8.30-11.30pm. Free. g

SUNDAY 25 .3 I Carol Kidd withthe 8 Humphrey Lyttelton Band If: and Joe Tempertey '3

Theatre Royal. 7.30pm. £12.50. £10.50. £8.50.£5. 1st Lady of British Jazz balladry. Scots exile baritone master. and Britain‘s best known Jazz band.

IAbdullah Ibrahim with the Sigma String Ensemble _ Tramway. 7.30pm. £8.50 1 (£7.50). Folk and church music influenced

visionary South African ' . pianist/group leader takes another line with strings. See panel.

I Jazz Picnic Kely'ingroye Park. 2pm. Free. Willem Breuker Kollektiel. Orpheon (‘elesta and Grand Union Orchestra. The Kollektiefare eccentric. wildly eclectic and spontaneous. and have been at it for years. Orpheon are nouyelle traddies.

IWillem Breuker Kollektiel and John Surman (solo) Late Night Club. £3.50. [)oorsopen 10.30pm. Spontaneous and unpredictable German band. and reflective saxophone

I Dick Lee's No No Nonet plus John Kenny/Paul Flush Duo Glasgow Society Of Musicians. £1.50.

8.30—1 1.30pm. Tennent's

- 5.. ' 4. s ‘7} . in

I .

Jazz Circuit. (‘lassical jazz players together in Lee's arrangements.

I George Penman's Jazzmen (‘urlers.

8.30A-l 1.30pm. Free. Tennent‘s Jazz Circuit.

I Mamie Stirling'l‘he .‘ylaltrnan. 8.30-1 1.30pm. Free. McEwan‘s Jazz Trail. I Bruce Adams Quintet ('ross Keys.

8.30-1 1.30pm. Free. McEwan's Jazz Trail.

I Jimmy Feighan Quintet Masonic Arms.

8.30-1 lpm. Free. Tennent's Jazz Circuit.

I Bachelors QtJazz Abbotslord Inn.

8.30~1 1.30pm. Free. McEwan's Jazz Trail.



I Melanie O‘Reilly Quintet 'I'ron Theatre Bar.

UL 1 1.30pm. Free. McEwan'sJazz Trail. New band called Easy Street for cultivated lady singer.

I Atlantic Bridge leaturing Joe Locke and Steve Slagle (iillespiesJa/z (‘lub £1.50. 830-71 1.30pm. McEwan‘sJazz Trail. linergetie

American Scottish jazz and jazz. insion includes Virtuoso NY yibesman .loe Locke with (‘arla

Bley Mike Sternsideman. saxophonist Steve Slagle. I Perdido The Rock.

8.30 11.30pm. Free. McEwan'sJazz Trail.

I Stewart Forbes Quartet

Phileas Fogg. 830-1130an Free. Tennent's Jazz Circuit.

I Michael Deans Quartet (‘hadi's.8.30—l1.30pm. Free. Tennent's Jazz Circuit.

I Jazz By The Seaside Rosslea Hall I lotel. Rhu. Dunbartonshire. llnoon—l 1pm. £3. Bar and Food. Marquee on the lawns. Musicians include Scottish Trombone Jazz Ensemble; Tim Barella Big Band; Jim Armstrong, Sandy TaylorTrio and Shelagh Buchanan.

I Jazz Trio Blackfriars. 830—1130an Free.

I John Rae Collective Princes Square. 2—3pm. Free.

I West End Quartet Paisley Arts (‘entre 12.30—230pm.

I Famous Grouse Riverboat Shuttle 7.30pm. £8.50.

I Orpheon Celesta and Swing 89 £3. Doors open 10.30an

I Atlantic Bridge Glasgow Society Of Musicians. £1.50. 8.30—11.30pm. Tennent'sJazz Circuit. See Sun 25.

I Fat Sam's Band Curlers. 8.30-1 1.30pm. Free. Tennent‘sJazz Circuit. Swingand Juminye.

I Shelagh Buchanan and Sandy Taylor'l‘he Maltman. 8.30—1 1.30pm. Free. McEwan's Jazz Trail. Mainstream singer.

I Stewart Forbes Quintet ('ross Keys.

8.30- 11.30pm. Free. McEwan's Jazz Trail.

I Kit Carey Jazz Band Masonic Arms. 8.3(L11.30pm. Free.

l Tennent‘sJazz Circuit. e IBruceAdamsQuintet

I Andy Sheppard Sextet and Chick Lyall/Tore Brunborg Duo 'I‘ramway. 7.30pm. £7.50 (£6.50). Leading British tenorist with his strong group Glasgow keyboard player and composer with Scamlinayian reedsrnan. I John Surman with the Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra 'l'hird Iiye (‘entre. 8pm. £5 (£4). See feature.

I Film; Deep Song: Josetina Cupido/Steve Lodder(il"l‘. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). See Films.

Horseshoe Bar. 8.30 1 1.30pm. Free. Tennent'sJazz Circuit. I Jimmy Feighan Quintet f Abbotsl'ord lnn. 8.3(L 1 1.30pm. Free. McEwan's Jazz Trail.

I Fionna Duncan‘s Hot Five

with Janusz Carmello (iillespieslazz(‘lub £1.50. 8.30—1 1.30pm. McEwan'sJazzTrail. lintertainingsinger with l’olish trumpet star. I Dave McLellan Quintet

The Rock. 8.30— 1 1.30pm.

Free. McEwan'sJazzTrail. . I Mamie Stirling l’hileas

Fogg. 8.30—1 1.30pm.

Free. Tennent's Jazz


I About Time (‘hadis 8.30‘1130pm. Free.

l Tennent's Jazz Circuit.

I Pauline Knowles Duo


8.30% l .30pm. Free.


I John Surman. Glasgow Phoenix Choir. Karin Krog/John Taylor ( ilasgow ('athedral. 7.30pm. £7.50. See feature.

I Norman McLaren Films (il’l‘. (rpm. £2.70ttl .70), I John Rae Collective and Dick Lee's ('hamber Jazz. Late Night Club. £3. Doorsopen 10,30pm. Some ol‘ the cream lrom lidinburgh.

I Jimmy DeucharQuartet (ilasgow Society ()l~ Mttsicians. £l.50.

8.30- ll.30pm. Tennent's Jazz Circuit. Legendary Scots trumpet

player arranger.

I Jimmy Wood Quartet with Janusz Carmellot‘urlers. 8.30 11.30pm. Free. Tennent'sJazz Circuit. (ireat alto and trumpet. I Shelagh Buchanan and Sandy Taylor'l‘he Maltrnan.8.30--l1.30pm. Free. McEwan‘s Jazz Trail. I Alex Dalgleish All Stars (iross Keys.

8301 1.30pm. Free. McEwan‘s Jazz Trail.

I Fionna Duncan's Hot Five Abbotsl'ord lnn.





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