Edited by Kenny Mathleson.

Listings by iiorrnan Chalmers.

e Glasgow International Jazz Festival is an act oi supreme courage on the part oi those hardy souls who brought it into being only three years ago.

Given that it arose irom nothing much more than optimistic conviction (and. oi course, a considerable ilnanclal investment bythe city). its progress has been remarkable. This year's event is more varied than ever, stretching the interpretation oi (an irom New Orleans revivaiism to tree-improvisation, Max Collie to Derek Bailey, and all points in between.

Stan Gel: (pictured here by Herman Leonard see Shortlist) is this year's big capture. but it would be a churllsh (an inn indeed who could iind nothing to litre in the expanded programme. and it now behoves Glasgow- and the rest at Scotland - to give the music the support it deserves. This special includes . interviews with composer-

m-residence Steve Williamson (page 10), John Surman (page 11). Michael Brecker (page 12), Astor Planolla (page 13); previews on Cab Calloway, Abdullah Ibrahim, and the Scottish and French lanmen (all page 14). Listings appear

on page 15.