Western Road. Evening.()1dtimey. American and cajun.


I Blacktriars Street Party Blacklriars Street. offthe High Street. All day. Live folk music and a ceilidlt at night.

I Youngs Music Club Learnington Terrace. 9.3(1pm.5(lp.

I Jim Knight/Denny Swanson/Graham McGirk Iinsign Iiwart. l.awnrttarket. 225 744i). Iivening. Singer guitarists.


I Travelling Folk BB(‘ Radio Seotland. i#‘).25pm. Archie Fisher presents

fi‘ )rds. news and live recordings. Tasgow

I Scotia Folk Music Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 552 8681. Iivening. live music. To be conlirmed.

I Victoria Bar Bridgegale. SS: N141). 9pm. Regttlar sessiort.


I Folk Al L'Attache l.‘.-\ttache. basement o1 Rtttland Ilotel. W'est Iind of Princes Street. 9pm. l-‘ree.

I Session Night The (ireen Tree. (‘owgate Iivening. Bar till Iain.

I Fiddlers Arms (irassmarket. Iivening. Scottish music on squeeze boxes and




I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley Artseentre. New Street. 887 111111. 8pm. Free. Regular weekly guests.


I Seannachie linsign liw art. Lawnmarket. rtear the Castle. ‘)~ 12pm. Free. Well known Scots band plays weekly residency.

I Acoustic Music Nights Milnes Bar. Hanover Street. 8.31) llptn. Admission free. Songs and tunes from regulars. visiting mttsicians artd special guest.

I Miro 1.'.\ttache. basement ol~ Rtrtland Hotel. West Iind. Wild Scots Irish music.



I Folk Session Ilalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 12111. Iivenrng. Instrumental music on fiddle. accordion etc.

I Scotia Folk Night Seotia Bar . Stoekw ell Street. 552 MM . 8.3llpm. Tonight Banjo Cocktail.


I Edinburgh FOIk CIUD ( )sbout‘ne l lotel. York Place. 556 5577. 8pm. 1.2.5111); I .5lli. Melanie Harrold and Ollie Blanchllower. ('abaret atmosphere. guitar and bass backing to songs from lolk to jazz. (ireal players.

I Bod Paterson St James ( )yster Bar. (‘alton Road. ()pm. Iiasy ('lub's vocalist. solo.

THURSDAY 29 Glasgow

I Star Folk Club (ilasgow Society ()I MUsicians. Berkeley Street. beside Mitchell Theatre. 8pm. £1 .51). Parcel 0 Rogues.


I Sangschaw Netherbow Theatre. 43 High Street. 5569579. 8‘pm. £2.5llli; 1 .511). Ron Shaw's composition based on Hugh MacDiarrnid‘s song poem-cycle with Songs from Rod Paterson; Ron Shaw. cello; Oick Lee. reeds. and spokert words from Mhairi Grialis.

I Folk Al L'Attache IfAttaehe. basement of Rutland Hotel. West Iind oi Princes Street. 9pm. Free.

I No U Turn The Trading Post. 32 The


Joe Locke, see photo, has a prodigious, volatile talent on the Vibraphone. From New York. he's looking torward to his return to the Glasgow Jazz Festival and playing, in concert and as a guest for the to days. In Bill Kyle‘s Atlantic Bridge, which like the drummer's New York Jazz, is an occasional band joining some of the best of the younger players from the Big Apple and Scotland, Joe brings sax luminary Steve Slagle, usually to be lound wielding his alto in Mike Stern or Carla Bley’s bands. With Patrick Bettison on bass, and leading Edinburgh musicians Brian Kellock and Bonnie Rae taking nightly turns on keyboards/piano, the group plays two nights at the Capital’s L‘ Attache, the 215t and 22nd. These evenings at top llight jazz and improvised music are tree. Fortheir Glasgow gigs, see the Jazz Festival pages.

Edinburgh’s Queens Hall Friday season has ended, but promoters Assembly Music have plans lor the Festival and Autumn season well under way. The Hall celebrates its 10th

Atlantic Bridge. Joe Locke, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

anniversary with a series ol concerts, including a midsummer jazz event on the 30th with singer Carol Kidd, baritone saxophonist Joe Temperley, Swing ‘89 and the star studded Queens Hall Big Band. And before that, there is a surprisingly varied charity concert, which mixes classical, talk and cabaret with the jump jive and stagey vocals ol That Swing Thang and the serious jazz blowing at tenor starTommy Smith. See 22nd lorlull details. (Norman Chalmers)

Shore. l.eilh. .553 7104. 8.3111111 late. l'rec. Bluegrass band.

I Dave Robb St lamest )yster Bar. ('alton Road. 9pm. Contemporary bou/oukt accornpaniment to this singer's sell-penned songs.

I Jim Knight/Denny Swanson/Colin Bamage Iznsign Ewart. Lawrtmar'ket. 225 744”. Izvening.

I Green Tree ( ‘ow gate. l'.\ citing l-olk scene session. l.ate bar.



Glasgow I Glasgow Rhythm Club 1 ‘ttttartant lunch.

2‘3 Berkeley Street ~ ‘lSj‘ltl. l'slaliltslietl W33. Reetlttlsatld talk tltsetlssttm.

I AboulTime Blacklrtars Bar. Bell Street. Merchant ( ‘ity . 552 5924. ‘1 3llpm


- Allng Palace l lttlel. ( lilslle Sll eel. 225(\entng.1 ate bar Jazz Machine.

I Danny Oorrian and Friendst timberland llotel. \Vest ( ~oalcs ( iatdetts .S 311 11pm. I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry t 'i est 1 lotel. ()tteenslerry Rlliltl. 332 2442.

7.45 ll 45pm. Sotrl bluesandstandards lrotn line singer pianist

I Alpha Jazz Quartet l'\1e_\ House Hotel. l’ller'sley Road. ( "otstorphutc. 3.37 (i883. 8 1 lpm.

SATURDAY 17 Glasgow

I The Arrangement Blacklriai-s Bar. Bell Street. Merchant (‘tty . 552 5024. ‘).3llpm. I Dave McLelIan Quintet The Rock. Hyrtdland Road. 2 3H 5 3llpm

I George Penman'sJazzersr ".ii ltegleS. 14.? St Vincent Street 2 5pm.

I Ron Moore, Rikki Fernandez and Friends

1.;t‘l'aser'rta. 7a1.ansdowne(‘rcscent.33‘) 7128. t) 1 1pm. Free. Resident guitarand bass with guest musician each week.

I Bill Fanning Orchestra Society ( )t' .‘slttstcians. Berkeley Strecl.221(i1 12. 2pm. I George McGowan Orchestra Berlin lounge Bar. 8 Ill West (ieorge Street. Queen Street Station. 335 2382.2 5pm. Free. The Big Baird repertoire.

I Society Quartet SoeIely ()1 Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 it] 12. 8pm. 511p. Music and dancing


I Toto And The Jazz Bostons Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 220 381b. 2 4pm.

I Palace Jazz Palace Hotel. ('aslle Street. 325 (i323. 1 ill 1am. AtterEightMince.

I Danny Oorrian and Friends ( timberland little-I.\Vc'st(‘oates(iardens.8.311-11pm. I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘rest l lotel. ()ucenslerry Road. 332 2442.

".45 11.45pm. I’tne soul jil/l singer with pianist

I Platlorml (‘aledontan Ilotel. Rtttlartd Street. lunchtime p'tant) with the Alex Shaw 'l'r‘to.

I Dr MacJau Basin Street. I lay market. Iryentng. Trad venue



I Paisley Arts Jazz Paisley .-\tts( ‘entr‘e. New Street. l’atslcvhh" Illlll.1.unchttme

from 12.30pm.

I Tim Barella Big Band Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street, 221 61 12. 2pm. Non members £1.

I George Penman's Jazz Band Curlers. Byres Road. 334 1284. Trad from

8.31% 10.5(1pm.

I Duncan Whyte Jazz Band Studio One Lounge. (irosvenor Hotel. By'res Road. 7311— 10.30pm.


I Capital Jazz Band ('rest Hotel, Queenslerry Road. 332 2442. 2—5pm.

I Jazz Sunday Royal British Hotel, Princes Street. S—l lprn. Free. unless special guest artists are performing. Tonight the residents. Mike Hart's Society Syncopators.

I Barony Jan Barony Bar. Broughton Street. 557 (1540. Live band. 8.3(1—1 1pm. Tonight Melanie O'Heilly and Francis Cowan. vocals witlt guitar.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet Iillcrsley House Hotel. lillersley Road. ('orstorphine. 337

(i888. 8~-1 1 pm.

I Liz MacEwan/Jack Finlay Trio Fairmile Inn. Hillend8.3(¥ 11pm. I‘ine soul jazz singer.

MONDAY19 1 Glasgow

I Blue Mondays Authentic Jazz Club (iillespies. 2b (‘heapeside Street. off ('lyde Street. 221 77111. NewOrleans Slttsic arid Dancing. 9pm. Residents Kil Carey's Jazz Band and guests. 9pm.

I George Penman's Jazzers (‘arnegies, 142 St Vincent Street. 8pm.


I Shore Music The Shore Bar‘Restaurant. The Shore. l.eith. 9pm. Tonight Hugh and Graham. swing violin and guitar.

I East Coast Jazz Band Bltte Lagoon. Angle Park Terrace. 331 9922. Evening. 9pm midnight. Resident Trad band.

I Marlin Foster Trio Maxies Bistro. West Nicholson Street. 9pm tnidrtight. Reeds. guitar and bass.

TUESDAY 20 Glasgow

I Bobby Wishart Group Ilalt Bar. Woodlartds Road. 332 121i). Iivening. Saxes attd flute virtuoso.

I Dig Jazz Night Boswell I lotel. Mansion House Road. l.angside. 8pm. (ieorge

()gily ie leads the Trad arid Dixie bash. I Andrew Gordon Quintet Bonhams. Bytes Road. 357 3424. Iivening.


I Swing 89 Malt Slim e1. ('oekburn Street, 225h843. Izyerting. I)jangobased swing ltltll'stittle.

I Barony Jazz Barony Bar. Broughtort Street. 55'" l154b. Jack Hammer Bandopm. Young band. bass. sax, guitar arid \Ueallsl.

THE-Willow iii-Rw- DELUXE-



TEA ROOM OPEN: Mon—Sat 9.30am—4pm Telephone: 041 332 0521

Serves hot and cold drinks. snacks. light lunches. Afternoon Tea served.

The building which once housed the Willow Tea Room (1904) has been restored to the original design of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The ground floor is occupied by the jewellers M.M. Henderson Ltd. The Room De Luxe in the heart of the building is once more a tea room and is furnished with chairs and tables made to the Mackintosh design.

.__ #4 The List lb 2‘) June 1989 43