an engrossing debate. I'd call into question the lack of female speakers. but a list that includes theatre professionals like Ian Brown. Bill BrydenJoltn (‘lifford and Frank Dunlop can only be promising. ('offee is available in the Royal Lyceum from 9.30am and the conference begins at ltlam running until 1.30pm.


An occasional round-up of plays recently in print by Scottish writers or currently being performed here.

IAmerican Bagpipes

Penguin Books. £4.99. Ian

Ileggie's Mayfcst hit is teamed here with his two one-acters :— seen at The Traverse and The

Nethe rbow -— Il’airmg For Shuggic's Ma and Politics In The Park. Ileggie'sear for (ilaswegian speech and his stylized conversation patterns. coupled with his sharp characterisations and

off-beat humour make this

an essential purchase.

I First Run: New Plays by New Writers Nick I lern Books. £6.95. A compilation of five plays put together by Kate Ilarwood. Literary Manager of London‘s Royal (‘ourt Theatre. Simon Donald's Prickly Heat is the first of the five


which come from writers all over Britain. On the page Donald‘s Traverse hit of last year comes across as too elusive to be fully satisfying. but it remains an entertaining aide memoirc ofJenny Killick's production. And of course there's another

four plays for your money.

I Shirley Valentine Methuen. £4.95. Thisone has been in print for a while. but Willy Russell's brilliant monologue is makingits Scottish

Paula a Shirley in Willy Russell's

premier at the Theatre Royal. Glasgow towards the end of this issue. It isa comic and touching tale about a Liverpool housewife who makes the leap from a suburban kitchen to a Mediterranean beach and it‘ll bring a tear to your eye whether you are reading it or watching it performed. Also included here is ()m’ For The Road which manages to be more substantial than your average sitcom.

Shirley Valentine at the Theatre Royal.




In coniunction with the Scottish Council For Disability. The List will be expanding on venue information ol relevance to disabled people over the coming months. The project begins with the Theatre section and it's hoped that over the next law issues all the venues listed in this section will join those encoded this time. During the changeover period. the existing disability codes ([0] tor lacilities torthe disabled. and [Eltor lacilities tor the hard at hearing) will be run alongside the new system. We're keento hear your views and suggestions on what information is most useful and how itshould be presented. Write to The Editor. 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH11TE.


Access: I’ '--' Parking Facilities. I’I’A : Parking to be I’re-Arranged. I. 2 Level Access. R '-‘- Ramped Access. ST 2' Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: \\'(‘ '—= Adapted'l'oileus). WS : Wheelchair Spaces. AS : Adjacent Seats. 1‘. Induction Loop System. (i = (iuide Dogs Allowed. R = Restaurant Accessible. B 2 Bar Accessible.T = Adapted Telephone.

Help: A - Assistance Available. AA : Advise Venue in Advance.


Theatre is listed by city first. then byvenue, running in alphabetical order. Touring shows are listed separately under the relevant heading. KEY: [D] lacilities torthe disabled. [E] lacilities tor the hard ol hearing. usually an induction loop system. For prices. price in

brackets eg (£1.50) isthe concessionary price. Long running shows. unless specitied otherwise. do not run on Sundays.


I CITIZENS. THEATRE ( iorbals Street. 43‘) 0032. Box Office Mon- Sat lllam Spin. Bar. [Access: I’. L. Facilities: WC. “S. L. (i. R. Help: AAI

ATale of Two Cities l 'ntil ltllune. 7.3Hpm. £5 (LI )1 {Ill-Ills 1k ()Al’s tree. :\ timclv adaptation of Dickens' l-‘rench Revolution story . brought to life by designer and director l’hilip I’rovvse. Lighting. design and movement are the strengths of this exciting production.

RoadTue l.‘vJune--Sat l.luly. 7.30pm. The ('itizens' second summer season kicksoft vvith 7:84's(ilasvvegian interpretationol .lim ('artvvright'splay thanks tothc sponsorshipol Strathclydc Region. See 'I'ouring.

I CRAWFURDTHEATRElordanhill (’ollege. 7tv Southbrae Drive. ( ilasgovv (MI 951) 3437 3438. [Accessz l’. R. Facilities: \\'(‘. \\'S. In. ( i. R. It. Help: A. AA].

Next performance lo.lune_

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE ( ~unibernauld. 02% 732837. Ilov ( )llice Mon-I'll ltlambpm;Sat Illam .‘vpniJv Spmperl. cvgs Bar (ate. [Acct-ss: I’I’A.Slfl I’acilities: \\'(‘. \\‘S. (i. ll. Help: A. AAI. Road I 'ntil Sat 3 .lune. “.JSpm. £3.50 (£l.25)on Wed; £35“ ( t2 ) Thurs Sat. Sec Touring.

Shang-A-Lang'l‘hurss Sat ltllune. 7.45pm. Thurs LINN}; l .25). Li"! S Sat £3.50 (£3). See ‘l'ouring.

The Alchemist Ln 9 Sat llllune Spin. £1.75 (£1.35). Hen .lonson's l"th(‘enturv corned} Istthated It} I’llPside'l'heatre ' ('ompany in the studio theatre. JustKidding Mon l2 Sat Illune. A fortnight of internationalentertainment for children. See Kidslistings.


Alan Ayckbourn 9 JUNE-8 JULY


Mon-Sat 7.45pm Matinee 24 June 3.15pm



._ _ BY HELEN COOPER, DIRECTED BY MIKE BRADWELL This visit is financially assisted by the Scottish Arts Co nc I. Glasgow District Council and Strathclyde Regional Coltinclil. T R n m m n L. £5/£§-%oe{,l3:‘lEng-;r?5l I om ALBERT DRIVE GLASGOW - ' E1 ‘°' News? ‘°

. . Presented by 7:84 Glasgow District Council Glasgow I990 Box omce 04I-33I 1234/3329000Ticket Centre Candlerisss 041-227 55" Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council.

"A .I’lrlaslerpiece ()fdana’ (ii nzinze”; st:.\'i)..vv 'riaii-ioRAPH '

"I’m mantle and spellbinding " TIII". (iLARIHAN

“Kemp will hluwyour mind" DAVID B( )W’Ili

Tickets from USO-£13.50

Unsuitable for children i



- J

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