Letters should be addressed to tlte liditor. The List. 14 High Street. Edinburgh lilll l'l‘lz'. l’leasemark forptthlieatimt and include a daytime phone number ifpossihle.

Your magazine tries to bring the cities of(ilasgow and Edinburgh closer together - Scotrail seems to be driving them apart. The fares are rising again and the timetables handicap anyone who wants to enjoy the nightlife in another city.

Why isn't there a decent late night service'.’ Even one last train after midnight would help. Please put some pressure on for everyone‘s benefit.

Jane Ellis [jglfottr Street. lidinlmrgh

l)ear A PERSON I.\' ('l IARUIL ()F 'R()('K‘ when I visited at Scotland. I bought the List (34 Mar—o April). There was an article on ‘Beautiful Suit‘. I went to their gig (at Venue on 3rd April) and their songs tickled my fancy. But I couldn‘t talk to them. Therefore I don‘t know anything about them yet. ()riginally I‘m bad at

So. Lord (‘lashfern of MacKay has been suspended from his position in church for attending a function at which there was some pot-poarri (pronounce it properly). The substance in question was supplied ' by an individual known to (‘lashbracken's former associates as The Satanic Anti-(‘hrist of Rome.


indipendent scene. That is to sa_v I’d like to say is that you are my last

hope to get some information of them. (‘ould you give me their contact or something else please. I’m sorry to request such as this. Please favor me with an answer.

Yours sincerely

Ikuko Inoue

'l'atumi-ktt Kohe-( 'ity


I feel that I must complain about 'I‘he List‘s coverage of the Fringe Film Festival in your most recent issue.

Andrew Burnett's piece. Blunting I The ('ause. presents the FFF as a gay , film festival. He calls it a celebration ofgay film.

I was under the impression that j everyone at the List knew that the u FFF is. in fact. tnore than a few gay films. ()ut ofthirty-three listed programmes (of which you have several copies). only two are about gay films. they form less than ll) per cent of the whole (little of which was mentioned in the List).

There is also a more sinister side to the story. A journalist. whose name I don’t know. has been calling the

who is persona non grata with them following a dispute over some wine in the sixteenth century. but it seems that the church elders object to the pot-pourri itself just as much as to its supplier. The Diary has a basket of assorted lavender and other herbs. purchased from the Waverley Market. on its bedroom windowsill. and is currently quaking in its boots in case the Wee Frees find out.

Pier 39, trendy new Glasgow eatery and drinkery, is decorated in original fashion, the interior decor being a kind of papier mache gothic, one of the features of which is a collection of gargoyles. Can it be mere coincidence that one of these appears to be the spitting image of John Fowler, the Glasgow Herald‘s arts editor.

A sunburnt mole (a potential

melanoma) who has just returned

R" f‘ TEENAeegjs' "‘3; Flame 0-. ~1go’yfi.‘. 21A -_)H . . 5,49 53‘ V9 CMPQN‘ON. WOMA~.J\)‘>‘ \ “" “W1 mm».

\ 'n‘ JOUBN'EY Swami | OF LIFE ‘...‘ I/ F \\ _ g .. " f" . . I, 7“»: " I . .lh ‘\ i it" fifl‘\ \ .'I v "'V' x" , 5‘, ’° v. ‘1 4'9 K" (2' '/ .‘ ’} f~y {3‘ r ' $\~-//;y Ii .' I f \\ A \ y) {C} ,r— 4“ [~55 .* l. ‘\.+ .r- 1 '1‘ V" -. ; wz-x /.~: 1 ' I" r T. ' \glifi


Bg‘r ‘. WAS Nay/E2 -'~ (4')! 4‘. SUQCESS rs. .‘u

4’I‘hc List 3 ~15lune 1%“)

Scottish ()ffice asking if the gay films at the FFF contravene Clause 28. Rainer: EMEAlU—rm)’.

liditor. Fringe Film Festival .Ll_aga:ine 1989

With reference to the Listen! page of your magazine. I refer to the recent fifteen lines devoted to something which I had previously written in a free paper called Glasgow Now. for those of you who‘ve missed it. At the end of the short piece. I must agree with you that you were quite right in pointing out that the said gig by Hearts And Minds. at Napoleons. did not in fact take place. However there were several reasons why I should take to writing a piece on the band. apparently based on this mysterious gig.

Firstly. there is the fact that it was supposed to take place. and was only cancelled at the last minute. but which nevertheless doesn't succeed in hiding the fact that Hearts And Minds are ‘crap'. to quote my fundamental command of the dear old English language. Hence. secondly. the similar fact that if the gig did take place. it would merely

from Cannes reports that one of the Iowlights of the Film Festival was the filming on the beach ofa scene from the new Marilyn (‘hambers ‘adult' movie Party Girls. Festivalgoers were invited to spectate. and the Glasgow I Ierald‘s representative even went so far as to procure a photo of Ms Chambers. inscribed with some suggestive message. a Party (iirls promotional beach ball. and a pair of black skimpy underpants promoting a film called Society. The Herald’s man is reported to have been very impressed by Ms (‘hambers‘ pneumatic abilities.

There has been some controversy recently about the toilet facilities at the very pleasant beer tent in Glasgow’s George Square. The brouhaha, as you may already be aware, concerns a charge of 10p which punters have to

have been further confirmation of the fact that the former pupils of CBS are on the whole untalented and irrelevant.

Thirdly. there is also the notion that ifyou print something such as this piece one decided to write. then it is bound to create some form of smug reaction from someone or other. perhaps even one of the ‘writers’ from The List who is also the manager of the equally appalling Farewell parade. eh Johnny.

If The List has any morals whatsoever. then they will print this letter in full. ifnot. then it is probably a statement in itself. Goodbye Johnny.

Yours nakedly Alan De Pellette aka ‘the mysteriously unnamed writer‘.

This letter has been edited. 'l'hepoint John made was that (ilasgotv .N'ow reviewed a gig ii'hieh hadn '1 taken place. What yottrpoint might be lean 'tfor the life ofme decipher. (A .11)

pay to go to the toilets in the tent. The man in charge is called Pepe, and his tactic for dealing with irate but desperate customers is an unknowing shrug, brought about by his apparently poor command of the English language. Meanwhile, the tinancial effect on the consumer of having to fork out a florin every time he or she needs to urinate, (an effect which is exacerbated by the diuretic powers of the beer.) lends a new meaning to the term ‘piss poor‘.

Finally. a financial tip for Diary readers. courtesy of Radio 4‘s The Money Programme. ‘Just out.‘ the announcer intoned. ‘are Your Home In Spain and Your Home In Portugal which at £5.99 each are recommended.‘ The Diary recommends buying about three of each. as house prices on the Iberian Peninsula are bound to rise.

o D l V I I l

Thad (KL fr-V “Sm H621!

/ /\'/ \rx

.~' (\‘I’ L {K S‘aH" Us.” - f n (_ / ' I ._ /UC\. SEE foa‘ 413,33“? LATER ‘7' ‘4 [AV

“4,6 . ._ .. 0mm?