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It feels more like summer, but Edinburgh District Council‘s Spring Fling has hung onto its bouncy bunny image for this year's serving of community arts events. A festival which concentrates on promoting local companies and participation events, Spring Fling dips into the world of theatre, sports, kids stuff, writing and dance during the last week in May and the first week in June.

This special List section includes a day to-day guide to events and exhibitions. Events are listed under subject for easy reference. For further information on any of these Spring Fling activities or performances contact the Arts Outreach Team on 225 2424 or contact the individual venues, details of which are given on this page.


I Women Work! Portobello ( 'itizens Advice Bureau. 11L11.31lam.l-‘ree. ('ontinuing the women work series oftalks and workshops. a member of Portobello (‘itizen's Advice Bureau disctrsses working women in the family.

I Words 3. Images Workshop [.istcr Housing ('o-op. 2pm. Free. Make paintings with poems witlt lilizabeth Burns and Maureen Sangster.


I A Fantastic Journey (tilde-d Balloon Theatre. Performances on the hour. every hour. lliam 5pm. Slide Workshop are in the business of creating visual magic with their slipsofcclluloid. Alsousing sculpture and music. this show has been put together by people with special needs.


I Script Surgery 'l'raverse Theatre ck Sttrdio. llam- lpm. Take your play tothis operating theatre of a workshop which looks at opportunities to improve. Led by Ann Marie l)i Mambro. this is aTrav'erse ‘Spin Off.

I The Importance of the Car Chase in Modern Theatre Traverse Studio. 5._31)-(t.31)prrt. John McKay. fornter Merry Macl‘un (‘o rnenrbcr and author of'l)ead Man Dog'. gives his ideas on howcar chase style thrills could be the answer to getting a young audience into the theatre. I First Friday: Poems and Pints West [ind Ilotel. 8pm. 51lp. The Iidinburgh Writers Association pulls out the poems and prose while the barman attends to the pints. I'loorspots available to the audience.

I Oxygen House Plays for Today't'rav ersc Studio. Rpm. £2 (£1 ). Readingsof new Scottish plays.


I FruitmarketGallery 2‘) Market Street. 225 23S3.


I Tea Dance Down The Centre (‘arrickv'alc (‘ommunity liducation (‘entr'e l.31)~3.31lpm. 51lp(inc tea and biscuits). I Spring Barn Dance Lockhart Memorial Hall. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). Tickets available in advance from the (‘alton ('entre. 121 Montgomery Street. Take your partners fora lively hoe down.

I Khoros Dance Theatre Pleasance Theatre. 8pm. £2.51l(£1 .75). This fun contemporary dance company hails front Edinburgh and dances with verve and enthusiasm. New pieces by Susan I lay and Kinny (iardner.


I Catch Theatre Company ( 'raigmillar Primary School. 2pm. Free. A little play about the Big ('runch. a ntonstcr which Kate must conquer before she goes home for tea.

I Edinburgh Playwrights Workshop Netherbow Arts (‘entre. £1 (50p). 7pm. I When the World was Young Nethcrhow Arts (‘entre. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). ('lyde llnity' Theatre stage John Binnie's play about three girls in a playground surrounding one gay boy. Happy then. they find that life has changed sixteen yearson.

I Straight Up Holy Corner. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). The Edinburgh Players bring together a comedy of misunderstaridirrgs. lusts and laughs.

I The Well of Loneliness Theatre Workshop. Spm. £2.511(£I .51)). A women‘s performance project based on Radclyffe Hall‘s novel. which in 1928. was banned for its frank representation of lesbian love.

I Gone with the Paint St Stepltcn‘sfhurch Hall. Rpm. £2.51l(£l .511) A black and white comedy show with a mission to rescue the world from (iloom. Presented by Lung Ha Theatre('ompany.

I _. .5 -. “.

I Whodidit? l.erth (‘ommunity ('entre. 8pm. Free. In the tired and tested('hristic formula. this play vvheclsout ninetectr characters. traps them iii a mansion arid looks for the murderer among them Performed by lnv isible Inc.


I Spring Fling Soccer Sevens Tournament lnvcrleith Park. 4.31lpm. I-ree. (iirlsand boys‘ teams from throughout lidinburgh compete in Heat 3.


I Musical Mayhem The New Spike Jones Show Ross'l'heatre. 7.30pm. l-‘ree. Bob Kerr and his Whoopce Band miv laughter with music.


I Dizzy Gillespie’s United Nation Orchestra LIsherllallfipm. £11. £111.£7.511.£(i.5ll A major jazz. event. '1 his famous trumpeter takes on the l'shcr 1 {all See Music Preview page for feature.


I Getting Down To It The Pleasance. lilam 5pm. £5. (21) places available). A day of games and improvisational techniques for vv riters. directors and performers professionalorothervvise. I Traverse Workshop Theatre - Workshopping a Text Traverse Studio. ltlam-~-5pm. £4 for the wee kcnd. A weekend wot king on. reading and acting with a new script. A Traverse Theatre “Spin ()f’f'.


I Puppet Workshop for Under 1 5s Pruitmarket(iallery. 111,31iam 1231th and 2 4pm. I‘ree. Booking essential: contact Pat l'ishcr on 225 2383.17sing themes from the l‘r'uitmarket's ( )pen Iixhibition. kids are asked to make their own puppets.

I Kids Fun Day Rosebery Hall. 1 5pm. Free. ('orne on down to this day of jewellery making. body poppingand graffiti fun.


I Script Surgery'l‘rav ersc Theatre and

()ueensfer ry.

I Ross Open AirTheatre

Studio. 1 lam lpm. l‘rec. Sec hi 2.

I Musihaira McDonald Road Library. (v.3llpm. l~"ree. .-\neveningo1 poetry I reading


I Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra Russ

'l'heatrc. lpm. l'ree. You've seen themon

'I op of the Pops. .\'ow see them in full string v oiee irt this opctt air theatre.\\'ith r‘evsorkingsof classics like Minnie the Moocher and As Time ( ioes By . this

. young group are worth stopping iii Princes

Street for.

I Ceilidh St Bride's (‘ommunity (‘cntte

. 7pm midnight. £3(£2). Advancetickcts

i from St Bride's and the Adult Learning

1 Protect. 184 l)alry Road. A lively evening with the Robert l-"ish band.


i I Tea Dance Thomas Morton r Iall.

' 1.311pm. 75p (inc refreshments). I Khoros Dance Theatre Pleasance Theatre. Spm. £2.511(£l .75). Sec l‘ri2.


I City Pulse Open Music Workshop'l'riangle i Ar ts ( ’entrc. 2~ 4pm. Free. Booking 5 essential: contact ('andicc Tair. 'I‘riangle 1 Arts( entrc. 33211877. Make y'otlt‘ovvn ' instrument Bltrc Peter style at this percussion workshop.


I When the World Was Young Netherbovv Arts(’entre. 7.31lpm. £31£2). See Fri 2. I Straight Up I loly (‘orner ( 'entre. 7.30pm. £211.] ). See In;

I The Well of Loneliness'l‘heatre Workshop. ts'pm. £2.51i(£l .511). See I‘ri2


I Treetop Lane and Poems of Love, Hate and Madness Springw ell House Arts (’entre. 7.45pm. £1 .21)(51)p). Treetop Lane by

: l)av e ( itbson and Poems of Love. I late

i and Madness by James ( ‘arrol form the

basis of this evening of verse and film.

I Oxygen House Plays for Today'I‘rav-erse Studio. :s'pm. £21121).

See In 2.


j I Somewhere Over the Rainbow Ross

Centre I I7 Nicolson SII'L‘L'I. (vb-70484.

IBIackhallLibrary IGilded Balloon \Vest I’t‘lneesStr'eet ISpringwell House Arts llillhouse Road~ (‘ow gate. 225 31ll3_ Bar. (tarderrs i Centre Ardmillan 'l'erracc. IBrass Rubbing Centre I (3er PaTKCilasgow ISfBride's Community 3371971.

Trinity Apse. ('halmers Road. (lose (011 High Street). 556-1364.

I Calton Centre Ill Montgomery Street. (ml lift—7S


I Holy Corner Centre 15 Mor'ningsidc Road. 4-17

I Inch Community Centre 255 (iilmerton Road. (to-1

34ft 14115

Centre()rvv ell Terrace.

I St John‘s Church Princes Street. 22‘) "M5. IStStephen‘sChurchHall St Stephen Street l'orinfo

I Theatre Workshop 34 llamiltott Place. Stockbrrdge. 220 5425. I Traverse Theatre. Traverse Studio and Traverse Cafe 1 12 west

I Carrickvale Community 4711). contact Arts 1 )utreach on How . (ir‘assmar‘ket. 226 Education Centre I lnverleith Park. 1 5351. Hillh 3“ Ni 55')"57‘)1 33.5 3424 2033. Stenhouse street weer. I King's Theatre 3 i,“ an I I Morningside Library I NeWinOton Library I Silverknowes Primary I Triangle Arts Centre I Craigmillar Arts Centre Street. Brtintsfield. 229 Ntorningsidc Rmd- I'Uumuinhull Rond- i School Muir ht itrsc West I’ilton Bank. 33: 5s New cr'aighall Road. l21ll. I Muirhouse Festival I Pleasance Theatre The 1 (iar'tlens. 33o tins ns77. (mi) .s’soj. I Leith community centre Activities Centre Pleasance. i I Star Coffee Bar Near I Usher Half l.otirian I Craigmillar Library New Kirkgate Shopping Muirhouse Place West. I POUODBIIO Library 1 'l'cscos. ( )11 l)nmbt v den i Road.22b’ 1155. \‘tddrre Marischal (‘cntre 330 3618, Roscfield Avenue. 00‘) i Road. ' I West End Hotel 35 (iardcns. I Leith Library Ferry 1 I Muirhouse Primary 5115. I Sighthill Library Palmerston Place. 225 I Craigmillar Primary Road. School (South) Muirhouse I Oueen's Hall ( ‘lerk Sighthill w) nd 3050. School Hm.“ Um, RWKL I Lister Housing 90-09 30 ; Place West, 332 2793. Street. («vs 201‘). SouthOueensferry i I Wester Hailes Education on] 3451 _ Lumen,” plum. 339 (nix) | I Nelson Hall, McDonald Thomas Morton Hall Library Shore Road. 331 Centre 5 .‘vturraybtrrn I Form Community Wing I Meadowbank spans ' Road Library, 556 5630, l'er'ry Road. ' 1097. l)rrv e. Info front Arts

‘1 North t-otth Street. I INetherbow Arts Centre 43 IRosebery HallSUth g ISouthside Community ()utrcaclt225242-l.

12 The June 198‘)

1 Centre London Road. rim