Cab Callowuy and the Hi-I)e-Ho ()rchesiru. Theatre Royal. 24 June. lfever a jazz performer was inextricably associated with a single tune. it must surely be Cab Calloway and Minnie 'l‘lie Moocher. The tune dates from Calloway's Cotton Club days. when he led his great ()rchestra in the famous l larlem nightspot. and has remained a permanent feature of his ,set ever since. More recently. it reached an entirely new generation when Calloway performed the number in the hugely popular film ’I 'he Blues Brothers .

Calloway is an unusual figure in the jazz world. in that he reached a position of considerable power and fame without either playing an instrument with any distinction. or being a notably great jazz singer. His real strength lay in his undoubted charisma as a popular performer. his inherent showmanship and larger than life stage persona. and it was no surprise that he went from the jazz clubs to Broadway and Hollywood.

Calloway‘s relationship with his musicians was often a stormy one the most infamous example was the night he went after Dizzy Gillespie with a knife backstage. following the fight over an alleged spitting incident which saw the trumpeter depart his employment but he had an accurate ear for players. and looked after them financially as well. Joining the Calloway band was a big deal. and some of the biggest names in jazz have occupied those orchestra chairs behind their flamboyant leader. still going strong in his

eighties. (KM)

DOWN HOME While the Glasgow Jazz Festival rightly lays the greatest stress on its international programme. there must always be room for home grown jazz talent to share such a major stage. Scottish musicians will be found everywhere. from the Theatre Royal to the pub


I and hotel circuit. led by

festival regulars Carol Kidd. who sharesa fascinating concert with the Humphrey Lyttelton Band and special guest Joe Temperley (see Music Preview) at the Theatre Royal on 25 June. and saxophonist Tommy Smith. who joins the Orchestre National de Jazz in the same venue on the closing night. 2 July.

Martin Taylor is not actually Scottish. but the Ayr-based guitarist is the next best thing. and contributes a solo set for my money. his most interesting work at the same venue on 30June. Pianist Chick Lyall is a newer name. but is attracting a lot of attention these days; The 'I’illing Ground. his debut recording with Norwegian saxophonist Tore Brunborg should be out around Festival time. and they celebrate alongside the Andy Sheppard Sextet at The Tramway on 26 June.

The impressive Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra have their traditional concert with Composer in Residence John Surman at the RSAMD on 26June. and it promises to be a more rehearsed and well-integrated event than in previous years. while the well-established Glasgow Phoenix Choir join Surman in his prestigious Choral Premiere in Glasgow Cathedral on 27 June.

Tom Bancroft's ()range Ear Ensemble (so named. he tells me. after seeing his girlfriend‘s ear against a strongly lit background!) are at the Vic Cafe on 2‘) June with Bill Kyle's Atlantic Bridge (see Jazz). who lead the final night hooch at the Late Club on 2 July. Brother Phil Bancroft joins his regular band. the excellent John Rae Collective. for two Club dates. headlining (with Dick Lee's ChamberJazz) on 27 June. and supporting the Surman Quartet on 24 June.

Throw in the various

Scottish musicians playing on the highly popular Riverboat Shuffle. the Jazz Band Ball. and the busy pub circuit (see

“The List 16 29 June 1989

listings for details). and it all adds up to a hefty slice of native talent on show. (KM)

VIVE LE JAZZ! Scotland and France have enjoyed a long historical linkage. and it is fitting that the Festival should pay tribute to the Auld Alliance at this time. marking both the bicentenary of the French Revolution. and the coincidence which made Paris this year’s European City of Culture. prior to Glasgow assuming the mantle in 1990.

The French have always been rather keen on jazz. but if your perception of their native music is largely framed by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli (who will headline a similiar programming strand in the Edinburgh Jazz Festival). then the range of music here may open your eyes. Mind you. that important French contribution is represented in the guitar duo of Boulou and Flios Ferre. who pay tribute to the great gypsy guitarist's example at the Theatre Royal on 23 June. It runs in the family. ofcourse: their father was a long-standing member of the Hot Club Quintet.

My highest priority will be the Louis Sclavis Quintet at the Tramway on 30 June. when the brilliant young clarinetist shares a bill with Michael Brecker. in what promises to be one of the highlights of the Festival. Trio Machado will certainly win friends with their powerful. inventive music at the Late Club on 39 June. while the zany ()rpheon Celesta will add extra fun to the Jazz Picnic on 25 June. alongside the splendid Willem Breuker Kollektief. and the Riverboat Shuffle and Late Club on 26June.

For those not tempted by Brecker Sclavis. the Jacques I.oussier Trio bring their popular(but rather insipid) versions of Bach's music to the Theatre Royal on June 30. while the closing night concert (2 July) makes the

Trio Machado: Late Night Club. 29 June.

Auld Alliance aliteral one. albeit through youthful practitioners. uniting saxophonist Tommy Smith with the state-funded (and much envied) ()rchestre ' National De Jazz. under leader Antoine Herve. 1n addition. the

wide-ranging Fred Frith project (feature next

issue) will add a strong Quebecois flavour tothe final weekend. (KM) ABDULLAH IBHAHIM

A complex man whose most arresting music is also the simplest. Abdullah Ibrahim took a new name with a new religion. and now lives in self imposed exile from his South African homeland. From his background as Dollar Brand in the pre-war black Methodist church choirs. the great mix of township music making and his apprenticeship in dance bands. the pianist emerged on the world stage under Duke Iillington‘s wing. eventually moving to the States and involvement with Coltrane. ()rnette Coleman. and others on the ground breaking 1‘)60s' New York scene.

But it is his second life. his commitment to Islam and rejection of the white supremacist State. that has produced his unique musical style. He fusesthe pure harmonies ofchurch music with the percussive rhythms of tribal dances. chants and celebratory song in intense. highly structured compositions. that can be completely beguiling in their repetitive figures and shifting bass.

With his group likaya. which means. and is. his homeland. and includes long term associates Carlos Ward on alto and Ricky Ford on tenor. he has created a unique group producing a distinctive music that touches people world wide. Btit for Glasgow he will set the scene with a solo performance. and then reveal a new project when he is joined by the flautist and drummer from Fkaya. and the five member Sigma String Fnsemble. An unusual new departure. but with Abdullah. who knows what to expect‘.’ ( Norman Chalmers)



I George Shearing Duo and Boulou & Elios Ferre Theatre Royal. 7.30pm. £17.50.£14.50.£l 1.50. £8.50. £6. Popular. accessible piano stylist i with bass player. and French Hot Club swing , guitar duo. l IJohn Sunnan's Brass ' Project and Stan Tracey l Tramway. 7.30pm. £6.50 (£5.50). This year's Composer In Residence l saxophonist with a top 5 brass section. And solos and duets from Piano master Tracey with Surman. I Derek Bailey's Company Third Fye Centre. 8pm. £3.5ll(£2.5(l). Alsoon Saturday 24'. ticket for boll] shows £5 (£4 ). The guitar guru of free improvisation. llis Company's latest incarnation includes clarinet wunderkind. I Famous Grouse Riverboat Shuttle 7.30pm. £8.50. Traddies doon the watter. I Orquesta Chakchouka and Atlantic Bridge Late Night Club. £3. Doors open 10.30pm. Sounds and songs. African and i

Latin from multi national ()rquesta plus hot New York alto and vibes pair I Steve Slagle andJoe l Locke who join Scotland's Bill Kyle in the Bridge. i see Jazz List panel.

I Joe Temperley and Kenny . Stewart Tfl0(ilasgow -' Society ()f Musicians. £ l Tennent's Jazz Circuit. . Great baritone sax. I I Bruce Adams Quintet Curlers. 8.30 11.30pm. | Free. Tennent's Jazz Circuit.

I Jeannette Burns and Andy Alston The Maltman. 8.30—1 1.30pm. Free. McEwan‘s Jazz Trail. Piano and songs.

I Jimmy Feighan Quintet Cross Keys.

8.30 11.30pm. Free. McEwan's Jazz Trail. Sax and vibes.

I Duncan Whyte Jazz Band Masonic Arms.

8.30 11.30pm. Free. Tennent’s Jazz Circuit.

I Gordon Cruikshank Quartet 1 lorses‘lioe Bar. 8.30 11.30pm. Free. Tennent'sJazz Circuit. BBC’s'l'ake The Jazz Train tenorist. boppish.

I Alex Dalgleish All Stars Aliliotslortl Inn.

8.30 11.30pm. Free. McEwan'sJazz Trail.

I Gregor Clark Sextet Tron Theatre Bar. ‘) 1 1.30pm. Free. McEwan‘s Jazz Trail. I John Rae Collective Gillespichaz/ Club £1.50. 8.30 11.30pm. McEwan's Jazz Trail. Fine young moderns.

I Chick Lyall Quartet | Blacklriars. l

8.31l—llfillpflt. Free. Superb Glasgow keyboard player composer.

I Mini Jazz Ball Strathclyde l lalls ()f Residence. l0pm—2am. Dixieland All Stars with Kit Carey Jazz Band. Information 221 7704.


I Cab Calloway and The Hi-De-Ho Orchestra Theatre Royal. 7.30pm. £17.50. £14.50. £1 1 .50. £8.50. £6. Great band leader and entertainer from the pre war era. still with us and still laughing. I Grand Union Workshop Third Lye Centre. 3.30pm. Free. Percussion-based world music collective.

I Derek Bailey‘s Company Third liye Centre. 8pm. Tickets etc: see Fri 33.

I John Surman Quartet and John Rae Collective Late Night Club. See Feature. £3.50. Doorsopen 10.30pm. listablished master meets youthful Scots talent.

I Bill Fanning Big Band (ilasgow' Society Of Musicians. £1.50. 1.30pm. Tennent‘s Jazz Circuit.

I Combo Chakchouka/Atlantic Bridge Glasgow Society ()1' Musicians. £2. 8.30—11.3(lpm.Tennent's Jazz Circuit.

I Dave McLellan Quintet Curlers. 12.30pm. Free. Tennent's Jazz Circuit. IAtter Eight Mince Curlers. 8.30-1 1.30pm. Free. Tennent's Jazz Circuit. Blues. funk and fusion.

I Le Jazz Hot The Maltman. 8.30 11.30pm. Free. McEwan's Jazz Trail. I Gordon Cruikshank Quartet(‘mss Keys.

8.30 11.30pm. Free. McEwan's Jazz Trail. Bop band.

I Bachelors QlJazz Masonic Arms.

8.30 11.30pm. Free. Tennent‘s Jazz Circuit. Trad and mainstream.

I Bobby Deans Quartet Horseshoe Bar.

8.30 11.30pm. Free. Tennent'sJazz Circuit. Fine tenor player.

I George Ogilvie‘s Dixielanders Abbotslord Inn, 8.30 11.30pm. Free. McEwan‘s Jazz Trail.

I Jimmy Feighan Quintet Tron 'l'heatre Bar.

9 11.30pm. Free. McEwan'sJazz Trail. Sax and \ ibes.

I Joe Temperley with the Kenny Stewart Trio (iillespieslazz Club. 11.30pm. McEwan'sJazz Trail. Baritone star.

I Bruce Adams Quintet the Rock. 8.30 11.30pm.

Free. McEwan'sJazz Trail. I About Time Blacklriars.