City of Edinburgh OLD TOWN SEASON

Tues 27thjune: Canongate Kirk KIST OF MUSIC |8th Century Baroque and traditional music from Scotland 7.30pm. Tickets £4/£3 concs

Thurs 29th and Fri 30thJune: The Netherbow SANGSCHAW The lyrics of Hugh McDiarmid sung by Rod Paterson with music by Ron Shaw 8pm.

Tickets £2.50 I .50 concs)

Sat lstjuly: The Netherbow The Edinburgh Puppet Company THE TEM PEST Shakespeare's classic tale with original music by Eddie McGuire 2.30pm.

Tickets £2.50/£ l .50 concs

Sat lstJuly: The Traverse

BAIRN RHYMES AND STREET SONGS Scottish songs and poems for children 2.30pm Tickets £2.50/£ l .50 concs.

Illl- l‘ll‘\ "l l.lil\l‘.l lit.ll itlS’llilt lllll V II.

s' 2‘2'~:..:\t. :zai \i.'.\ For Information and Bookings Contact Old Town Enquiry Centre,]ohn Knox House, The Netherbow 43-45 High Street 031 556 9579

Free. Well known Scots band plays weekly residency.

I Acoustic Music Nights Millie‘s Bar. Hanover Street. 8.30-1 1pm. Admission free.

I Miro L'Attache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West lind. Resident folk band. flutes fiddles and all..

WEDNESDAY 21 Glasgow

I Scotia Folk Night Scotia Bar. Stockw ell Street. 552 anal . S.3llpm..1.iy'e music. Kendra Ward and Bob Bence.

I Merchant City Folk Club Blackfriars Bar. Albion Street. 552 5924. Iain MacDonald. I Inverclyde Folk Club Baxters. lll2 Roxburgh Street. (ircenock. Spm. ()ccasional guest performers.

I Folk Session 1 lalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. Iiyening. instrumental music on fiddle. accordion etc.


I Edinburgh Folk Club Osbourne 1 lotel. York Place. 55o 5577. Spm. £2.5ll(£l .50). Alan Johnstone and Friends. Alan's .N'ttrth ()fThe Border album just released includes a good number of the musicians here tonight. Strong traditional input.

I Rod Paterson St James ( )y‘s‘ter Bar. (‘altonRoad.‘)pm.1iasy('lub'syocalist.

solo. I Mountains 01 Holland (ilobc. West Port.


THURSDAY 22 Glasgow

I Star Folk Club (ilasgow Society ( )f .‘yltisicians. Berkeley Street. beside Mitchell Theatre. Spm. £1 .5“. Sarah Grey. long resident in Scotland. sings American and traditional w ith banjoetc.


I Midsummer Music For Charity ()ueens



Fete de la Musique SatZ4June. Midday to Midnight

12 hours of live music Tickets on sale at the door £1.50 non-members; £1 members Admission free forchildren

Come along and join in a day olmusic Refreshments and Food available Baropen

FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh 031 225 5366

- ' §° WANCMSQ‘”


Familiar sounds; The Deigh A big charity concert, which includes the cream 01 Scotland‘s musicians in the classical, jazz and tolklields is scheduled lorthe 22nd in Edinburgh’s Queens Hall. FiddlerAly Bain is now a household name much further afield than his own Shetland Isles. He appears with spectacularaccordionist Phil Cunningham in their occasional duo lormat. Dick Gaughan‘s abilityto communicate the guts of a song in a beautifully decorated melody owes much to ancient traditional styles, while his superb guitar playing, political commitment and delivery place him firmly in, or probably atthe head of, the contemporary tradition that goes back to Woody Guthrie and the 60's engineers of social-change-through-song.

t . 3 ton Fanny“; Edinburgh 17in. tolk/ethnic/roots concerts is well under way. Lunchtime on Saturday 17th, is when you will lind the Deighton Family, see photo. Father Dave, his Dutch-Indonesian wile Josie and their five children moved from Holland back to Dave‘s old stomping ground in South Yorkshire a few years ago and proceeded to charm the most hard boiled festival and club organisers with their delightful and original music that makes a chutney of bluegrass, cajun, blues, jazz, pop songs and Irish folk. And theirso obvious enjoyment is catching.

ldon’t know what you might catch from Loupin' Larry and Rancid Buffalo, but you can find out when they appear at one of the popular, and free series of music nights in Glasgow's Scotia Bar

Down in Edinburgh‘s Princes Street on the 17th. I’m sure the place will be Gardens, the summer season of tree jumping. (Norman Chalmers).

Hall. (‘lerk Street. ooh' 2111‘).Spm. £5l£3). Bar and food. Tickets from Queens 1 Tall BOX ( )fficc UI‘ Virgin Records.Princes Street. Help fight diabetes. and raise money for the Western (icneral Hospital's Metabolic Research l'nit. Mised bill has Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham. on fiddle and box: Dick Gaughan‘s superb singing;.1a// saxnphonist Tommy Smith; jump jiye vocals and brass from That Swing Thang; the refined classical strains ofthc Edinburgh Quartet and eompere and comedian Bill Barclay.

I Session Band lfAtlache. basement of l Rtttland 1 Intel. \Vest lind. lnlormal instrumental traditional music.

I No U Turn The Trading Post. 32The Shore. 1.eith. 553 71o4, S.3l)pm till late. Free. Bluegrass band.

I Jim Knight/Denny Swanson/Jerry Bell linsign Iiyy art. l.a\y nmarket. 225 7441). liyening. All guitarist singers.

I Kevin Tate ( ‘andlemakers Arms. (irassmarkel. liyening.

I Dave Robb St James ( )yster Bar. ( ’alton Road. 9pm. ('ontemporary acoustic singer songw riter.

FRIDAY 23 Glasgow

I Rowantree Folk Club Roysantree Inn. By 17ddingston ( 'ross. l'ddingston. WI 1 .45pm. £1. lnlormal music. I Ceilidh Riycrsidc. liox Street. off('lyde Street. 248 3144. lllpm. £3. Very popular.


I Tonight At Noon Preservation 1 Tall. Victoria Street. T',\L‘11111j_!. ()uality popfolk and electrojigging.

I Cajun Blue Royal Archer. 1 High Street.

I Steam Jenny Platform l.Rutland Street. 225 2433. Evening. Pub lolkband.

I Kevin Tait ('andlemakers Arms. (irassmarket. 9pm 12.30am.1~‘olksinging entertainer.

SATURDAY 24 Glasgow

I Glasgow Music Club Scotia Bar.

Stockw ell Street. 552 8681. 8.30pm. Tonight dangerous Sean MacGhee.

I Blacktriars Session Albion Street. 552 5924. Afternoon tunes.

I Ceilidh Riyerside. Fox Street. off('|yde Street. 248 3144. lllpm. £3. Packs them in.


I Cajun Blue Royal Archer. 1 High Street. 55o MISS. 8.30pm.

I Ceilidh Bristo Refectory . BristoSquare. ()pm-2.3llam.£2.5li.11ar.()pentothe public. with the Herculean (‘cilidh Band. I The Humppt Family The Trading Post . 32 The Shore. 1.eith. 553 71(i4. llem till late. liree. Resident weekend hand. Spoof country and western.

I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. Accordion guitar in the bar.

I Kevin Tate (‘andlemakers Arms. (irassmarket. liy'ening.

SUNDAY 25 Glasgow

I Scotia Folk Night Scotia Bar. Stockwcll Street. 552 ms] . 8.30an Live music. On tour. the clever vocals. guitar and bassof Melanie Harrold and Ollie Blanchllower.

I Black Bull Folk Club Black Bull l lotcl. .‘yfilngayie. 8.30an

I Paisley Folk Club Brabloch Hotel. Renfrew Road. Junction 27. MS. ts’.3l)pm. I Session Riverside. Fox Street. off('|yde Street. 2483144. l.3ll-5.3llpm.

I Zul! La Chute Wintersgills. (ireat

55oo3h’S. 8.30pm.

I The Humppl Family The Trading Post . 32 The Shore. 1.eith. 553 7lo4. lllpm till late. Free. Resident weekend band. Spoof country and western.

42 The List 16— 29Junc 1989