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I Best Worst Poet Competition Final (ireenhills 1,ihr;ir_\ . [inst Kilhriiie. [mo

and Edinburgh's mm Archbishop Kebab. Comedians include Julie McNamara and

conjuror 15a} Presto. I Lark After Dark lllpm. \‘enue andpriee ! detailsto he given at Lurk in the Park. 1

Following the (in) ’s gietn ities. go} people

. - - ll_‘s_' :1 St): ~7‘31) . "W imith m duncc m“ mgm mm)" ' It s w'ldflo.wef week' .mlks.! As .stmng prize-Six m‘eleeletwiyiioiiloin(told-he I A Question or GUIdance Salishun ; returns, With those climatic twrsts and .\le(ion;iu;ills.1"“1dk‘tiU‘ Cr 1“ \\ rim (‘enlre. 3 Salisbury Road.1idmhurgh.ho7 l qmrks that aye forever Scoflanm .1 (.h“ Hunky 5438: “mm mm S“ "h‘“ C‘ I.“ 3“ W Wings With it "'9 mun" 3118012” I Women's'Training Centre \Vell Woman dcmli‘ celebration at Britain‘s abundant but Centre. St Brides ( ‘ommunm Centre.

()mell 't'erruee. I'Idinimrgh. .‘.‘/ >543. ".311 ‘iftlipm. i-ree. ()llering mlormntion on couer loi “omen in eomputingzinti

SUNDA 28 threatened wild llora.

. 4 A numberot events in the Lothians ' E‘plp'mg "'9 Legacy °'A'°°“°"° take place during the eight days from Parenting Indinhurgh into: («12430. sun 21“) Sun 28 organised by the mum 5pm 5“ mm“ 8”! 37 mmmm Royal Botanic Garden and Botanic


I Women And Work lntormation Day

I A Question 0t Guidance Salishun . . i’oi'tohello 1 ihrnr}. Rt)\L‘t1L‘ttt .'\\ enue. centre. 3 Satishun Road. Izdmhnruh. rm“ sou?” 0' Ed'anrgh. (552 7171)' the indinhurgh.(«~5115.1nlogllfi 3434ext 5.133. Ilium 5pm Soc uhrn e. i'l‘l littnr Lo'man urban thdll'e Group 5‘19]. iii 11.311nm, i'lee. 't‘hil'tt Ht tiu‘ dctgulx. and the Scottish Trust \esxmnx, today; ‘l'pdulmg YnurSlex'. IGuided Walk:Sparras'n'Craws Mugdoek (226 4602). Choose from guided walks, 1 count} 1’nrk.(‘rzugnlllzm [{itziii.\t‘ztr - illustrated talks. excursions and _ \tlili‘uttslc.(tithgtnk. illttti VShhltNi . special events’ includingayoung .The Spirnua'woman “.CH“.Um‘m

til 11 attain -,.\ lllght. ttL‘ulrdllig tothe peomeis an companion. ? (“um 51 Rink“.Ummlmm (.lec. Publicity .~ into the world ol ourtezithered Fu” details are available "0m any 0' “NC” IL.”ka ydmhm‘uh. 337 5543‘ int-nits. Sounds rather mug the above organisations. (Andrew q “Hum “mm? “CU A” “PC” \me h”

Burne‘) l \xomen to discuss ‘\\h;lt tL'k'\i\_\Utl

' spiritually."

Stockhridue I.ihr;ir\ . Hamilton i’lzlee. : I i’orlolieilo [.ihmr}. Rosette-1d .-\\enue_ tidinhurgh. into; 335 243-1 ext 5tl‘)l_ : '5e11-.-\sxesxineiit; ttie‘ntlt} \ our interests I women And work Information Day iitimhurgh. (W) >1 15. Into. 22> 2424e\t

11am 3.3llpm. Free. A special men! to and i’o'entitil', (mmuum 1mm”~ (“hm-Hon I).\|\L.\ 51191. 111 1 iolium. i-ree. i-onrth ot lix e

launch the he“ Women’s lnlormanon and 5”ch I-Iklmlmmh. (m4 M43 ["1035 sessions. '1 oda}: 'Selling Yourseli; dealing Resourccccmrg at Stockhmlgclibrary. : 3434 L.“ 5w” mum 3pm h“. \\llt1itpptlk‘ittltlll tormsnmimteruens .

otlermg mlormnlion to munen about iohx . lnlormgitlon on tl.tllilliL‘ and [nits it 1|

unit training. Includes (starting at 2pm ) u 1 I Lunchtime Talk: Edinburgh City Museums \xnmcn. \\ ilh \ nieo ‘\\‘omen. the Way _ “orkshop h} 'I‘rznerse ‘I‘hentre Brass Ruhlungfentre. innit} .-\p\e. i'omniti‘ Includext 1 lam l.‘ *Hpml

\Vriter-lit-Residence Ann Marie [)1 I ('halmer'xclow,I-tlmhmgly[1111»;55" mu kshop mth t‘itt}\\1lt_'t11 and mother

Mnmhro on ‘\\'riting For Profit. . 13oF ext 31". 1pm. i'ree; tickets can he .'\l1ll.\t;tl'lL‘ [)1Mamhrooncareer and

I Women And Work lnlormation Day ; ohtnmeit irom the ( "entre (in en it} lumilv

PortohelloLibrnr}. Rosette-Id.»\\enue. l Dereklumex. Assistantcit} ('uiator. IWomen And Worklnlormation Day Inhnhurgh.oh‘15115. Intwll.< 2—124 ext I Talk: Royal Society For The Protection ol i’or loheilo 1 .iiu'nr} . Rt)\L'tlL‘ttt .-\\ enue.

Sll‘H. ill ll..‘\li;im. i'ree. t’irst oi the I Birds South ()ueensieri} tlt‘l‘ttl} . Shore t'tilitt‘lligi1.(\(i()<i 15 thin: 235 313-1 c\l norkshopson truimngand iohsiormmteni Road. iadinhurgh. 331 IN)". Sllpm. 51191. 1” 11,311am. l-ree Second ol law

at Portohello. 'l'orizi} '\ programme is i 1-ree. ’I‘he RSI’B's .iL‘illt Smith speaks sessions. 'i’otign. ‘Whut Are 11mp1o_\e1\


The price of a seat at a concert isn’t half as But thanks to the Scottish Arts Council, local expensive as it could be. authorities and private sponsors, you can sit Because the money taken from ticket sales through the whole performance in comfort. often pays for half or less of the total cost of staging Arts subsidies aren’t just for artists. They’re a concert. for everyone.

Scottish Arts Council

_, ____-_J

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