I Blacktriars Session Alhion Street. 552 5924. Afternoon ttines.

I Ceilidh Riserside. Fox Street. ol'l'(‘lyde Street. 2-18 3144. lltpm. £3. Packs them in.


I Scottish Miners Gara Day l ltin rootl Park. l2.3l|pm. [as e music. pipe hands etc.

I Cajun Blue Royal Archer. 1 High Street. 5560388. 8.3ltpm.

I Ceilidh Brislo Retectory . Bristo Square. ‘)pm--2..‘sllam. 12.50. Bar. Open tolhe puhlic. Weekly dance.

I The Humppt Family the trailing Post . 32 The Shore. leilh. 55.3 “1M. lltpm tilllate. i-‘ree. Resident weekend titlttti. Spool country and western.

I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. Accordion guitar in the har

I Kevin Tate ( ~andlemakers At nis. (irassmarkel. t‘.\etttttg.

Humm— Glasgow

I Scotia Folk Night Scolia Bat . Slockw ell Street. 552 Mm]. 83llpni. in e music. Tonight Gleus.

I Black Bull Folk Club Black Bull l toiel. Milngay ic. 8.3ltptn

I Paisley FOlk ClUD Ht'tll‘loc‘tt i iotel. chtrew Road. Junction 2". M8. 8.3ltpm. I Session RH L‘l‘SitlL‘. t'o.\ Street. olt ( .ly tie Street. 248 3144. l.3ll--5.3llpm.

I Zut! La Chute Wintersgills. ( ireat Western Road. i'.\L'lilli§_'. ()Id tiniey. American and eaitiii.


I Youngs Music Club leatmngton lei race. ‘)_3llpltt. 5llp_

I Jim Knight/Denny Swanson/Graham McGirk ltnsign ltwarl. law nniarkel . 225 "44“. l'.\etttttg. Singer guitarists.

I Tex Fillet Five the 'i‘ratltltg Post. 32 the Shore. l.eith. 55.3 "lot 8--l lpm. Western ilttLlCottttlt'y.


I Travelling F0lk BBC Rttklll‘ Scotltltttl. 8--‘).25pni. .\ichte i'tSltc'l presents

ETirds. new s and in e recordings asgow

I Scotia Folk Music Seoiia Hal . Stockyyell Street. l'.\c‘tttttg. t,t\ e music. Keiran Doris and HeatherWatson

I Victoria Bar Bridgegate. 552 (it illl. 9pm. Regular session.


I Scottish Country Dancing Ross ( )pett .-\n

‘l'heatre. Princes Street ( iardens. 2.30pm. 5ltp. l.i\e Dance Bands

I Linlithgow Folk Club Black Bitch 'l ayern. l \Vcst Port.i iiilithgow 8pm

i I SBSSiOD 'l'ltc' ( itec'tt ll t'c‘c‘.

('owgate. t'.\elttttg. Bat till lam.

I Fiddlers Arms ( irasstiiai ket. i'.\ citing.

; Scottish music on stittee/e hosesantl

I: litttlie

i I FOlkAt L'Attachel l.»\ttacite. liasetttettt oi Rtitlatid l lolel. \Vest i‘ nd ot Princes Street ‘lpni. t'tL'L'.

l i TUESDAY 13 i Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley .i\rts( ~entie.

1 New Street. 88" lltllt 8pm. i‘lee. Regular

i Weekly gttesls.


I Scottish Country Dancing Ross ( )pen An theatre. Princes Street ( iat'tlcns. ".3ltpm.

50p l.i\e Dance Bands

. I Seannachie i-nsign i‘\\;llt.

; lawnniatket. near the ( 'astle. ‘)-- 12pm

tree. Well known Scots hand plays weekly residency.

I Acoustic Music Nights .\tilnes Bat. Hanoset Street 8 3H--l 1pm Admission

tree. Songs and times troni regulars.


I I Miro l.‘.\tt.iche. hasemeut ot Rttlland


Hitters—t 3 15 time 1989

Hotel. West iind. Wild Scots Irish music.



I Merchant City Folk Club Blacklriars Bar.

Alhion Street. 552 5924. Basement cluh presents Martynlyne.

I Folk Session Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 12!”. itsening. instrumental music on titlttle. accordion etc.

I Scotia Folk Night Scotia Bar. Sttickwcll Street. 552 8o8| . 8.3llpm. Lite music.

Martin Karter.


I Dick Gaughan Peehles i'olk (‘luh 8pm. I Edinburgh Folk Club ( )shotirnc i iotel. York Place. 550 55-7—7. 8pm. L25llli l .5”). Songwriting Competition.

I Rod Paterson St James ( )ystet' Bar. (‘alton Road. 9pm. lzasy ('luh'syocalist.

- solo.

é THURSDAY 15 j Glasgow

I Star FOtk Club ( ilasgow Society ()l

Musicians. Berkeley Street. heside Mitchell 'Hieatre. 8pm. £15”. (il'L‘ilt

singer AI 0 Donnell.



I Ceilidh Dance Debating i ia||.ie\ iot Row l’nion. 8pm till late. Bars. [2.5”

(L1 l. ()pen to all ()rganiscd hy the Anti Poll 'iax l'nions. Band andgucsls.

I F0lk At L'Attache i.':\tl.'lctte. hasetnenl oi Rulland l lolel. \Vesl land ot Princes Street. llpm. tree.

I NO U Turn the trailing Post. 32'llie Shore. tettit. 5.5.3 “HM 83“ till lillc‘. i'ree. Bluegrass hand

I Dave Robb St James ( )ystei Bar. ( ‘altoii Road. ‘lpm. ('ontempoiay hou/otiki accompanimerit to this singer's sell-penned songs.

I Jim Knight/Denny Swanson/Colin Ramage lansign iawarl. law nntarkel. 225 “4-1”. l'.\c‘t'.tltg.

I Green Tree ( 'ow gale. izyening. i'olk scene session. l.ate hat"

I Kevin Tate ( 'atidleniakers Arms. (iiassniaiket. [wetting


i FRIDAY 2 . Glasgow

I Glasgow Rhythm Club I ‘ntlarian ( ‘httich.

.‘ Berkeley Street " -15pni i‘slaltltsltctl W33. Recoi'tlsaiitl talk discussion. IAboutTime Blacklriars. Bell Street. Merchant ( ~tly . 552 502—1 i‘\c'lttltg_'.


IDizzy Gillespie‘s All StarDrchestrat‘shei Hail. lolhian Road 8pm. 8.3ltpm. Li 1. till. L55“. Lo 5” 'i iekets lroin l 'shei Hall Bo\ ( )lltce. ()ttc‘etts l lilll Ho\ ( )lltL‘L‘L

Virgin Records. Princes Street; Ripping

RecoltlS. \oltlt Htltlge; lotta RecolttS.

Stockw ell Street. ( ilasgow (itaiil ol .l;t//. with matching hand. (‘oncett ol the year.

See thc Page. I Wide Angle Palace i lolel. ( ~.lstle Street.

225li222. t'.\L‘ltlltt1. late hat Jazz

Machine I Danny Dorrian and Friendst ‘nnitierlantl

Hotel. \\ est ( 'oales ( iaitlens. 8.3“ lem I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ’iest t toiel. ()tieenstei iy Road. .32 2-142

i l !

7.45—1 1.45pm. Soul/blues and standards from fine singer/pianist.

I Alpha Jazz Ouartet tillersley l louse Hotel. iiitersley‘ Road. (‘orstorphine. 337 (1888.8-l lpm.

SATURDAY 3 Glasgow

I George MacKay Ouartet (ilasgow University Research (‘luh. Hctherington Hottse. l'niyersity (iardens. 3393765. ll).3ltpm. Bar. Late night extemporisations. own compositions. Members and guests only.

I Dave McLellan Ouintet the Rock. Hyndland Road. 2.30— 5.30pm.

I George Penman‘s Jazzers (‘zirnegies. 142 St Vincent Street. 2--5pm.

I Ron Moore, Rikki Fernandez and Friends t.a 'i‘ayerna. 7a Lansdowne Crescent. 33‘) 7128. L) »l lpm. i‘ree. Resident guitarand hass with guest musician each week.

I Bill Fanning Orchestra Society ( )l’ Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 (ii 12. 2pm. Weekly eycnt.

I George McGowan Orchestra Berlin Lounge Bar. 8 ill West (ieorge Street. Queen Street Station. 335 2382. 2* 5pm. Free. The Big Band repertoire.

I Society Ouartet Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 22] (it 12. 8pm. 5llp. Music and dancing. Songs from Jimmy Alston.


I Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra Ross 'l'heatre. Princes Street (iardens. lpm. i’ree. Brilliant young hlack musicians. all s perh players. haye tun w itli the classics and jazz standards.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons i’reset'y .ition Hall. Victoria Street. 22o 38th. 2 4pm.

I Palace Jazz Palace Hotel. (‘astle Street. 325 (all. ‘l‘itt lain. ArterEightMince.

I Danny Dorrian and Friends ( ‘tnnlierlnntl Hotel. West ('oates ( iardens. 830- l lpm. I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘resi Hotel. ()uecnslerry Road. 332 2-142.

7.45 H.45pm. l-‘ine soul jaz/ singer with pianist.

I Plattorml ('aledonian Hotel. Rulland Street. lunchtime piano with the Alex Shays 'i‘l'to.

I Dr MacJau Basin Street. i lay market.

[is ening. 'l'ratl y critic.

SUNDAY 4 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Jazz Paisley .»\rts(‘enire. New Street. Paisley. 887 lllllt. lunchtime lrom 12.30pm.

I Tim Barella Big Band Society or Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 (ii 12. 2pm. Non memhers L].

I George Penman‘s Jazz Band ( ‘urlers. By res Road. 33-1 I284. 'i'rad trom

8.3M 10.50pm.

I Duncan Whyte Jazz Band Sititlio ( )ne lounge.(irosyenor Hotel. By res Road. 7?le tti__‘sl)_


I That Swing ’l’hang Meadows l-estn at. Music Stage. Meadows. 3pm. Free. Jump rise and yocals.

I Capital Jazz Band (‘resi lloiel. ()ticcnslcrry Road. 332 2-1-12. 2 5pm.

I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘iile A La Roiidc. York Place. 1230- 2.3ltpm. Blues. jazz arid soul tor your lunch.

I Jim Henry Group Raehurn Bar. Raehurn Placel 2.30pm.

I Jazz Sunday Royal British i lolel. Princes Street. 8 llpm. l-‘ree. unless special gticsl artists are periorming. ionight the residents. Mike Hart's Society Syncopalors include singer Wendy Weatherby.

I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton Street. 557 (I540. the hand. 8.3ll llpm. 't‘onight Melanie O'Reilly and Francis Cowan. \oeals with guitar.

I Alpha Jazz Ouartet littersley House Hotel. i'.llersley' Road. ('orstorphine. 337

6888. 8—1 lpm.

I Musicade Queens Hall. (‘lerk Street. £6. £5. Fundraiser tor Scottish Downs Syndrome Association. (‘ompere. Andy (iray ot'(‘ity Lights. Jazz. Blues Popand Reggae.

MONDAY 5 Glasgow

I Trilogy l-‘inlays. By'res Road. 8.30pm. (‘ool mainstream jazz.

I Blue Mondays Authentic Jazz Club (iiliespies. 2h ('heapeside Street. oil (‘lyde Street. 22] 7701. New Orleans Music and Dancing. 9pm. Residents Kit Carey's Jazz Band and guests. 9pm.

I George Penman‘s Jazzers (‘tirnegies. 142 St Vincent Street. 8pm.


I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. Tonight Hugh and Graham. swing yiolin anti guitar.

I East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park Terrace. 33] 9922. livening. 9— 12pm. Resident Trad hand.

I Martin Foster Trio Maxie-s Bistro. \Vest Nicholson Street. 9pmv-midnight. Reeds. guitar and hass.

TUESDAY 6 Glasgow

I Bobby Wishart Group t lalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. iiyenlng. Saxes and little virtuoso.

I Dig Jazz Night Boswell Hotel. Mansion House Road. l..angside. 8pm. (ieorge ()gilyie leads the Trad and Dixie hash.

I Andrew Gordon Ouintet Bonita ms. Bytes Road. 357 3-124. liyening.


I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton Street. 557 0546. Jack Hammer Band 9pm. Young hand. hass. sax. guitar and yoealist.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. the Shore. Leith. 9pm. Tonight Robert Pettigrew and Kenny Ellis. piano tloiitile bass.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Nziy-aitr t louse llolel. Mayt'ield (iardens. om 2828. iiyening.


I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo (ilnsgim Society ( )l~ Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 (it l2. 8.30pm. 5tlp. Bar.


I Bill Kyle's Jazzbase L'Aitiiehe. hasement oi Rutland Hotel. West iind. Princes Street. 9pm. Free.

I At Fairweather and Friends Yotings Hotel. Leamington 'i‘errace. 2296481. 8.30pm. Trumpet star‘s weekly hlow.

I Charlie McNair's Band Preseryation Hall. Victoria Street. 22o 38th. livening.

THURSDAY 8 Glasgow

I Bo Weevil Riyerside. l‘ox Street.oll' (‘lyde Street. 8.30pm. Return ot'the popular Blues Nights.

I About Time Bon Accord. (‘haring(‘ross. 9.30pm. Residency.

IJiveass Blues and Boogie Wintersgills. (ireat Western Road. 830- l lpm. Dual-yocalist R& B hand

I Live Jazz Blacklriars. Bell Street. Merchant (’ity . 552 5924. liyening. (‘hcck tor details.


I Blues Rock Hamilton Lodge 1 lolcl. Joppa. 9pm. Liyc hands.

I Gordon Fytte Trio Alton l toiel. (iross'enor('rescent. liyening.

I Criterion Jazz Band tint Sams. Fountainhridge. liyening.

I Templehall Slompers 'I'emple t toiel.