I meme wonxsaoe 34 Hamilton , - Traverse Workshop Theatre-Workshonning Place. 2265-125. Box Office Mona-Sat « A Text 51113 & Sun41unc- “lam-59m. £4 a 9.3(iam—53tipm. Bar. Cafe. [Accessz if" lhc “’CCRCnd EVCTY‘WC l5 “'C'C‘mls‘m

get involved with or just to watch a ncyv script being developed from initial reading through to putting it on the stage.

Getting Down To It Sat 3 June. lllam- 5pm. 20 places available at £5. This workshop takes place at The Pleasaiicc. Jamie (iarven. the project director for'l‘AG‘s (irv project. takes yvritcrs. directors and performers. both professional or amateur. through a day of theatre games and improvisations.

Spinning It Out— Closing Conterence Sun 4 June. 5.30pm. Free. The fortnight comes to a close with a retrospective discussion

j betvvccn audience and theatre professionals.

Dolorosa Sat 3 June. 8pm. £2 (£1 ). The final reading in the Oxygen House -— I’luvs l-‘or 'I‘otluv season is a black comedy by Peter Murray vvhose boxing play Boot/ties was performed last year at the’l‘raverse.

l PPA. R. Facilities: we. ws. as. E. o. Help: AA] 5 The Well at Loneliness L'ntil Sat 3Junc. h’pm. £2.5li(£l .Sli). Radclyffe llall'snovcl was banned in 1928 because of its lesbian It overtones. Back in 198‘)“ isbeinguscd as the basis of Theatre Workshop's Women's Performance Project which has imolvcd some 45 vvomen iti all aspects ofthc production process. The production 'Bonnedin i928, aridtlicatrc and bOCk in 7989-, involves an age-range of lbto7h’. L Seasonal Forecasts - Dreams on the Way IHE W E ll 0f [0" E l | N E 83 chd 7 Sat lllJunc. 7.30pm. £2.5(i by . (t; l .25 ). 'l‘hcatrccraft are a company made Radclyffe Hall up “i dieuhlcd and able-bodied people and IA" °b5°rbln I movmg and 'e’evo’" “00’ their nevv play is a journey through a year 0’ me five be'wee" women" in their lives. It is an impressionistic piece

that moves troin reality todrcam.

: Antigone'l‘ue 13 Sat l7June. 8pm. £4.13“ (£3). ('ommunicado stage a nevv translation of Sophoclcs' play by Maureen

T W Women’s Performance Project

j . . H . . 1 1 Springboard Meeting Thurs mime. l"'““ “L” 1h“ r“ '2 \PLU“ -‘“’"‘”."."‘ I“ 7.30pm. lfvou are a new writcrordirector music and a cast that includes Palrls‘tii ) a . _ ,h , Id _f. f , T , H W \1 12mm.” -”u](‘,cr-”-d *~ '~“ .. “at w - ~~ vy ocou cnc it mm a raycrsc {iss..\l\'rii. L't , t s , . . j t - . . .. , [\j | i w; [-‘m mother vievv of the same women 5 Performance Project in Thewe" Springboard commission for asmall-scalc Wednesday 31 May - Saturday 3 June ' "3"“ ' H ‘l \ .|._ x T I M Loneliness' production this autumn then comealong 8.0 pm . subject you can gate 1 iiotii stl Illl‘gullt at m [his meeting wnh your idcaS_ COMM! £250 (£1 ~50 concess'on) :hc “1:112” out I h“ :h” Cum” m the on his miserable life outside. Ritchie's Ben Twist at the theatre in advance fur “rim!” WC 3 “WC - tyyo-hander sets Betsy and Sheena assay more information ! TRAVERSETEEAIREJ ‘3 “'C‘l P““"- from their service industry jobs and into Jusj Frank Sm “Hume Sm 1 July. The .(l' “\xinurkm' ",h "h. I ' BOX ( m'w m“ um“ ”' ('l‘l‘g‘m .VUPP'CV 59" RCV'C‘V 'l‘raverse summer season kicks off with ('» [Uc Sat lliam- hpm. hurt (v llipm. Bar. Loose Endsdnd pojmcs “Blood. 5M Mg “MC Foxhan.‘ play "hum Frank Rat: hike“ “:1, “FHZMC "(milhc S. 8”” 4 mm- 7twill“ (“WW Hun“ (iilchrist . the Iidinburgh-born Falklaiids' L". can I Bap ltcclielilrd. ar cl.trcct.|. cuss. l. _.3tlpni).L-1./>(i._,>(l). lhc second \dcmn“houmtmacdAIDSMIU Open 100m - 5 m “'0'”le 1." “Clpsz’xl -\~l”l"’””&”“1"""dm‘l‘lc'hn“(man'le becoming a junkie. lt isa povverfuland Mondo - Sotur a masked om‘mdAsmng Fornlnmrl 51”” lanBrovvnaridisyvrittenby Stuart f . .' .. . .- . d , Y Y: .. 1 . _.- ., - . . . . funny play about survival against the o ds. W .‘Iimc " iipin‘. U‘ I) “mg” “n . “CthPmd AM’F‘“ Rw‘im‘m Not suitable for children under ltiy'cars. lrav crsc s Spinning A [.1110 season is the “\pccuwl} ' Tm. m“ pm}. umcumun Sec Hum“. 6%iNHBAUAagLOIEifil5ASCAEx C‘ll‘iV‘lcm‘"1"“War“SWIM/I"him" exile from the Isle of Skye coming totcrms BOX OFFICE oa’t - 226 5425 his“ Pmdus‘s‘d the likes 0' “rm/Dad with the big city . yvhilc the \L‘L‘Ulitl isliitsed “at and .Vlt'llll. It opens tip will this on a chance meeting of a mother and O . . . double bill directed by Benjamin TWIN! daughter during the caster rising in ""5 seam" "sis Sh°W§lhalflf§l0Wm9 and written by John Busted McKenzie and Ireland. 5“. Rm icw Scotland. We give detailed IISlIngS onlytor r\llL‘Cll RliChlL‘ l’L‘\pCCli\‘Ci}. McKenzic's Wofkshops‘ Discussions and '1‘” peflods When are in play is set in a cell svhcre a prisoner reflects buck upthe nevv vsritingscason.Spinning area. There isaphone numbertoreaeh xi Line there is a vvidc programme of Pompanyg however' Should you 'equlfe mom related meetings and talks. (‘ontact the 'mmmanom unless omewflse §p°°"'9dt "'8 theatre for further details and for special numb” am" eacn “We “Sled 'Slhe Wk“ discounts. telephone numbertorticket enquiriestor Playing ll By Eaf'l'hurs l .lunc. 1.15 -2pm. mat pamcma' even'ng (please "met ""s's Free. A talk in the bar about ys rititig for "m always me "an"? "umh‘erlt . radio by Patrick Rayner. Drama Producer I Ham‘o‘ny no“ 'ldc‘" lute-‘1 mumwl uh Rad“, Smtlumy comedy is a timely stab at the Poll 'l‘axand Loose Ends and politics of Blood Discussed comes with the backing of NAM i() as part 'l‘hurs 1 June. (ipm. l‘rcc. Director Ian “l m“ 5 I H. “mm” Cil”lP‘"¥”-_ PCWT Brovvii talks about the Spinning xl' Arm“ and PM” Mull‘m :‘P'Z‘Y '5 Wt '” 1‘ dmmjuhi“ with “k. rmpccmc“mch street vv hose nomination fora Bugger the Bugger and The Coat Than I -‘¢”s”1/’(’ll”1('('¢1 0! the War award Is hum 3pm. L. (U ,. 1m. wmnd mum “t threatened by the non-payment campaign mp “Hm,” “mm, mu“ 1.“, 1m)“ ofoneofits residents. Private and public

\CmnnM"hmibwumnt It.” rchmrwd politics. music and jokes. For more details rcadingby lzdinbiirgh'sfirst-rate w”li “Slim” A _

lunch-time theatre cortipany vvhoarc "UN “7" “mm” P“ 2 PMjHlmC‘ 89”" staying: UP vs cll Past their normal (“393 l 7-646-29- l-‘I’L’S- Bur’lfl’ltl l’ui'ilimi Mon 5 June. 7.30pm. ((i475)h737(i5.

bed-timestogive ncys plays by Raymond . . _ RU“ and Rum“ Hippmun u m“ airing. lrt'lllt'. .llugnum l.t'isure( t'nlrt' iueso

V g- - - i -— .: Hut, mg exercised his talent [or a nu” pun JgunC-j-M’Pm- (“294l78381-[hulfi'rn’lmv- THE LIST CLASSIFIED i t in tlic lootballcra/y I’lw/imum‘i‘u/ ( “mew/’0” “'s‘d 711W- 7-3“Pm- (“383‘

(it'nimt'. Ross has turned his attention p, 720108. .-l rtlrussun (‘li'lt‘ ( t’lllft’ 'I‘htirst‘s‘ Rutlh). llipbnian. meanvv hile. goes back .lune. 7.3UPm. (0394 l 633%. flirer [OWN - _ to Poverty-stricken Scotland in the 193m “"1".” (“WW- 7~um- (llz-‘hlhz‘ifl- Where a mis-shcnl shilling sets off a row ( h""’l’r"1“~"" (“lumb‘l “'5' S‘” “Hun” _ {he Imponance 0' me car Chase in Modem 7.3lipm. (02%) 3582‘). Dundee Rep 'l'uc G n s s u A a K E i E D l u 3 U n G H . Theatre i‘ll 2 June 5.30pm. .lolin Mcls'av 's 1-3 5‘” '71“"C-7~45P'“(& 5‘” 17 Mi" "1 .._ .3 . I 4 g. H ' off-beat manifesto is aimed atgctting ' Rim” (“3le 2353” TUl‘rwmmuc“ l v “j 7‘ r 1 young people iiilo theatres. lil'spltiy's I Killing Me Softly and AIDS Sketches ' ~: - i _ . 1.5 i including I)t'tl(l Dull Dog and [It'll/N’Illl)" (‘lydc Unity Theatre is presenting a week i ' i .- - ('Iimrmus suggest that if anyone knovvs ofcommunitythcatrc in the Drumchappel . ‘~‘ ‘j r p k .1. hovy to do it McKaydoes, area of(ilasgow. livery afternoon Mon ' ' Foxtrot. First Night Nerves and The Burial at 12—l‘ri leune they are pcrforminga Hugo Ball in 2 June. 8pm. £2 (£1 ). The series of devised sketches and scenes i ()t vent Home Plan For l‘mluv based on issues arising from AlDSand VI E mini-season CtiiillnllL-s vv itli tvvvo play s by HIV. There is back-up from organisations David Ashton and one by Michael like Scottish AIDS Monitor and each show i Hammond. Ashton. vs ho has had a couple is followed by a discussion. Every evening Directed by Kim Dambaek ofsuccesses vs iih ( )sygcn House in the apart from Friday. John Binnie‘s play Designed by Kathy Strachan past. presentsa vvoman on her lirst Killing Me Softly will bc‘stagcd and then shopping trip in tyyenty years and the on the Friday there‘s a Safe Wmt‘hm' Tickets £4.75; concession £2.50 sex-secrets of a lollipop man i not in the ('t’ilitllt with free condoms available. same play unfortunately i. Hammond's PhorteU-il 33‘) 8655 formore details. Grassmarket, "bu '9 h . play isasurreal adaptatioiiol a shortstory .S'asquadePlace('enrreMon12. 1.15pm. by ('larin concerning the dadaist poct. Iz's‘s't’ridult' Youth Centre. 4 [isns'emlale liugoBall. Ai't’liueMon12.7.3llpm.('amus'l’lm't'


28 The List 2 -- 15 .lunc l‘lh“)