include cinema. pubs. eating out. Photo appreciated. Box No 94 22.

I Male (38) graduate student. Enjoys tlteatre. cinema. diitiitg out. long walks aitd country pubs. Seeks relationship with younger lady wlto is emotionally mature aitd has a scitse of humour. (ilasgow. Box No

94 23.

I Fantastically interesting person no major defects (30. male. academic. cynical. lidinburgh ). wotild love to meet equally lonely people for tltings such as social. sharing ltolidays. ltiking. meaningful relationships. Box N094 24.

I Glasgow gay male. straight-acting (2l ) rton scene. inexperienced. Neverbecnotit witlt a guy before. seeks friends to experience and enjoy life witlt. Photo appreciated. Box N095 l.

I Attractive woman (30) would like to share sortie time with a sincere. good huntoured man. who likes cinema. theatre. music but ertjoys outdoor pursuits away front the city. Pltoto appreciated. Box No

95 2.

I Good looking young (42) ntale requires attractive caring female to share free time aitd possibly holidays. Interests include cinema. theatre. arts. food. health. outdoors. music. travel. politics aitd education. Photo appreciated. Box No95 3.

I Glasgow male. Professional (27). llandsoittc. carirtg. hardworking. enjoys laughs. meals. cinema. travel. sports and music daft (io-betweens. RIiM. ('ostello. seeks attractive. intelligent. female accomplice (20s). Photo helpful. Box No 95 4.

I Ageless celibate Glaswegian epistolarian. Apollo iconulater. embracing diverse aesthetic pursuits. musical fiddling included. I lave a cacoethes scribendi so keep dictionary handy. Sackfulsofmale'.’ Box no 95 5.

I Age (28) Bi-male. Cinema. de Bcauvior. Edinburgh. friendship. guitar. heuristic. intelligent‘.’.Jazz'.’. Kafka. leftish. Magritte. New ()rder. photo'.’. quietish. Renoir. student. Talking l leads. L'nilatiralist. vegetarianism. Woody Allen. xltausted. yes-man. Zepplin'.’. Box No

95 (i.

I Gay woman (24). Professional. attractive. flamboyant. outgoing personality. Iinjoys socialising and looking for another player to share the stage oflife. (ilasgow Edinburgh. Box No 95 7.

I Lesbian (22) finding the scene hard going as a way ofmeeting new people. If you know what I mean. get irt touch! Films. music. books. conversation. wltatever. Edinburgh based. Box No 95 8.

I Straightfemale student(20) seeks lively new friendsof similar age to improve slow moving social life. Are you game for a laugh“? (ilasgow area. Friendships only. Box No 95 9.

I Gay professional guy (28).

open-minded person of another


l I Sparkling blue eyes seeks a

tall. attractive. caring (ilas‘gow

l professional man (45ish) to

share joie de vivre with art

attractive petite almost-4t). divorced professional woman with nocltildren. Box No95 I7.

I Rubenesque lesbian leminist

(31) loves films. music. good

conversation arid hugs. seeks

caring. intelligent friends to sltare interests aitd evenings out in. (ilasgow area. Box No

95 IS.

I Girl seeks guy ((ilasgow area) to go ape with. primarily at rock. punk. psychedelic gigs aitd discos. I'm into other eclectic pursuits -— you must have sense of humour and stamina! Box No 95 19.

I Non-scene gay lover write r.

bearded. masculine. mature. edinburgh. with no hang-ups. varied interests. broad shoulders and a warm heart.

looking and acting. own flat. seeks similar guy (21-30) for fun times loving relationship. Photo l appreciated. Please write. PS varied interests. Box No95 It). I Lonely lesbian wishes to meet similar (25-3ll) (ilasgow'. Stratltclydc area. for fun aitd maybe lastiitg relationship. Must have sense of humour. No butclt. ALA. Iinclose no. (‘an accontodatc. Box No 95 1 1. I Tall. dark, disorientated seemingly attractive. predictable. unpredictable. young man (26). confused by life. seeks similar independent.

) (ilasgow. non-scene. straight

gender to humour him. Box No 95 I2.

ITall dark strangeHZS). Caring. creative. artistic. musical. new to lidinburgh seeks female company. Age arid looks

unimportant. A free spirit and a sccks mum (platonic or loyalfriend seeks similar. Box , mhcrwisc. BOX N095 3”. N09) l3.

I Man (32) tall. humorous. varied interests. seeks others. especially male kindred spirit. for idyllic yet scintillating

liaisons friendships. (ilasgow‘ area. anywhere. Box No 95 2 l. I Glasgow female (18)Ioves theatre. literature. eatingout. looking for similar female for love and laughs. non-smoker. Photoappreciated. If you like (icrshwin write now! Box No 95 22.

I Lively female (34) likes conservation and conversation! ()tlter interests include auctions. arts and crafts. hill

7 walking.cookingandtravelling.

interestedin similarmalc for frienship. Non-smoker. (ilasgow Central Scotland. Box No 95 23.

I Life is just beginning forthis unattached Iidinburgh mart. Would a sincere uncomplicated lady (35-45) who also enjoys theatre. cinema. classical music. galleries. like to be iii at the start'.’ Box No 95 14.

I Are you female. (33-ish)‘.’ Is your ideal male kind. clever. likes sport. travel. music. dance. theatre'.’ ls he untidy. mischievous. romantic'.’ Sounds like me. Why don't we swop ('Vs'.’ Box No 95 I5.

I Gay male (21) seeks West End gay guy (2 1—22) or anywhere from Glasgow Monklands. Likes art. drama. dance aitd music (Big Dish. Cure). drinks Holstein Pils. Photo appreciated. Box No 95: 16.



b consecutive insertions tor the price of4.

~l’lt’ust' mm’ lineage and

vSL‘lTll Display adverts are inclusive of VA'I‘.


4coitsccutivc insertions 5’}

It has a border all the way round aitd we cait include your company logo.

Hates start at £5 persingle column centimetre (excl. VAT) for Group 1 and £4 per single column

centimetre (excl. VAT) for

Groupz- Minimum Sile4cm8. Scottsccutivcinsertions lll', l2consccutiyeinsertions 15', 25 consecutive insertions Zl)’;

THISIS SEMI DISPLAY lt ltas a line aboy e and below arid the lineage is centred. The minimum is 21) wordsand costs frortt £6 for (iroup l and £4 for (iroup 2. Personal ady erts iit this style. including Box Numbers. cost from it).

FDR DISPLAY ADVERTISING please telephone: Edinburgh (031) 5581191 Glasgow (041) 221 9689

I This is a lineage advert .»\ maximum of 30 words will cost only £4 ior(irotlp l andf.‘2.5ll for ( iroup 2. Personal Adverts iii this style. including Box Numbers. are £4 for .‘stlwords.

WE WELCOME CALLERS at 14 High Street(opp. John Knox‘s House), Edinburgh, during business hours.



PRt )l’liR'lN'

Bl 'SlNl-ZSS SERVICES PR()I-'liSSl()N.-\I. SIiR\'l(‘I-‘.S lll5.-\l 'l’ll

DATING .-\(il{N(‘ll{S

Lineage: £4 per 31) w ords

Semi Display: £3 per lllwoi'ds (minimum 20 words)

Display: £5 per single column centimetre (minimum 4 col.cinl lixcl. \‘A'l‘

lfa Box Number is requiredthere will be an additional charge of £1.

.-\( ('().\l.\l()l):\'l‘l()N .-\.\'N()I'N(‘Ii.\lliN'liS 'l‘l'l'lil()N

\'.-\NS& DRIVERS \'()l.l’N'I‘.-\R\' WORK liMl’ltitMliN'I Black Sl’l.l. (iR()l'l’S& MIiIi'l'lNUS

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3. Replies to Box Nos will be forwarded once per fortnight.

be made payable to The List Ltd 4. No liability cart be accepted aitd enclosed with fornt. for mistakes or for forwarding replies.

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