i-I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL Portobello High Street. 557 1265 ext 223 fordetails. Yoga for Women 2.45—3.45pm. £2 (£1 ). A free creche will be available.

I SALISBURY CENTRE Salisbury Road. (>67 5-138. A variety of movement classes held in relaxed surroudings. £3 (£2).

Tai Chi Yang style with Adrian Martinez. working with the meditatiy'e aspect ofthe form. Mondays 7.30pm.

Tai Chi Wu Form. Mondays 5.30pm.

Yoga Beginners. Tuesday's 5.30pm.

Circle Dance With Sydney Mc('lintock. Wednesdays 7.3t lpm.

I ST JAMES CHURCH lny‘erleith. 557 1265 ext 223 for details.

Yoga for Women Intermediate 5.3(L-(r-I5pm. Beginners 7.30pm —-8.~I5pm. £1.50. l'ntil i5June.

Summer Courses

I EDINBURGH SUMMER DANCEFEST King's Theatre. 22S 5-10] for info.

The omnipresent and irrepressable Sheridan Mc.\'icol will be organising summer sessions open to all ages and abilities from lfl-HJuly . There isaii Ady‘anced (‘ourse. ()peii Youth ('ourses and lidinburgh Youth l)ance('ompany' sessions from lIIam- 5pm daily culminating in an informal performance in the Churchill Theatre on Hi 14 July . A weekly course costs a mere £15 and must be booked in ady'ance.

I LABAN CENTRE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL Laurie Grove. New (’ross. London Sli 14 ON} I. III (192 -III7(). ()ne of the country 's best summer courses f'or botli professionals and those with a special interest in dance. This yearthere are sey eral courses to chose from: A full time course which includes the choice of contemporary . ballet . choreography. singing and music for dancers with the young choreographer Jacob Marley in residence. This full time course runs from 17 28 July and costs £220 not including accommodation. There is also a young people's course. a dance movement therapy course. and a dance video course. ('ontact the college (one of Britain‘s top contemporary dance colleges) for more details.

I STEPS OUT SUMMER DANCE SCHOOL Dance School of Scotland. Knightswood Secondary School. 33] 2931 forinfo. Scottish Ballet‘s educational unit. Steps ()ut. takes a summer school aimed primarily at children and young people. but for the first time this year. also incorporating a performance course which adults can join. The ey'etil will be held

from 3 H July with one or two-week long options. As well as the performance course there is a junior course (‘)- l 2 years). a teenage cotirse ( 13 and oy'er)aiid a creatiyc dance course for primary teachers. [)ance experience is not essential for any section. Write orphone Steps ( )ut at 2o] \Vest Princes Street. ( i-I Vial: for further information and application forms.

I MOVEMENT, THE INNER MIND Phone U75ll322l3 for details. A residential course. held 1-1 24 June. withexperienced teachers Kedzie Penficld and Kate Murray. I MOVEMENT ANALYSIS Phoiiefl75tl32213 for details. A residential course. 24

June 12 July . which examines dance therapy and mm einent analysis willi experienced teacher ls'edzie Penfield.


LINDSAY KEMP AND COMPANY Born on the Isle of Lewis. Kemp has blossomed from Scottish roots to become world famous as a mime dancer and entertainer estraordinairel Based now in Italy . he tours the world. lie and his company are performing their idiosyncratic. not to say homoerotic. y ersion of .AI .Vidxmnmcr .Vig/ii's Dream (at which your dance listings compiler sw-ooned in Amsterdam iiy c years ago) at Theatre Royal. (ilasgow. If) 22.lunc. and should not be missed!

OD The List—2:1 5 June 1989

Yoga lntermediateleyel. Tuesdays II.I5am

I Sport is listed as diary: by sport. then by day. then by event.


i I SWAAA East V West Meadow batik Sports (‘entrc. London Road. Iidinburgh.

i SaturdayIO

I Scotland v lrelandvGreece(Women) (irangciiiouth Sports ('entre. 2pm. ls'aren llutcheson ( l5llfliii). Mary Anderson (shot ) and company (perhaps not l.iz Mc(‘olgan and Yyonne Murray ) will be looking to reverse the defeat follow ing Scotland's Visit to Greece last year. Ireland fill the place that w asoriginally resery ed for Belgium.

CRICKET Saturday 3


IAyrv Orumpelliert'amhusdoon. Alloway. l.l5pm.

I Ferguslie v Greenock Mcikleriggs. Paisley. 1 15pm.

As the traditional, pre-Wimbledon tournament, the Stella Artois event at Queens Club in London would naturally expect to attract most of the world‘s best tennis players. However, in the last couple of years its claim to certain monopoly rights have been eroded by the resurgent Scottish Grass Court Championships. Despite its 102 years, thus making it the second oldest tournament of its type, it would not offend many people to suggest that the Scottish Championships truly came of age just three years ago when the company ProServ were given responsibilty for its organisation. Winning the sponsorship of the Bank of Scotland was amongst the first of its many victories, and since then it has been able to attract successively more prestigious gatherings of players. While Queens might be able to boast reigning Wimbledon champion, Stefan Edberg, and Kevin Curran, it has an otherwise unspectacular cast on offer. By contrast, the Craiglockharf competition will see in the Men‘s tournament: Iastyear‘s winner, Peter Lundgren, runner-up Jakob Hlasek, the


I West of Scotland v Poloc I laniilton ('rescent. I’ecl Street. Glasgow. l.l5pm. I Clydesdale v Kilmarnock 'I‘iiw-ood. Beaton Road. Glasgow. l.l5pm. I Uddingston v Kelburne Bolltwell ('astle Policies. l'ddingston. l . 15pm. RYDEN EAST LEAGUE I Heriots v Watsonians ( ioltlcnacre.

. liiyerleith Row. lidinburgh. 1.3Ilpiii.


PeterLundgren. defendig

I Cuparv Edinburgh Acads i)uilas Park. (‘upaiz 1.3flpm.

I Freuchie v Kirkcaldy Public Park. l‘reuchie. i-‘ifc. l..‘sllpni.

I Stenhousemuir v Carlton The 'I'rysi. l.arbcrt. I ..‘\Ilpm.

I Royal High v Grange .loek‘s Lodge. Iidinburgh. 1.30pm.


I Stirling County v Fifeshire Williamlield. Stirling. lpm.

Thursday 8

I Heriot's F? v SCU President‘le (ioldenacre. lny‘erleith Row. lidinburgh. I .3Ilpm. As part of their centenary celebrations. llci'iot's take on a President's XI which will include Brian


the Men‘stitle highly-rated Soviet, Andrei Chesnokov, Aaron Krickstein of the USA, Argentina‘s Horatio de la Pena, and, quite remarkably, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. Neither Connors nor McEnroe can be discounted as potential winners- indeed, McEnroe has hauled himself from 25 to 6 in the ATP standings since January 1988 and is intent on making a serious bid to regain the Wimbledon title be last won in 1984 but as darlings of the crowd they have few, if any, peers. Radical haircuts and occasional requests for political asylum have failed to elevate the younger generation of tennis stars into quite the same box office league as the elder statesmen from the US, and no doubt fans will once again marvel at Connor’s determination and McEnroe’s sometimes arrogant racket skills. not to mention his capacity for petulance. In the Women‘s tournament, Sweden’s Catarina Lindquist and the USA's ‘most promising junior’, Ann Grossman, will probably bring a little more finesse to the championships, but for all that they will be no less enjoyable to watch.

liardie (ex-Stenhousemuir and now with


Saturday 10


I Drumpellierv Kelburne Langloan. ('oatbridge. I. 15pm.

I Poloc V Ayr Shaw'holm. i’oliockshaws, Glasgow. 1. 15pm.

I Greenock v Kilmarnock (ilenpark. Brisbane Street. (ireenock. l . 15pm.

I West of Scotland v Uddingston l lamilton ('rescent. Peel Street. Glasgow. I . 15pm. I Ferguslie v Clydesdale Meikleriggs. Paisley l.l5pm.


I Stenhousemuir v Watsonians ‘l‘lie Tryst. l.arbcrt. l..‘~flpm.

I Kirkcaldy V Carlton Bennochy'. Kirkcaldy. 1,3llpm.

I Edinburgh Acads v Heriots Raeburn Place. Stockbridge. lidinbiirgh. 1.30pm. I Freuchie v Royal High Public Park. i'TClIClIiL‘. i‘ife. 1.30pm.

I Grange V Cupar Raeburii Place. Stockbridge. lidinburgh. 1.30pm. STODOART COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP

I Clackmannan County v Fifeshire The Ai‘iis. Alloa. lpm.

I Stirling County v Ayrshire \Villianifield. Stirling. lpm.

I West Lofhian v Forfarshire Boghall. l.inlithgow. 1pm

um— Glasgow

I Race Days Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. Glasgow. There are ten races ( 12 on Saturday) in each meeting. starting at 7.45pm (7.30pm Saturday).


I Race Days For seven weeks. commencing on Monday 5. there will be four meetings a week. on Tuesday. Thursday. Friday and Saturday. Powderhall Stadium. Bcay-‘erhall Road. Edinburgh. There are ten races ( 12 on Saturday) in each meeting. starting at 7.3(lpin(7. 15pm Saturday).

FOOTBALL Saturday 10


I Scotland v Ghana I iampden Park. Glasgow (5 mins Mount Florida and King's Park stations). Group A. 2pm.

I Cuba V Bahrain ilampden Park. Group A. 3.45pm.

I East Germany v Australia Pittodrie Park. Merkland Road. Aberdeen. Group B.

2 m.

I USA V Brazil Pittodrie Park. Group B. 3.45pm.

IArgentina v PR. China l)ens Park. Sandeman Street. Dundee. Group C. 2pm.

I Nigeria V Canada Dens Park. Group C. 3.45pm.

I Guinea v Colombia Tynecastle Park. Gorgie Road. Edinburgh. Group I). 2pm. I Saudi Arabia v Portugal Tynecastle Park. Group 1). 3.45pm.

Monday 12

I Scotland v Cuba Fir Park. Motherweli (all Motherwell buses pass the ground). Group A. 6.30pm.

I Ghana V Bahrain Fir Park. Group A. 8.15pm.

I East Germany v USA Pittodrie Park. Group B. (3.30pm.

I Australia v Brazil Pittodrie Park. Group

B. 8.15pm.

I Argentina v Nigeria Dens Park. Group C. 6.30pm.

I PR. China V Canada Dens Park. Group C. 8.15pm.

I Guinea V Saudi Arabia Tynecastle Park. Group 1). 6.30pm.

I Colombia V Portugal 'l‘ynecastle Park. Groupl). 8.15pm.