. See panel.

I The Hooch at ('oasters. 11).31)pm 4am. £2.51). Yogi with Acid House. souland jazz.

I Kangaroo Club at 'I’he Mission.

11).31)pm 3am. £2. Still going alterall these years. Ytnllilllll atmosphere with easy dance music. Predictahle. htit still a good yenue.

I Mambo Club at ('oasters. £2. Taking oyer lrom the (iooinhay Beat with a far superior selection of reggae and rhythm. I Millionaire‘s11)pmoam.£21£theiore 12). See I’ri.

I Outer Limits at ('oastcrs. 11).31)pm- 4am. £2 helore 1 1pm; £3.51) alter. American sprung dancel‘loor and good music makes for an energetic Saturday. [NT]

I Rock Cale at the Venue. 9pm 3am. See Rock listings for details olgrotlps appearing.

I The Sprawl at Moray I louse l'nion. 11)ptn 3am. £1.51) (£1 ). Fine selectionol sounds DoorstoRamonestoSonic Yotitli. 'l’he clientele. which is currently weighed down hy ‘eutesie' indie types. should diyersify as time goeson.

I Zenalec lllpni~ 4am. £2.51)hefore 1131)me £4 alter. Very comiortahle upmarket joint. A relaxed night out. [A] |.\'D| [N'I'I

l I 1 Glasgow

I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3261).S-11pm. Free. ('heapdrinksand lree mixers?

I Bennets 1 lpm wlam. £2. Mainly gay with IIi-NRUsounds tofil.

I 8918 Noir at Knightshridge SW1. (iay night at SW1 . £1 with a ticket ; £1 .51) without.

I Big on Sundays at Fury Murrys. £1 entrance; £1 all drinks. (‘heap drink and good music. what more could you ask'.’

I Brag at the ('otton ('luh. 11pm~3.31)am. £2. ‘llit‘s worth talkingahout. Brag.‘ Drinks promos as well. A ineriean canned heer£1.

I Carnival Time at Henry Alrikas. £2 with ticket1£3 without. DJ Austin ()ne hrings you Brazilian pop. continental sounds and cheap drinks!

I Clubleu at The ('hoice. 1 1pnt~3.31)am. £2 entry and£l alldrinks.

I Follies l lprii —3am. £3. (‘heapdrinks

I Fuddrultlters at (‘leopatras

11).31)pm 2.30am. £1. Anything goes tonight iii the West Iind's DCSI (well. its only) nightcluh. Presented hy Bennets' DJ (‘raig Dayis. [A]

I Hollywood Studios 1 lpm—3am. £2. Sunday is the live hand night at Hollywood studios.

I Hustle at the Stih ('luh. £1 entrancez£l drinks. For admission and drinks prices it's hard to heat Sundays in (ilasgow. llustle is no exception £1 a hottleof


I Mr D's £3 (£2 with ticket). 11)pm—2am. Look out for the Happy I lour llpm-midnight.

I Nightshilt at the Warehouse. llpm—3.31lain. £2 entry: 71lp per drink. I Palomino Club ‘)piii--3am.

£2. See Fri.

I Panama Jax 10.45pm 3.311am. £3. Sunday Splash with resident'l‘oniiny Arnold or Raymond Dayren. 51lp lager. heayy. whisky. y odka and gin.

I Rallies 111.3llpm-2am. £2.51). Disco sounds with DJ Roddy Stewart. Vodka and lager 61lp.

I Savoy 1 1pm 3am. £2. Stittday'sal the Sayoy with lager only S5p and yodka65p. [Al

I The Shimmi Club at 'l‘in Pan Alley. £1 admission with £1 drinks. .\'ote the spelling?


I The Amphitheatre 11)pm till late. £1 helore 1 1pm; £2 alter. Females free helore midnight. Stiit 21 only: (‘inzano Model Show. (ilitzy evening with the kind of spectacle only the Amphitheatre can put on. Normal Prices. [ND]

I Bustererowns lllpm-Jam. £2.25. Ilall price admission and drinks helore 11pm. Worth a Visit on Sunday il' you'ye not been before.

I Cinderellas Rockerlellas0.30pmtam. £1.51). The ‘7..(”luh’ hosted hy Andy Reid. Dress along with atmosphere is relaxed l'or this end of weekend outing. Andy liasa large following. apparently.

I Edgars lllpm 3am. £2. 'l'rial run lor drinks at 60p can't he had.

I Outer Limits at (‘oasteis 11).31)pin~-3.31)am. £1 helore 11pm; £2 after. Stuart Lewis and James Mowhray supplying tip to the minute sounds. [.\"l'|



IThe Alhambra .‘xl Waterloo Street. 22) 3261).S.31)pni midnight. Free. 61 )s and 71)s sounds. (‘heap y odka.

I Heat at the (’otton ('luh. llpm- 3.30am. £2; £1 with ticket. With 1).) ('raig Davis.

I Motown Night at 'l‘in Pan Alley.

llpm 3.31)am. £1 with ticket ayailahle from the cluh and surrounding ptihs. (‘heap Schlitz and Southern ( ‘oml‘ort.

I Jeans and T~shirt Night at ('leopatras. l1).3()pm—3am. £2 (£1 with ticketl.'1'he popular Jeans and '1‘-Shirt night makes its way West from the ('otton (‘luh to(‘leo‘s. I Palomino Club 9pnt—3311am. £2. See hi. I Savoy l lpm—3am. £2. ()y er 25s' night with cheap drinks to entice you along; lager 85p and yodka 65p.

I Warehouse User 1% Night.51)p admission and drinks £ 1.


I Millionaire's lllpin 4am. £2 1 £1 helore 12). See Fri.


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3261). Free. SUs' disco sounds. ('heap drinks.

I Chinese Night at Mardi ( iras.

l Win—3.30am. Free helore 1am and £2 alter. Disco night lor the ( ~liinese community.

I Jo-Jo's Gay Nighl at 'l‘in Pan Alley. 11).31)pm—-3.31)am. 51)p with ticket. £1 without. Iiuroheat and I li-NR( i music. (‘heap yodka.

I Palomino Club 9pm 3am. £2. See l’ri. I The Shimmy Club at lietinets.

11).31)pm- 3am. £ 1. All drinks 25p helore midnight. ll you’re hored on a 'l'uesday and are looking for an eyentlul ey etiitig. then a trip to Bennets is a iiitist.

I Slreetbeat at the Warehouse.

llpm 3.31)am. £4. Day id Walters w ith the latest chart and heat sounds.


I Ram Jam at the Venue. S 11.31)pm. £2. New eluh aimed at the under lS’s. Featuring soul and hip-hop sounds.



I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 23) 3261). S- 12pm. Free. (‘luh and chart night. I Go West at (‘leopatras

11).31)pm- 2.30am. £2 (£1 with ticket). (io West young man . . . deep into the lieartol hedsit land and discover this great midweek cltih.

I Club Nuovo at Knightshridge SW 1. £2.51). 75p lager. heas'y'. spirits 1 inc mixers). Vincent Valentini presents a new house night with John (‘ameron as D.l.

I Jeans and T-shirt Night at the ( 'otton


-r—-.__-_____J The List 19 May— 1 June 1989 53