Return llights trom London to Hong Kong costlrom £618. Student llights are available lor £455 return until 15th June. Contact student travel specialists Campus Travel at The Hub. Hillhead Street and 90 John Street. Glasgow (041 357 0608 and 041 552 2867) or the Edinburgh Travel Centre. Bristo Square. Edinburgh (031 668 2162).

Getting To Macau

Entry is via ierrytrom Hong Kong Island. The jettoil service takes about an hour and should be booked in advance. The return tare costs about £10.

Getting In

Visas are not necessarylor British passport holders.

What To Know Betore You Go

Hong Kong lies atthe south-eastern tip at China and adjoins the province ot Guangdong (Canton). Its land area totals just over 1000sq km and comprises Hong Kong Island. Kowloon. and the New Territories. a lragmenl oi the mainland. It includes

\ 3‘. 3: “\m _, 345:“ Sim i

I x. “It S ts! 3 meme“ :4.“ ' s ’I S r s »~ “it”...

235 outlying islands. The population is

estimated at5.6 million.

and Chinese and English

are the otticial languages.

llong Kong is a British territory which will revert back to Chinese control in

i 1997.

. The climate is sub-tropical.

l The temperature in May and June rangestrom 21Cto 26C. Humidity isthe most overwhelming aspect 01 Hong Kong weather— itcan rise to 90% in the summer

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\: N:

months. Currency is in Hong I sky-scraping type at

Kong dollars. There is an airport departure tax at HKS100.

Where To Stay

Hotels can otter cheap deals and the massive

. accommodation is certainly

, themostconspicuous. Contact the Hong Kong

; TouristAssociation in

l London(see below) tor

I altemalives.


Getting Around


Taxis are relatively cheap.

and as they are olten air-conditioned. they may well be the most comlortable way to travel.

Otherwise buses are cheap (but may be crowded) and a minibus scheme operates (whereby you pay

as you get oil. and you may specily your destination).

The Mass Transit Railway is Hong Kong's

underground. Tourist

tickets are available.

Trams run along the north side 01 Hong Kong Island.

i Rickshaws are now really

j just tortourist rides.

, Negotiate the tare betore

: departure.

' Usetul Addresses

The Hong Kong Tourist

Association at 125 Pall

Mall. London SW1Y 5EA (01

I 930 4775) will happily supply maps. events guides. general inlormation

etc. Hong Kong Tourist Association lntormation Centres can be lound at Hong Kong Airport. GS Empire Centre 68 Mody Road. Tsim Sha Tusi East. Kowloon. 35th tloor.

. ConnaughtCentre Central. Hong Kong oratelephone

I enquiry service is available

i on 34225555.



ATHENS or ISTANBUL from Gatwick only £99 return or ATHENS/ISTANBUL two-centre only £139 return

MILAN from £39 one way, £68 return MADRID from £39 one way, £78 return ROME from £49 one way, £98 return

All fares subject to a vailability and status


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