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29 0t the Edinburgh bands that have been making waves lately, perhaps the one with the greatest promise is Slice. Compared in some quarters with groups like Hothouse Flowers (and Van Morrison's name has been evoked more than once), they boast a singer ol





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whose versatility has become apparent haVell't already matte 9000 and n - tn his stints with jazz groups like Fat established themselves, torget it. And N E L108! his teeth on standards by the likes ot thllSlo- we hardly got a Single record in Cab Calloway and Louis Jordan with my collection lrom the early Eighties on because or their trontman’s experience in the last tour VeafS- Malling all the that one can use terms like ‘white soul' mistakes, getting up there and Slice might not have seen the light at our demo most at the recording was PRESENT day had guitarist Steve not owned an done in tour or live minutes.’ 8-track machine, and allowed Nick to Getting that ‘live leel' is a very do his own demos on it on the condition important llaft 0t Slice ill the studio. that Nick sang on some or his, The But so many recording artists mouth ott

resulting songs surprised them both, about it. without any apparent results é FEATURING THE MEMPH'S HORNS 1'3? and caught the interest at Virgin’s on their records, that it’s become a i‘ (is 3311:; Bonnie Gurr. That connection didn’t cliche. Name one Top Twenty record ‘4'“ 9 "AN lead anywhere, and theirtirst that's got this ‘live teel', where they

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admits, ‘It‘sallkind otworked in an ‘lhaven‘treally spokento anyone ina 5:3, '- T°O°C°TA THROUGHOUT SCOTLAND easy way tor us. It seems to have taken very successlul position, but I think the ages, but in real terms we've only been bigger bands when they're making an gigging tor about three months.’ Eight album have record company people

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and several are expected at the gigs. change that, that the producer will do ,. _ ~ m Slice havearealistic, and that. We might come up against that—it ~- I '

necessarily impatient, outlook in that we get into that position and there the Captain Sensible, Brian James, Rat Scabies 8. Dave Vanian

they acknowledgethatthetlmetor arguments willcome.‘ GLASGow. Barrowlands . 30 June themto breakthrough has to be now, as They'll get theirslice, no question of 1». k w t u t I h .0412264679 “we” the tide seemsto be intheirdirection. . that. (AlastairMabbott) c e e a s "9 °"°' 8'3 399"“


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