Iidys'ard 'I‘uchmann I Iiberts) is the 12 year-old son oi an American diplomat posted to lUl‘) \‘ienna. lixtremely attached to his mother ( l)unayy'ay I. his life enters a period oi contusion \y hen she escapes irom her stale marriage throuin an aiiair ys ith strange btit charismatic Baron and \y ar y eteran Brandauer. llandsomely costumed period drama. with young Iibei‘tseliectiyely negotiating the path irom childhood to adolescence in a periormance that won an an ard at last year's Venice l‘ilm l-estiy al. (ilasgoyy: ('annon Sauchieiiall Street.

I Camille Claudel i |’( i l ( Bruno .\'uy tteii. l'i'ance. I‘IS‘S) Isabelle Adiani. (ierard l)epardieu. laurent (irey ii. 175 mins. Despite its slightly iorbidding length. this account oi the troubled and ey entually tragic lite oi l~rench sculptress(‘amille (‘iaudel ( Adiani l. and her relationship as both pupil and lo\ er \y ith Auguste Rodin (l)epardieu ) boasts a least oi memorable images and goes to proy e that l’irance's biggest stars are also tyso oi herbest actors. ltdinbiii‘gh: (‘ameo

I Child‘s Playi 15) (loin Hollandi'S. I‘IS‘S l ( ‘atherine l licks. (‘hris Sarandon. Brad l)oui'il. S" mins. See panel. (ilasgoys (annon (‘Iarkston Road. (annoii l he l-‘oige. ( )deon. Salon. I-.dinbiirgh: ( )deon. ('entral: Allanpark. (‘annon Strathclyde: AM( ~(‘lydebank Ill. (‘annon. Kelburne. ()deon l lamilton. ()deon Ay r. \VMR I‘ilm ( ~entre.

I Citizen Kane 1 I’( i i l()l'si)n \Velles, t 's‘, I‘M] )()t‘sott \Vclles. .losePlt ( .UllL‘ll. Agnes Moorehead. l19mins.Stunningly successiul biographical mosaic centringon a I learst-like media tycoon. \Velles' iirst iilm remains scintillating yieyying i'orits slicer technical y cry e. narratiye conlidence and spellbinding pei‘lormances. The best iiim ey er made'.’ \Viio'sargtiing. (‘entral: Regal.

I Cocktail i 15 l ( Roger Donaldson. t's. It).\.\‘)'l’om ('ruise. Bryan Ri'oyyii. Itli/abeth Shue. l)? mins. ('rtiise playsa greenhorn inducted into the mysteriesol all-action bartending by master cocktail shaker Bit)“ n. and beloi'e long they hay e graced the top bars in Manhattan and been signed tip to work in the ( ‘aribbean.

l loyy cy er. a Ialled romance yy ith poor little rich girl Shiie soon has our 'I'om questioning the yapidity oi his experience. (ilossy soaper ys ith risible pretensions to social comment. \s hich must go doyy n asa disappointment irom the talents iiiyoly ed. (‘entra|: (‘aledonian

I Cocoon: The Return ( t’( i) i Daniel l’cti‘ie. l 'S. l‘).\.\) l)on Amecite. \Viliord lirmiley . Steye ( iuttenberg. I lume ('ionyn. .lessica'l'andy. ll.‘ mins. In the original moy ie a set oi old-timers \y ere taken into outer space to ll\ c happily ey er aitei . but this rathei dreary sequel iinds them all back on l'arth. 'l he my riadoi plots tor the oldsteisto run throughyary irom liiimley teaching his grandson baseball. to(‘ionyn dyingoi .\mcche iatliering a child. so that u hile all




An evening of readings and discussion with IONA McGREGOR AND SUE WARD

Sing (PG) (Richard Baskin, US, 1989) Lorraine Bracco, Peter Dobson, Jessica Steen, Rachael Sweet. 98 mins. Unbelieveable as it might seem, in 1989 Hollywood is still turning out a movie where a bunch oi kids irom a downbeat inner city neighbourhood put on a musical extravaganza and save their high school irom closure. There are just so many cliches here that either the makers are endowed with such a touching cinematic naivety that they don't realise they‘re unloading a wheelbarrowiul oi chestnuts on the public, or else they‘ve simply led a computer with a host oi well-tried ingredients and ‘Sing‘ is the result.

What you get is the sight oi no-nonsense woman teacher (Lorraine Bracco) taming a class of no-hoper students with the delights oi music and dance (groan); romance across the tracks as leather-clad toughie (Peter Dobson) ialls (or sweet little mama‘s girl (Jessica Steen) (groan again); and a heartwarming, nay stomach-churning, Iinale where The Kids put on such a superbrill

I ~,


all-singing, all-dancing spectacular

that the whole community gets back its dignity aiteryears oi being treated like dirt by the city authorities (ouch). It‘s the kind oi plot that seems to have strayed irom a more innocent era, and deiinitely one to be iiled under old-fashioned Entertainment.

But wait— because it's so entirely hackneyed and predictable in every possible department, there‘s a kind oi pleasure to be gained in ticking oii the clichés. Is there going to be a scene where all the parents weigh in and start sewing on sequins, one wonders? And yes, a law minutes later it pitches up. The viewer gets a warm glow oi recognition which works on the so-bad-it‘s-terriiic mode oi cinematic pleasure. 0i course, the audience it‘s aimed at will probably be too young to realise the stultiiying awiulness at it all, but itwouldn't be too surprising ii the students oi camp who currently cherish tack like ‘Grease‘ take it to their hearts and make it a staple on the late night circuit in years to come. (Trevor Johnston)

this soap opera stuil is going on \y e manage to iorget the central

say e-the-alien strand. Sentimental dialogue and a dithering lack oi pace do not help. This yy as probably not a good idea. (ilasgoyy: ()dcon.

I ‘Crocodile‘ Dundee II t l’( ; )i.lolin

(‘oi nell. Austialia. WINS) l’atil i logan.

linda Ko/loyyski..lohn Meilloii I I l mins.

.\'ot entirely une\pccted sequel has

I logan‘s Dundee retracing his steps liom Manhattan to the Atissie bush to protect his girliriend (our nalist Ko/loys ski irom thc‘iinysanted attentions oi a gangol


('olombian drug pedlars. .-\ lame script and Hogan‘s catatonic uiiderplay mg mar this antipodean comedy-adyentiire. ('entral: Allanpark.

I A Cry In The Dark ( l < l i l'l'L‘tl Sc'llcpisl.

l'S Airstralia. l‘ISS) Meryl Streep. Sam \eill. Brian James. ll‘) mins. Altcrthe c‘\lt£lll\li\c‘ publicin the iaiiied l)ingo Baby case generated throughout the yyorld Schepisi ys isely ay oids lociising on the rims reson ed issue oi yy hetlier or not [truly (’hamberlain “as guilty. instead he concentrateson the mood oi national hysteria and pieiudice that coiiironted the couple and led to a trial by media the result

is a stunning shameful indictment of tahloid media excesses and institutionalised injustice. It eschews the kind of glib melodrama that easily opens the tear ducts and opts instead for a more thought provoking work. yy hich benefits from two solidly star peri'ormances irom Streep and Neill. (ilasgoys : ('annon The Forge. (‘annon Sauchiehall Street. lidinburgh: ('annon. Strathclyde: AM(‘ ('ly'debank ill.

IThe Dawningi 15) ( Robert Knights. t'K. I‘ISS) Anthony Hopkins. .lean Simmons. Rebecca l’idgeon. 97 mins. lreland. IUZII. A naiy'e young girl is iascinated by the recluse yy ho has taken up her beach hut . a hunter scion of the British gentry ttoyy disillusioned s'eteran oi the Republican cause. As she becomes a go-betyseen for his coy‘ert activities. she finds herseli precipitated into a world oiaiitilt responsibilities.

Well-heeled literary adaptation. basically the same old coming oi age routine with a mild political background. but a production oi' modest y irtties nonetheless. (ilasgoyy: (il’l‘.

I Days Oi Heaven ( l’( i I (il'erence Malick. 1S. 1978) Richard (iere. Sam Shepard. Brooke Adams. 94 mins. Maliek is oneoi the great yy'ay‘yyard talents oi’the contemporary American cinema (Bud/ands is his only other ieature ) and this is an exquisite triangular loy e story set against the wheat i‘arming Midyy est at the turn ol the century. You can almost ieel the su eat oi labour and smell the soil.stich is the power of undoubtedly majestic film-making. lidinburgli: (‘ameo

I La Dolce Vita ( is) ( Federico l‘ellini. ltaly' France. Noll) Marcello Mastroianni. Anita Iikberg. Aiioiik Aimee. 173 mins. Paparazzi joiirno-ty pe Mastroianni lIII\Cs with the beautiful people oi rich Roman society and is ambivalently shocked and iascinated by the vigour ol' their excessiye decadence.

livery'thing you ey er yyanted irom a Fellini movie black humour. grotesque sexuality . inspired \ isual imagination and the wonderful Marcello. See it. lidinbiirgh: l-iliiilioiise.

I Dumbo ( l ' ) ( Ben Sharpsteen. l'S. WM) 64 mins. The rest oi' the circiisaninials make fun of the little elephant w ith the huge ears. btit he discoyers they hay e a use after all. (‘Iassic l)isney animated ieature. timelessentertainment. (‘entralz (‘aledoniair Strathclyde: ()deon Ay r.

I Fletch Lives ( l’( i ) ( Michael Richie. iis. WW) (‘heyy (‘hase. l’atricia ls'alember. (‘leay'on little. llal llolbrook..liilianne Phillips. 95 mins. I‘letcli the would-be inyestigatiy'e journalist inherits an Silacre Southern Plantation lrom an es-aunt.

I loyy ey er Inc as a Southern gentleman is not quite yy hat he had hoped tor. the estate it tiirnsoiit. makes the Bates' Motel look like the palace oi \‘ersailles

is ith most old houses in the mm iesthere are some strange goings on. When the

on ely local lawyer is murdered ( 'hey y takes up the chase yy itli his usual gamut oi


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