Mon Sat 10.30am 4.3“prn;$un lint-1.20pm. ('reainleas \\ ill he \k'l'\L'tI lrorn3 «I lfipni.

'l he ( iallet) mll haxc a selection ot \xoi'k li'oin II\ permanent collection until I” .lune \\ hen the entire building \\ III he grx en met to mount the last major same} ol Illtlt centut} Scottish painting.


Street. SFMIHZH, Inc In lllam SpurSat Illam 1pm.

MySense oIYourSense ol Language: 3n .lune. \lauti/io \annucci'x striking

neon lll poems and Simon ( 'utls le\t patlllletl Hill” the “all .ttltllL‘\\ the theme HI language.

I HANOVER FINE ART IN l)untla\ Street. 55(13lhl..\loll l-rr lllaiii 5.30pm; Sat lllam 4pm.

Recent Paintings l ’nttl " .Iune Scottish Iillltl‘-L'rl]k'\ .llltl llouei \llltllL'\ inaiiih in \xatetcolout . In I tlinluiigli itlll\l\ Sheila l-rawr. l’amelal xall. I ha Stiachaii antl lliltla lotle

Recent Paintings by Andrew Welch and Chris Adams l_‘ INl'me llic loimei (ll\j‘l.l\\lll\ lnxer llL'\\llllc antll otliian landscapes.

\\ Illl\I the latter concentrates on nature \ItltllL'\ lhe part are also \IIU“ mg some paintings undertaken as .t joint project. .'\lltll\'\\ pim itling the background and ('lii'lsxupplxing llle lotegiountl

I ITALIAN INSTITUTE h: \lL‘tilMlll Street. (1053233 \lntt: .‘j‘lll. lue‘lain Spin. Weill “pm. lliui'x‘lain 5pm. l'l'l

‘lain 2pm.

llte ne\l e\liilution at Illl\ \ cnue \\ Ill he

(luring the IC\II\'1ll.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY .\‘orthumherland Slt'eel Lane. 55" 5454. Mon Sal

lllattt 4,3(lpm. Sat lllam lpm.

Modern Renaissance Art [hill 3 .lune. An exhibition h} Druid l)cnh_\.

Paintings by the Members at the Royal Institute at Oil Painters s .Iune l.lul} . .-\ dozen oil painters including the President ol the lll\IllllIL‘ Brian Bennett display their \\ti|‘k_

I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY (F ( ieorge Street. 3304151. Mon I‘t‘i‘ifillam 6me Sat Illam lpm.

Masters oIthe Press t 'mil :7 Ma}. 10m and

letht‘entur) printsantlcngraxingst'or home and otlice. A selection ol natural lll\ltll"\tllltl\|‘til'llll§1Pl'lllhilllLlSL‘UIIlSII early engm ing taken lrom thegaller} 's l‘Ih‘leulleL‘lIUll.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND 'l‘he .\loriiitl.55(i.\‘)2l. Mon Sat Illain 5pm: Sun 3 5pm.

AView oIJedburgh I 'ntil ltilul} . 'l'lii\\ ie\\

ol .lctlhui gli \\ as painted h} 'l‘homas ( iit'tii‘

(ISSF IN): I \\ Ito died at the age oI Z-iantl I\ no“ recognised as a major \\;tlct'enlm1I‘t\l. lle \\ as a trientl ol 'l'urner and Illl\ particular painting tlateslrom l.\'lill, (iirtin's tuo studieon the \ RM and other Iznglislt “atet'eolours are on displa} to complement the neu painting.

Scottish Rural Lilet‘nnl lhlul}. lntlte call} 10th century lliilll} Scottishartisls \ottgltl inspiration lrorn the common man and l\\o \uelt painter \ are exhibited here. In tandem James I lo“ e( I780 183M and

Thomas Annan’s ‘Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow’

--WW1- 'b MM ‘1 -1 Her-—

Seottisli National Portrait Gallery ()iii-(‘liir'i-ii\lIw-l'I'xliiilniigli- \(liriixxiuiil'ir-r-

Sliiiijxriti'tl l)\ Ptxi'. .

i [\a SW {7111th

International Community Sewing by men & women demonstrating a wide range of sewing techniques at

THE PEOPLE’S PALACE MUSEUM Glasgow Green, Glasgow, 041 554 0223 Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm


' "’ V .K g ii Cafe. Free.

" * ' " Until30thjune \\____/~ \ :mmwgfl


Greek Photography in the 19808. Stills Gallery. Edinburgh.

The popular image at Greece, with its well-worn iconography oi sun-kissed beaches. azure sea. and the sepulchral white remnants ol classical antiquity. occurs only in ironic reversal in this

collection otcontemporary Greek photography. Instead. the eight ; photographers cast a more critical eye

on their homeland, revealing a more

candid image at the country and its


Yiorghos Depollas is a good example. His grey, lorbidding images of the polluted beaches on the Attica coastline. populated by Iorlorn ligures. consciously subverts the holiday brochure images at popular mythology. and are lurther ironised by his playlully meaningless hand-written captions. Nikos Markou's series at pictures Irom a condemned lactory are similarly

poignant. grimly and even lovingly

honest. but conjuring up a corner at the industrial revolution which seems distant in time as well as space.

Nikos Panayotopoulos‘s luminously

| l

at Nikos Markon

beautilul colour studies of religious icons, sometimes juxtaposed with secular objects like oil and detergent bottles. and Stelios Eustathopoulos’s monochrome images of decaying Iuneral boxes, echo the country‘s religious pre-occupations. while Perikles Alkidis and Eleni Maligoura concentrate on the human ligure, the latter in a series at shots Irom the bustling but seedy street-lite at Athens Omnia Square.

The juxtaposed ligures against a crumbling cityscape in Kostis Antoniadis‘s work comment on urban decay and the ubiquitous presence ol the advertising hoarding, while Panos Vardopoulos makes related points in his handsome night shots at a city where the human presence (with a single exception) is only implicit, either in the assumed presence at the photographer (always inside a car), or in the solid geometry oI statuary and buildings. the vestigial traces at car lights or political slogans painted on a wall. (Kenny Mathieson)

Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow

HILL & ADAMSON 29 April—24 June 1989 (Print Gallery) RECORDING MACKINTOSH The Photography of T. & R. Annan & Sons 29 April onwards (Mackintosh House Gallery) Mon—Fri 9.30—5pm: Sat 9.3(lam—lpm Admission Free Tel: 041 330 S43!

Mackintosh House closed 12.30— 1 .30pm (50p charge afternoons and Saturday mornings)

I I I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART ICU. DEGREE snow 1989 . LID ; II. 17-22 Jun91989 Weekdays 10am - 9pm Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 2pm - 5pm

(Textile shows close 5pm Thursday)

FINE ART: Postgraduates, Drawing 8. Painting, Environmental I Art. Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture. i DESIGN: MA, Ceramics, Embroidered 8. Woven Textiles, : Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, . Printed Textiles, Silversmithing 8. Jewellery. ARCHITECTURE

The List 2 15 June 1989 55