Wednesday 14

I Scotland v Bahrain Fir Park. Group A.


I Ghana V Cuba Fir Park. Group A. 8.15pm.

I East Germany 11 Brazil Pittodrie Park. Group B. 6.30pm.

I Australia V USA Pittodrie Park. Group B. 8.15pm.

I Argentina V Canada Dens Park. Group C. 6.30pm.

I P.R. China V Nigeria Dens Park. Group C. 8.15pm.

I Guinea v Portugal Tynecastle Park. Group D. 6.30pm.

I Colombia V Saudi Arabia Tynecastle Park. Group D. 8.15pm.

Saturday 17

I 1stln GroupAvan in Group B FirPark.

3 m.

Iptst in Group B v 2nd in Group A Pittodrie Park. 3pm.

I 1st in Group C 11 2nd in Group D Dens Park. 3pm.

I 181 in Group D V 2nd in Group CTynecastle Park. 3pm.

Tuesday 20

I 181 Semi-Final Hampden Park. Glasgow. 7.30pm.

I 2nd Semi-Final Tynccastle Park. 7.30pm.

Friday 23

I Play-Oil tor 3rd and 4th places. Tynecastle Park. 7.30pm.

Saturday 24

I Final. Hampden Park. 3pm.


I Scottish Senior Championships Meadowbank Sports Centre. London Road. Edinburgh. 2pm. Given that these championships. sponsored by Royal Mail Letters. are likely to determine Scotland‘s gymnastic contingent for the Commonwealth Games. all the major competitors will be in attendance. Stuart McMahon. just back from the USA. and having enjoyed the fruits of a sports scholarship. will be defending his championship against up-and-coming stars, Derek Callaghan. and Steven Frew. Frew. the only Scot in the British under-16 squad. recently returned from a contest in France as the top British performer. and if media interest is anything to go by. he seems to be heading for great things. As far as the women‘s championship is concerned. there are at least five competitors who are in the running for the three Games places. Faith Arnott. Sandra Murdoch. Ruth Gibson. Sinead Lyons will all be pressing to dispossess Susan Martin of her championship title.

Friday 2

I ltamilton Partt Bothwell Road. Hamilton. Easy access by the M8. M74 and A74. Club £10. paddock £4.50 (paddock concessions available). The first of the six races begins at 2.15pm.

Saturday 3

I Edinburgh Musselburgh Racecourse. Musselburgh. Club £8. paddock £4.00 (paddock concessions available). Racing in this flat meeting begins at 2. 15pm.

Monday 5

I Edinburgh Musselburgh Racecourse. Musselburgh. An evening meeting. with the first race at 6.30pm.

Wednesday 14

I llamilton Pant Bothwell Road. Hamilton. Another evening meeting. beginning at 7pm.

KARATE Saturday 10

I International Karate Competition Jack Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains Road. Edinburgh. 1pm. £2(£l ).

MOTOR SPORT Saturday 10—Monday 12

I The RSAC Scottish Rally Leaving Blythswood Square. Glasgow. at 10am. Last year‘s victor. Jim McRac. heads an entry which includes four other former winners and his two sons. Colin and Alastair. The three day event covers 780 miles of which 205 miles are through forest special stages. and it will finish in Blythswood Square on the Monday at about 12.20pm.

Sunday 4

I Questions 01 Sport King‘s Theatre. Leven Street. Edinburgh. 7pm. £1 (50p). Under the guidance of compere and question master. Bill Torrance. four teams— Hibernian. lleart ofMidlothian. Meadowbank Thistle and The Golden Oldies will pit their sporting wits against each other in what promises to be an enjoyable evening (‘for all the family‘).


I Sport Open Fun Day Meadowbank Sports

Centre. London Road. Edinburgh. All Day. Free. When BBC TV‘s ‘Superstars‘ was on the go. the popular refrain to be heard in pubs up and down the country was something along the lines of. ‘1 could do better with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back.‘ Well. ifyou want to emulate Nigel Benn (or. more appropriately. Michael Watson) at Boxing. Desmond Douglas at Table Tennis or luliana Semenova (a 7ft 2in Soviet Woman) at Basketball. or simply enjoy these and many other sports. then here’s your chance. And for youngsters. there will be a 3km ‘fun run‘ aroundthe track of the stadium during the afternoon.



I National League v Australia Powderhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Edinburgh. 7.15pm. The 2nd Test Match in a series of five. sees Edinburgh Belmont Monarchs contribute three riders to the contest Les Collins for the National League. and Brett Saunders and Mike Powell for Australia— whilst Kenny McKinna will represent Glasgow 261 Tigers for the National League team.


I Glasgow Tigers v Rye House Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. Glasgow. 7.30pm.

Friday 9

I Glasgow Tigers Fixture still to be arranged. Contact Shawlield Stadium (041 647 4121) lordetails.


I Edinburgh Belmont Monarchs v Glasgow 261Tlgers Powderhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Edinburgh. 6.30pm. Having lost out in the 4-leg tournament to the Monarchs. the Tigers will be that much keener to score a victory against their rivals.

TENNIS Saturday 1D—Sunday 18

I Bank 01 Scotland Grasscourt Championships Craiglockhart Sports Centre. Edinburgh. Prices: £80n Tuesday. rising daily by £2 so that a ticket for the Mens Final on Sunday will cost £18. See Panel.


I VolelorThem (BBCZ)9.3(i—1().3Upm. A three-part fictionalised drama of actual events in the last war. uncovered through interviews and research. when lower ranks in Egypt in 1943 staged a mock Parliament to debate the issues at hand. Their conclusions. the makers say. directly affected the result ofthe l945 election.

I The Honorary Consul (BBCI)

9.30—1 l . 10pm. Michael (’aine. Bob lloskins and Richard (iere star in this adaptation of Graham Greene's South American thriller. which stands up fairly rcspectably beside the novel.

I SaintJaclt (C4) 1 1.20pm— 1 .ZSam. Peter (The Last Picture Show) Bogdanovich directed and Roger ('orman produced this adaptation of Paul Theroux‘s novel. in which Ben (iazarra sits in Singapore dreaming ofowning the classiest brothel in the world. until he falls foul of theTriad. No great surprise that one of the project’s production companies was Playboy.

I Bananas (BB(‘2) 11.50pm— 1 .50am. Woody Allen's 1971 comedy. partially reworked for the superior Sleeper. lie was still feeling his way in this one. but it hasits moments.


I Kingdom olthe Sun ((21) 8-9pm. A dozen award-winning Survival programmes by Anglia TV are brought together under this banner. and you don't get much better wildlife programmes than that. The first is about animals coping in Africa‘s arid conditions.

I The Bollywood Story ( BB(‘2) 8.15—9.15pm. A look at the world's most prolific film industry not in Hollywood. as you might think. but in Bombay. The programme stretches back to the beginningof cinema in India in l‘)l3.and its second part is next week.

I My Lile as a Dog (C4) 0—10.55pm. Lasse liallstrom's excellent film of a year in the life of a lZ-year-old Swedish boy has become one of the most acclaimed filmsof recent years.

I The Coca-Cola International RockAwards (Scottish) 12.05—1 .3Uam. The multinationals tighten their grip on music. and the performers sycophantically suck up to them. Barf.


I Australian Rules Football ((11) 10—1 lam. Basically. let's face it. a free-for-all. and an action-filled sport to watch. Good to see it back.

I The Big E ( BBCl ) f). lS—().25pm and

l l.25—l 1.50pm. The Beeb goes(ireen. Each week a major environmental topic is glossed in a practical ten-minute ‘what you can do‘ quickie. and explored in greater depth later in the evening. The cover of this week's BBC press info is a pretty glade printed in green ink. by the way.

I The Last Navigator ((‘4) 7. 15—8. 15pm. This film follows a dying breed: the navigators of Micronesia. in the ('aroline islands. The 50(l-mile journey by 30—foot canoe they attempt here has only been made a couple of times this century.

I The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy ( BB(‘2) 7.15—8.5(lpm. ()riginal locations were used whenever possible in this dramatisation ofevents which took place only two years ago. when the (ireenpeace

vessel was bombed by agents of the French secret service. The reconstruction strongly suggests that intelligence agencies ofother countries knew what was going to happen. I Dance on 4: Made in USA((‘4)

8. 15—‘).2()pm. Tonight's three works are danced by Mikhail Baryshnikov and were specially created for him by American choreographer David (iordon.

I Dialogue in the Dark ( BBCZ) 8.50—9.35pm. See panel.

I The Grasscutter(Sconish)

9.05—1 1.05pm. A former [IVFsupergrass is tracked down in New Zealand by the men he put away. and the Southern Islands become an extension of Ireland's feuds.

I Second Sight: Anne-Marie ( BB(‘2) 9.35—10. 15pm. Interesting idea fora new series: what happens once the cameras that thrust a member of the publicbriefly into the limelight are taken away again'.’ Iixcept that by going back and askingthem about it you‘re creating an artificial situation again. Never mind. the first programme looks at .»\nne-.\1arie. filmed in 1966 when she was a 10 year-old incare in an Edinburgh convent. and is now a mother of three in London.


I The Triple Net ((4) (3.30—7pm. A repeat of last year‘s four-part series on 20th (’entury Welsh literature. This edition focuses on Kate Roberts. who revisits the smallholding in Snowdonia where she grew up.

I Bellman and True (Scottish) 9- lilpm. This could turn out to be a very well-judged piece of programming indeed: taking Richard Loncrane‘sthriller starring Bernard l lill. which was cropped viciously for cinema release and even more ruthlessly for the American market. and showing it in its full form overthree nights. llilliYosserllugbcs. Lennon. Drowning By .N'zmibers ). as Usual. is excellent.

I Dune ((11) 9— 1 1.30pm. When they're compiling the next book of heroic failures this one will have to find a place. David Lynch. our film expert tells us. was entirely the wrong person to direct this muddled adaptation of Frank 1 lerbert's already convoluted novel. And Sting looks silly. We'll watch it anyway. for the effects.

I Dur Common Future ( BB(‘2) 930—1030an ('ontinuing its(ireen concern the Beeb broadcasts extractsof the five-hour concert recorded in venues all over the world for World iinvironment Day. Taking part: Diana Ross. lzlton John. Midnight ()il. Placido Domingoand Bob Cieldoi.

I Scottish Education Debate (Scottish)

l0.35—l l .40pm. How to keep orderafter the abolition ofcorporal punishment? ('haired by Sheena McDonald.


I First Tuesday: A Curious Prolession (Scottish) 10.35—1 1.35pm. This week's programme looks at a community onS nuns just off London's Marble Arch. living a life that has remained almost unchanged since the days of St Benedict.

I The Best of the Cannes Rock Festival '89

((4) lZ.45—2.45am. Featuring Womack

and Womack. Moi} Kante. TheUipsy Kings. Prefab Sprout. Roachford. Love

The List 2— lSJune Wis“) 31