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MAY 27-jUNE I7 1989


Subs/O'Ised by I be Scottish Arts CounCIl and Edinburgh District COunCil

Walter Geikie ( 1795—1837) provide a glimpse of everyday Scottish life in their time.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorge l\' Bridge. 226 4531. Mon—Fri ‘).30am—5pm; Sat 9.30am— 1pm; Sun 2pm~ 5pm.

lixhibition rootn closed until July when an exhibition which celebrates the Library's 300th birthday will open.

I NETHERBOW 43 Iliin Street. 55(i‘)57‘). Mon—Sat “lam—4.30pm and evenings when performances. Cafe.

Films Without Words 7June—l July. Photographs from India provide the source for Anne Devine's paintings which combine images from both the east and the West.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 ('umberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm.Sat 10am- 4pm.

Summer Exhibition 3~ 2‘) June. The exhibition consists of 21 contemporary Scottish painters including Robin


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Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10. 50-5. 50 .-tdmt'ssi(m Free

50‘) (rallery is subsidised by the Scottish Arts (louncil and the (.ity of Edinburgh District (.ouncrl

10 5. 3'1 Iuesday-S.iturd.iy

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OPEN EXHIBITION New Work from throughout Scotland

IIlL'I’l‘tlltlllJl'Is‘t'l(1.1IIL'1'y 2‘) Market Street. Izdinburgli H II IDI-

IeIepIiotte (Ill-2.1 5 2 383


Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Comcii

( IosecI Monday

Philipson. Elizabeth Blackadder and David Donaldson.

Alan Caiger—Smith 3—2‘) June. ('eramic work in lustre ware.

Malcolm Morris L'ntil 2‘) June. A display of fashion jewellery in semi-precious and non-precious metals.


191 l . Wed-Sat Ham—5.30pm.

The Design of Nature and the Nature of Design 1 Junc—lJuly'. Francois Dolmetch‘s photography is concerned with objects that have been structured by natural forces. He lives mainly in (‘olumbia and in the garden of rare and exotic plants he built there (r000 feet tip in the Andeshe finds much of the subject matter for his photographs.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am~5pm; Sun 2-- 5pm. Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow L'ntil 7 July. Between 1868 and 1871 Thomas Annan compiled a photographic record of (ilasgow's old city around the High Street and Saltrnarket. Ile had been specially commissioned to take the photographs before a substantial programme ofslum clearance was put into action. The result is a celebrated collection of imagesof poverty and oy er-crow ding. btit also of striking beauty.

I PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP GALLERY 23 linion Street. 557 247‘). Mon—Sat

10am ~5.30pm.

Equilibrium. Works in Handmade Paper 3- 24 June. Victoria (‘assidy's sophisticated lithographs are done on finely crafted handmade paper.

I OUEEN'S HALL ('lerk Street. Box Office 668 201‘). Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. ('afe. People and Places in Paint and Print t.’ mil 3 June. (‘Iaire llellewell exhibits coloured linocuts. etchings and portraits. The Iidinburgh born artist uses friends as subjects for her portraits and aims to bring out their character and individuality. ller extensive travels have inspired her to use a range of topics from witchdoctors to (‘hinese street scenes.

Images OI Summer 5-27 June. Jenny Mathews spent last winter capturing the sunshine warmth and colour of the Continent for her latest one woman show. The sacrifices some people are prepared to make for their art! Working in watercolour she aims to capture the essence of summer.

I RIAS I5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7205. Mon-Fri ‘). 30am—5pm.

Italian Watercolours and Fabric Hangings 5— 17 June. Anne and (ieorge Keith present work with an Italian theme toit. (ieorge apparently took up painting as he dislikes golf.


Blackfriars (‘hurch. Blackfriars Street (off

High Street). 5570707. Mon Sat 10.30am—bpm.

Six Artists lrom Benjamin Rhodes Gallery Until 3 June. The artists in question from the London gallery are Ilileen Cooper. Pam Skelton. Zadok Ben David. David McNae-Boyne. Tricia (iillman and (‘hristopher (’ook.

Georgi] Pusenltov and Neill Slaughter‘) June 1 July. The former is from the L'SSR and is showing a series of paintings sortie of which were done at the (iallery itself. whilst the latter is from the ISA and displays paintings of Africa.

4 Artists From the Galleria De Cavallino in June--] July. A mixed show from oneof the oldest and most respected Italian (ialleries.

I ROYAL DOTANIC GARDEN 552 7171. (iardens Mon-Sat 9am -sunset; Sun llam- sunset. Plant housesand exhibitions (mounted in lnverleith I louse) Mon» Sat l0am~-5pm; Sun 11am—5pm. Due to renovation of lnverleith Ilouse. there will be no exhibitions at the Botanic (iarden until fttrther notice.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 225 ()(l7I. Mon Sat 10am» (rpm. Sun 2—-opm.

163“! Annual Exhibition Until 15 July. It‘s time once again for this major display of painting. sculpture and architecture. this year sponsored by the solicitors Maclay. Murray ck Spens. 497 exhibits were selected out of a total of 1300 entriesto represent the best ofcontemporary art in Scotland. I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE H0 ('anongatc. 556 8136. Mon-Sat ‘) . 30am~5 . 30pm . New Work 3—24 June. Innovative work from 10 members including embroidered and painted silk. blown glass. fine silver work and landscape tapestries. I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY ‘M (ieorge Street. 225 5955. Mon—I’ri 10am—6pm;Sat 103m» ~1pm. Figure. Flowers and Landscapes 5—28June. l avid McClure has his first soloexhibition at the gallery since 1969. Around 4(lofhis oils and works on paper will be on show dealing mainly with the female figure. There will be new paintings as well as work dating back to the artists time in Tuscany in the late 1‘)50s. Janice Tchalenko 528 June. This is the first showing in Scotland for this leading British potter. Her work is characterised by intense bright colours on robust stoneware jugs. bowls and platters. Into the Light Ifntil 31 May. New screenprints by Alastair Mack making use of pure colour and bold shapes. Dorothy Black 5—28 June. ller drawings. monoty'pcs and prints centre on the themes of seafood and the human figure. which sometimes appear combined. The artist has gained a considerable reputation for her confident drawing style since leaving Edinburgh (‘ollege of Art 2 years I SCOTTISH PHOTOGRAPHS WORKS 14a Nelson Street. 556 4017 (phone for appointment). Scottish Photographers A gallery representing the most exciting contemporary Scottish photographers. There is a permanent print holding giving a varied display. On sale from the gallery is David Williams' book Pictures From Nu Mun 's' Lam! and the Raymond Moore photogravure entitled Ayr 197‘). I SCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE West Register I louse. ('harlotte Square. Mon-Hi ‘)am 4.30pm. Strange Revolutions - Scotland 1688—89 lintil further notice. I STEP GALLERY 3‘) llowe Street. 556 lbl3. Mon—Fri llam~—5.30pm; Sat 11am—4pm. Anthony Conduct and John Holmes 3-27 June. Landscapes in oil and watercolour from the former and marine studies in watercolour and gouache from the latter. I STILLS GALLERY I05 I liin Street. 557 11-10. Tue-Sat l lam —5.30pm. A Post-Classical Landscape lintil l7Junc. An exhibition of ( ircek photography from the 1980s ptit together by John Stathatos. Stathatos is himself a photographer as well as a critic and he has uncovered the work of eight artists w hose pictures show an exciting range of subject matter and approach. I-‘rce guide tours ofthc exhibition are available. I TALBOT RICE ART GALLERY ( )ld College. University of lidinburgli. South Bridge. bb71011. Mon—Sat 10am 5pm. Sea Salvage 3 June 15 July . The powerol the sea is reflected in Robert ('allender's constructions of decaying maritime structures. L'singa variety ot’raw materials. peat. sawdust. and ashes he recreates the appearance ofsurfaces weathered by time and nature. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 I lamilton I’lacc. 2265-125. Mon-Sat 10am— 5pm and late during performances. Blast 1- 30June. A display oI work from students at the Theatre'sphotography club determined not to deal in photographic cliches. I 359 GALLERY 233 (‘owgatc. 225 3013. Mon -Sat 10.30am 5.30pm. David Cook Paintings and Sculpture I 30

56 I he list 2 -- l5June 198‘)