I Driver Wanted Disciplined and motivated driver required by like-minded group of 25 3“ year-old graduates working too hard. ('are to join us'.’ Above average rewards for above average driver. Decent car required for the position. Apply in writing to Box No 94E. 1.

I STG/ Actual Theatre l'eqttlred actors ( Nicki“) and SM. lor new play about Burke and l lare. Performances ( ilasgow (.lune l and Iidinburgh I-t'stis al. Iixpensesonlv. Ring Sally : ll-ll 433Ill3olorauditionIll21Mas.

' I Experienced alt0/tenor sax and

flute player available for an} typeof music work: |a//.pop. latin. theatre. clubs. recordings etc. (‘an read arrange. 'I'el: (MI 33" I715.

Tel. 669 7329



Salary Scale: {18718-539474 pro rate 25 HOURS PER WEEK

An experienced person is regurred to manage and develop the Centre which is COmmitted to the care of trail and demented elderly and to adwce work The Co-ordsnator will service the Management COmmlIttfc. Supervise pfOVlSlOn of services t-ons would be an advantage. but are not essential Further lnlormatlon from: JOHN DlCKSON or

Application Forms from: John Dickson c/o Lochand Advreory Centre 51 Lochend Road South EDINBURGH EH7 6R8 Closmg date 3lst May, 1989

Relevant qualifica-

JIM VERTH Tel. 681 8291

ic. environment)

Suitable for job sharing. form from:

Personnel Officer. CPF May Sist 1989


Closmg date for applications:

CPF is an equal opportunities

Programme Manager

SCOTLAND £14,874-£17,561 [pay review pending)

CPF. a national community development agency, is seeking someone to develop its work in Scotland. Building on existing work. the poslholder wrll be responsible for developing CPF's contribution to work with communities and agencies in Scotland. You will have experience of: * developing, designing and managing community development projects (neighbourhood. econom-

* negotiating and lundraising in the public. volun- tary and private sectors

t developing and running programmes for training, consultancy. conferences and seminars

You wrll preferably have an up to date knowledge

of Scottish issues, institutions and networks

Women and members of minority ethnic groups are

under-represented at this level in the Foundation

and are particularly invited to apply.

The post will be located in Glasgow. Further details and application

72 The List 19 May— 1 June 1989

FILM COMPANY looking for work of woman artist rising flowers as stiblect. Dynamic or unusual approach. ('ontact Frontroom Films on 041 945 2120.

' I Experienced keyboard player

required for professional

pop rock band. lIas publishing management contract. Recording deal pending. ()wn studio and

kc} boards proVIded ( IN) I. Miragele 7. .luno.etc). (‘ontact (MI 33" I715 orllH.‘~.\‘,‘~ 3H.

PART TIME WORKER required lor residential community in Iidmlitirgh. .-\ccommodatton is prov idcd in an old ( ieorgian house w itli garden. Apply in writingto Salisbury Centre.

2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh EHIGSAB


Pathwax. a pro'i'itt for young women who nmrd safl: IIIHIMHfi‘ with sizppirt. rvquirt's one in Illltt! workur You will be ex- )0;(.IQ'(I to work as part of a group. with equal and shared responst- l‘illlts lor liw- prop-ct Knowledge and'rxpi-ru-zam- of thv (IIIIICIIIIH‘S

facvi‘. iw young1 women who are homult-ss and

Salary starts at £9,756 pa pro

.‘ivu been abused

(flosmg date itilh May 1980 Please \'.I’IIt‘ .’-~: further Informa- lmn and tippinatlon form to MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. C/O PATHWAY PROIELIS, PO. BOX 913. EDINBURGH EH16 GQS I‘alhvsa‘, Is an equal oppor- Illlllllt’a tsrnplovvr No dis- l..'iillllltilr)ll on lhi- basis on raru. sexuality. disability or class I'-I'It‘.\.l‘. '..s t'Xt'IYll‘I under st r‘tton 'i‘ l.’Iji of the s--\ discrimination


I Women's Sailing Holidays mi comfortable 35ft yacht. learn. improve. ento} sailingin friendly atmosphere. I'splore the South ( 'oast. I‘rance. (‘hannel Islands with us. Brochure: -7 Radcliffe Rd. Southampton S( )2 UPI l.

Tel: 0703 636749.


TRADITIONAL BALTIC YACHT. Iinjoy spectacular scenery and wildlife, good company, excellent food, and pull ropes as much or as little as you wish. Details: John Ilambrey, I3 I’indhom Place, Edinburgh EH9 21R.

031 667 2908


I Low cost flights: cg return

Lima ..... .1485 Mexico .... .1320 Rio ...... .1498 Caracus....£383 Santiago...£555 Ouito ...... .1490 Guatemala£485 Bogota.....£400

Also small group holiday I journeys 2-6 weeks, please ask I

for brochures I Hablamos (Sparta! I Falamnr porlugue: I JOURNEY LATIN AMERICA. I 16 Devonshire Road London W4 Flights 01747 3103 Tours 01747 8315 5 rec». I

24hr: ft'l.'.Y Irish! \‘f'r,’ .....


Salary circa £9000 pa.

Closing date: June 5, I989.

I_‘l_{_l___L:._\_’l__)_§(Olf TI I I: EARTH has two new vacancies based at its Edinburgh Office: ‘-


Applicants for this post should have experience in the production of information either for educational purposes or for other voluntary organisations. The information officer will be responsible for the compilation, distribution tnd production of all published material including campaign literature, annual reports and fundraising publicity. The job will involve management of other staff and volunteers.


The administrative assistant will be expected to run a busy office with the help of volunteers. Work will involve the use of computers. The applicant will also have to deal with the media and promote the organisation to the public and other professionals as part of the job. Salary circa £7500 pa. , Apply in writing for a job description and further Information, giving the reference number to the following address: Mr Corrie. Friends of the Earth (Scotland). I5 Windsor St, Edinburgh EH7 SLA, enclosing a S.A.E.


A”? "/

1r i

I’ll )XIiI I lbtique,sntall group trvkk i ng adventures including: (‘ros'sf'ounti'v Skiing in LAI’I‘LANI) Trekking in .-\I..-\..\'i\' A, .'\\W\'I ()I.I.-\ .K' I’ICIII‘ Foroar 198$) brochure

‘I‘t-I 031-220 3747

HAVE £243m WILL TRAVEL ATTENTION Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Tourlst Boards etc List Readers have £243m disposable income this year. This size will cost only £25 + VAT.


[Exciting Camping Safaris in Kenya 'I‘an'lania Rwanda u and throughout . r" i.“ Africa. Iior full details get your copy of our 1989/90 i brochure.


12 Abingdon Road London W8 6AF Tal101 937 3028

Ilse your imagination. . . Egypt, Israel, Turkey, India, Nepal, Jordan

Original and adventurous holidays, 1-5 weeks

for the imaginatch traveller

Call for your Inc 1989 brochure: 01 244 8571 (24hrs) 64 Kenway Road, Earls Court, London SW5 0RD