Esplanade. Joppa. (16‘) 4264. Evening. Trad and dixie residents.

I Joe Capaldi Quartet Brandos. Blair Street. Evening.

FRIDAY 9 Glasgow

I Alex Dalgleish All Stars Rolls Rotce (‘luh.31(t1’aisle} Road.8pm 12pm. £1.51). Bar. l‘ood. Bus from lidinhurgh. phone 1131 (161(1534.

I Glasgow Rhythm Club l'nitartan ( ‘hurch. 73 Berkele} Street. ".45pm. listahlishcd 1933. Reeords and talks.

I AboutTime Blaekl‘rtars. Bell Street. Merchantfit} . 552 5924. li\ening.


I Friday Night At The Queens Hall ( ‘lerk Street.(t(»8 201‘). 8.311pm. thilltfifill). Tickets trorn ()ttcens l lall Box ()Ilice: Virgin Records. Princes Street; Ripping Records. North Bridge; Iona Records. StoekxsellStreet.(ilasgott David Murray TflO. The most eelehraled Icnor saxophonist ol the Ne“ York scene. Sec panel.

I Wide Angle Palace Hotel. (‘astle Street. 225 0222. liwning. Jazz Machine.

I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry (‘rest I lotel. ()tteensterr} Road. 332 2442.

7.45 -1 1.45pm. Soul tau \sitlt piano accompaniment.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet lillersle} I louse Hotel. tillersle) Road. (‘orstorphincu 337 6888. 8 l 1pm.

I Danny Dorrian and Friends ( ‘umhcrland Hotel. West (‘oates ( iardcns. 8.3Il— 11pm.

SATURDAY 10 Glasgow I Dave McLellan Quintet the Rock.

11} ndland Road. 2.3M 5.3IIpm.

I George Penman's Jazzers ( ‘arnegies. 142 St Vincent Street. 2 ~5pm.

I Ron Moore. Rikki Fernandez and Friends [.a 'l‘merna. "a l.ansdo\s ne ('rescent . 33‘) 7128. t) - l lprrt. l‘rcc. Resident guitar and bass \s ith guest mttsician each \\ eek.

I George McGowan Orchestra Rerlin Lounge Bar. 8 11) West (ieorge Street. Queen Street Station. 335 2382. Z—Spm. Free. The Big Band Sottnd. old and new I Bill Fanning Orchestra Society ( )l‘ Mitsieittns. Het‘kele} Street. 221 hi 1:. 2pm. \Veekl} event.

I Society Quartet Socth} ()1 .\ltrstcians. Berkelc) Street. 221 (t1 [2. 8pm. 511p. Mttsic and dancing \s ith led Bosle}. guitar11imm} Alston. \oeals;(ieotge

Morrison. hass guitar; l’at ( iallagher. drums.


I Wide Angle Palace Hotel. (‘astle Street. 2250222. lisening. l.atc har. AlterEight Mince.

I Alex Shaw Trio l’latlorm 1.Rtttland Street. 225 2433. Lunchtime.

I Dr MacJazz Basin Street. l 1a} market. lisening. littd \ enue.

I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry (‘rest I lotel. Queenslerr} Road. 332 2442.

7.45 l 1 .45prn. Songs. hltres} and soullul. at the piano.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons l’resers atioti Hall. Victoria Street. 2203816. 2- 4pm.

SUNDAY 11 Glasgow

I Westwood Jazz Club RSAC I I Blythsssood Square. 221 38511.

8pm -1 1pm. Doorsopen ".3Ilpm. Memhers £3. guests L4.

I Paisley Arts Jazz PZIISIL‘} .-\I'ts ( ‘entrc. New Street. l’aisles . 887 Illltl. Lunchtime from 12.3Ilpm. 1.I\ e music.

I Duncan Whyte Jazz Band .s'tntlio ( )ne Lounge. (‘rross error Hotel. 11} res Road. 7.311 111.31).

I George Penman‘s Jazz Band ( ‘urlers. Byres Road. 334 1284. lrad Irom

8.311 lllSIlpm,

David Murray. World Sax0phonist.

The jazz locus moves over soon to Glasgow and the City‘s 3d International Jazz Festival which runs from the 23rd June to the 2nd July, bringing Stan Getz, Michael Brecker, Mike Stern, John Surman, Ellington’s Orchestra, Cab Calloway and the Hi De Ho Orchestra, Abdullah Ibrahim, Andy Sheppard, Fred Firth, Tommy Smith, Stan Tracey, Jaques Loussier, Willem Breuker, Steve Williamson etc, etc, lull details in the next issue.

But Edinburgh remains the place till then. Forthe next majorconcert, as when Sonny Rollins visited last year, the Queens Hall is deemed too small, and so the Air France-sponsored Dizzy Gillespie All Star Orchestra takes over the Usher Hall on the 2nd. See Music Page.

The final concert ol Assembly Music‘s season features one at the most gifted saxophonists in world jazz, held in great respect by his peers and jazz audiences in the widerworld. but


I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘ale A I .a Ronde. York Place. 12311 2.3IIpm. Blues jazz and soul tor }ottf ltrnch.

I Jim Henry Group Raehttr'ttllat'.1{aehttt‘tt Place. 1 2.3Ilpm.

I Capital Jazz Band ( ‘rest I lotel. ()ueenst'err} Road. 332 2442. 2 5pm

I Jazz Sunday Ro) al Br'ittsh 1 lotel. Princes Street. 8 1 1pm. l‘rce. unless special guest artists are pertorrntng Tonight the resldettls. Mike Hart‘s Society Syncopators include singer Wendy Weatherby.

I Barony Jazz Barons liar. Broughton Street. 55711540. l.i\c hand. 8.30 11pm. 'l'onlgltt Melanie O‘Reilly and Francis Cowan. \tleitls ts ith guitar.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet I-.IIersle_\ I louse Hotel. lillersle) Road. ( ~orstorphinc. 33" (1888. S l lpm.



I Trilogy l-‘inlass. B} res Road. 8.3IIpm (‘ool mainstream tau.

I George Penman's Jazzers ( ‘.rr-ttegte-s. 142 St Vincent Street. 8pm.

I Blue Mondays Authentic Jazz Club (iillespies. 2h(‘heapcstde Street. oll ('l}de Street. 221 7-7111. New Orleans Mttsic and Dancing 9pm. Residents Kit Carey's Jazz Band and guests. ‘Ipm.


not yet a Big Name in the public's eye. From New York, David Murray brings a trio on the 9th.

Still in his mid-thirties, he has been successlul as a composer, arranger and band leader, and his playing and recording career has moved through spells with James Blood Ulmer’s intense lunk, and years or the cutting edge in New York‘s Iolt scene, then rubbing shoulders and ideas with the likes at Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor or Anthony Branxton, and his work with the World Saxophone Quartet. His first album was dedicated to the experimental sax genius Albert Ayler, whom he came to admire tremendously, but he is no iconocla respecting equally the older idioms e Coleman Hawkins, Ben Websterand Ellington. And by incorporating 3" ol the past, he is perhaps the complete saxophonist lorthe 80s. (Norman Chalmers)


1 IMartin FosterTrio .‘slasieslsistto.\s'est

' \icliolsonSttect. 9pm lilitlltlgltl.

i (‘larinet sa\ \\ ith gttttar and hass.

: I Shore Music the Shore liar Restaurant. l The Shore. l.eith. 0pm. 'l'onight Hugh and l Grahamstttng \‘iolinandguttar.

i I East CoastJazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park '1 ct race. 33] 9922. inserting.

‘) 12pm. Resident 'l radhand.



I Andrew Gordon Quintet Bonhams. Byres Road. 357 3424. Evening.

I Bobby Wisbart Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1211). Evening. Leading saxophonist's jazz and fttsion hand.

I Big Jazz Night Boswell Hotel. Mansion House Road. Langside. 8pm. (ieorgc

()gilvie leads the 'I‘rad and Dixie hash. Edinburgh

I Louisiana Ragtime Band .‘s'as-aar l lotrse Hotel. Ma} I'ield (iardcns. NJ 2828. [is-ening.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.eitlt. 9pm Tonight Robert Pettigrew and Kenny Ellis. piano. tlouhle hass.

I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughton Street. 557 (1546. Jack Hammereand

11.30pm. Singer leads sax and guitar hand.



I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo (ilasgow Socier ()1 Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 (1112.8.3Upm.Slipllar.


I Dill Kyle's Jazz Base L'Arraehe. hasement ol Rutland Hotel. West land. Princes Street. ()pm. l‘ree. l.eaderon drums \\ ith a regular line upot

piano kc) hoards. hass. drums. guitar. hrass arid reeds. Modern. hop. some rnainstreatn. hltres.

I Al Fairweather and Friends Youngs Hotel. l.eamington 'I‘errace. 2296481. 8.30pm. 'l'rttmpet star‘s \seekl) hlots. I Charlie McNair‘s Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 22h 3Slh. liwning. lidinhtrrgh hand leader and trumpeter

THURSDAY 15 Glasgow

I About Time Bon Accord. (‘haring ( 'ross. 1) Sllpm. Residency.

I Jeanette Burns/Andy Alston Blacklriars. Bell Street. Merchant (‘its . 552 5*)24. lisening.

I Jiveass Blues and Boogie Wintersgills. (treat Western Road. 8.31) 11pm. (treat. rotrgh Re’QB hand.


I Blues Rock Hamilton Lodge Hotel. .loppa. 9pm. Live hands.

I Gordon Fyrte Trio Alton I lotel. (irossenor(‘rescent t'.\ellllig.

I Criterion Jazz Band I-at Sams. l-ountatnhridgc. lzvcntng.

I Templehall Stampers 'I‘emple I lotel. lisplanadc. .loppa. not) 4204. l-\ entng 'l‘rad and dixie residents (iootl lttn 1111s} I J08 Capaldi Quartet Br'andos. lllatt' Street. livening.

Assembiv‘ fifiéi'cl'é’é’in'iurgn Districtesaaa‘t‘a‘aa"" "'1 AIR FRANCE present


UNITED NATION ALL STAR ORCHESTRA FRIDAY 2 JUNE 8pm £11, £10, £7.50, £6.50 Usher Hall, Lothian Road, Edinburgh, 031 2281155

Assembly Music presents


‘The representative jazz man of the 1980s’ VILLAGE VOICE The New York tenor saxophonist makes his Edinburgh debut FRIDAY 9 JUNE 8.30pm £6.50, £5

Queen‘s Hall, Clerk Street, Edinburgh, 031 668 201-9

The List 2— 15.1une 198‘) 43