took charge of the fine production. bringing in musician friends including Elaine Smith and Battlefield‘s Brian MacNeill.

I IAIN THOMSON: ToA Working Collie; BOBBY MACLEOD: Simply Solo

(Mull Recordings cassettes) :

The Mull recording studio. set in a large house in a beautiful part ofthe


musicians like the songwriting shepherd. guitarist Thomson. fine at a local ceilidh. but nothing to set the heather on fire. Legendary accordionist Bobby Macleod travelled over the hill from Tobermory to lay down the latest in a lifetime of studio work. Howsimple nowadays. He remembers having to struggle to London with his band for their first 78 session.


Trevor Johnston lends an earto Jazz

I KEITH JARRETT: Personal Mountains (ECM)

- year-old legendary bassist

Tain Wattson drums fora


' Recorded in Tokyo some

ten years ago with pianist Jarrett backed by Jan (iarbarek on saxes and the ace Scandinavian rhythm i section of I’allc Daniellson and Jon Christensen. this manages to be Keith's best (ie. least i self-indulgent) release in some time. Ironically. much of the focus lands upon the frosty grandeur of(iarabarek's tenor. with the leader‘s rippling lyricism often obliquely playing offJan's thematic impetus. but on the title track and the closing Innocence the delicacy of interplay between all four partners reveal this to be above all a fine band.

I BBANFOHD MARSALIS: Trio Jeepy (CBS) Back to the future time with the Marsalis brothers. Young Branford joins up with 7‘)

Milt Hinton and a typically energetic .leff

Iengthyandenjoyable set. I The trio format. choice of standardsandbig-toned I sound all recall Rollins.


but there’s enough variety ofapproach (()rnette's Peace). and a hard-working feel to mark it down as typical Branford.

I WYNTON MAHSALIS: The Majesty of The BIues(CBS) Iilder sibling Wynton has of late been criticised fora certain academic cautiousness. but here offers a virtuoso display that astonishingly encompasses Armstrong's

., gutbucket growl. the

measured swing of an lillington unit. and the spacey poise of Sixties Miles. This Major Artistic Statement on the glory of the Tradition is perhaps self-conscious. maybe even preachy. but it‘s a


statement of belief that only someone of Wynton's


sheer technical mastery could even dare attempt.


Rag. Bush and All (Novus) While Wynton draws strength from the richesof the past. Threadgill's seven-piece sextet continues to remodel the forms of the post-bop verities. Here the blend mixes nursery-rhyme themes with stately string section work. and loping basslines meet 'I'hreadgill's sweet‘n'sour alto. To say that the snaking melodic path

; remindsone of Mingus.

i and the combination of sobriety and parody is definitely a product ofthe

AACM era. is a bit like trying to pin a tail on a moving donkey. Recommended.


I Mom is listed as oiary: oy day. then by city. then by event.


FRIDAY 16 Glasgow

I SNO Proms Kelvin l lall. Tickets: 227 551 I . 7.30pm. £3—£l(l.45 (£3) ~series discount available. (ilasgow Promsopen with Bryden Thomson conducting the Prelude to Die .Ilt’i'stt'rst'ngt’r. Cirieg's Piano Concerto (soloist Malcolm Binns) and Rachmaninov's Symphony No 2.

I RSAMD Junior Department Concert (ittittness Room. RSAMI). lllfl Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. Free at door. Chamber music played by the Academy's younger students.

I Strathclyde University Chamber Choir St Andrews RC Chapel. Clyde Street. Tickets: 227 55I 1 (Ticket Centre). 8pm. £3 (I; l .50). Works by Bach (Jt’su. Illt’flll‘ l-rt'udt'). Schutz and Brahms. with Joseph Cullen on organ.

SATURDAY 17 Glasgow

I SNO Proms Kelvin Hall. Tickets: 227 55] l . 7.30pm. £3~~£l().45 (£3) -series discount available. Film and popular music night with lots ofTV’ tunes. lotsof movie themes. lots ofsongs from the war years and lots more of that sort of thing.


I St Mary‘s Music School Queen's l lall.

Clerk Street. 668 201‘). 7.45pm. £2.50 (£1). First performance of new work by Ronald Stevenson written specially for St Mary's and entitled St Mary 's May Songs. Also Mozart‘s Si'nfmii'u ( 'nnct’rtanrt’ for violin and viola and Schoenberg‘s Vt’rkltlflt’ Mic/it.

I Sale of Music Christ Church Hall. Holy Corner. 11am—1pm. Free. Public sale of songs. musicals and opera scores. piano and choral music. Hall isunderneath church.



I St Giles' at Six St (iiles' Cathedral. High Street. 6pm. Free. The choirand orchestra of Strathallan School with Intrudu by l’ezel. l’art Songs by Brahms. Sammartini's F major Recorder Concerto and the Concerto in C minor for two harpsichords by J S Bach.

I Meadows Chamber Orchestra Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. 7.45pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Ian Brown is conductorand soloist in Mozart's l“ major Piano Concerto K459 and. after Stravinsky"s [)anst's ('mit‘errmitt’s. Peter Iivans does the same thing in Brahms“ Piano Concerto No 2.

I Edinburgh University Summer Concerts Si Cecilia's Hall. Cowgate. Tickets: 668 201‘) (Queen's Hall Box ()ffice). 8pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Historic instruments from the University's two splendid collections. including the newa purchased viola da gamba from Dusseldorf c. 1700 and a harpsichord from the Russell Collection. feature in music by Rarneau. Forqueray. Marais. Buxtehude. Handel and J S Bach played by Alison Crum. Christopher Field and John Kitchen.

MO NDAY 1 9 Glasgow I Strathclyde Schools Symphony Orchestra

Tb e



a 2 E:


Tenth Anniversary Concerts

ROCK . ; THEATRE (031 2255150) Mons, 2.3 Sept. FDINBUW 1 Festival Folkopera/Salome. “Elia 9J6)

I GLASGOW - BARROWLAND 041226 13'19Aug‘m'and FOLK

( i Opera/The Divine Circus. Saturday 24th June 8.30pm 4679) The Damned. 30 i 2849 A I GLASGOW FOLK J .T 1:” | .Th ' "9 FESTIVAL 3_9J I SCRATCH CARMINA BURANA “"e' "a" 9t 9 f I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE .' . . . . The.26 Sept; MariIIion.4 (0312255756)spamsh Informationtrom Geoh Kirk JOIn In and help celebrate 10 years OfmUSIc making. Became“ i National Ballet/Bolero 0" 0235 730927. Rehearsal 7 m 8 m I cuscow SECC(041248 I . . p p

I 12-14Aug, National Opera I GLASGOW PAVILION ' ' ' Pet BOYSTT o'spain/ La Chulapona‘ Fufeys' PartICIpar‘ttS £2, AUdlence Jqlv;The§ure.18Julv; 17-19Aug: Houston 1806!. Sponsored by Broughton Brewery Ltd 3"“9'9 "must 3'9 "9"“ ballet/Gualama Buddha. Erasure518January° . ' 22‘ 24' Swan lake. & :aLtiiiiI:eG§1:I(itrVTg:IiixsTm T zakfifi‘gm EE , I GLASGOW FANFARE CONCERT from venue only). :Ame 668 3029):: 'FNETSETwAT'ggfinJeAZZZJM Music by Vivaldi, Corelli, Bach, Mozart, Haydn. S'Tfig'l'aztiggflscszLeng) 10th Birthday Concert: l Ring 041 2'25 3252 “We: : Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Scottish Ensemble, Pm Uh“ “my ECIO/IE‘lgfie'll'DaViFs. 5 brochure. Scottish Philharmonic Singers. ' ' " Y? “'3 "107an I GLASGOW THEATRE :Eiggmlelfil; snow” cancer, season 14 Au!” ROYAL (041 332 9000) I Tickets from £2.50 to £10 . r sepl- Jac ties Loussier. 30June; 7 ' 293:;ggg‘gjtfiggiggss ' I EDINBURGH Ross r Elliiiglon Orchestra.1JuIy; l Fr'day 30‘“ June 830‘” Band. 9July; BlacIiSabbath Concin'ggsgfimwms ( Oslgg'alsgmvszv- 3 Carol Kidd, Joe Temperley, Swing ’89. gang:gigngasssggtaijgaa I .EDmBURGHUSHER (0412275511Wichael i The Queen's Hall Big Band and Guest Stars. mm" (,mm" ' ' HAL} (031 2255755) 1 BreckerOuintet. 30June. ' Tickets from £4 to £7.50 Wakeman' & Howe: 2142 National Orchestra of . EDINBURGH QUEEN'S Oct. $93“ 1 HALL(O31 668 2019) OH : Thursday 6th July 7.45pm 5 "9; 10th Birthda Gala Jazz Montserrat Caballe. 16Aug; j Night.3OJurie. ' . TENTH BIRTHDAY CONCERT . Cristina Hoyos Ballet. , I EDINBURGH USHER ' Featuring mu3ic by Haydn, Mozart, Maxwell Davnes, fflggziuggffggggg'” 17719Augi98'0 j HALL i031 225 575510011: Scottish Chamber Orchestra. ) Philharmonic Orchestra. summon Cejebrauon . . L'An U". 25-25 Aug 20/21 Aug; 0030. ! Cancer, 24 Aug. Stephan Sir Peter Maxwell Dawes Conductor I EDINBURGH KINGS 22/23/25/26 Aug; Nouvelle Grappem, 27 Aug. Tickets from £2.50 to C10 THEATRE (031 225 5756) Orchestre Philharmonique. I EDINBURGH HOPETOUN 5:39" “Min/"'9 L0“ ‘0' 28/29 AUG; RaviShankar. Housgum 5532019) 1 All tickets availablefrom The Queen’s Hall Box Office, '98 omnfles- 24-25 All!) ! 31 A09; London Sintonia.1 Festival Fireworks/ Clerk Street, Edinburgh EH8 9JG. Tel: 031 668 2019. I EDINBURGH LEITH Sept; Grand Messe Des - Humphrey Lyttellon. 26 Aug. g J

The List 16 29 June 1989 35