GETZ BY LEONARD The appearance of the great Stan Getz Quartet at

the Theatre Royal on 29 June ensures that the

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pop hit. even if it was almost 30 years ago. Matoan's ‘A Misogynist's The Girl From lpanema. sung by Astrud sour“ 30°“. “Mama”

Gilberto. permanantly linked Getz with the can" “'95) Shows'ha'

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bossa beat. but that has only been a small part of his totle contribution to jazz. Heavily influenced

by Lester Young's restrained melodic gift and . pm as we". Fomme dreamy tone. Getz went on to develop a variant immemoria| church. sta'e' on that sound which was all his own; ‘he pours media and intelligentsia honey over every line.” writes photographer have been workingtlatout Herman Leonard. ‘and comes up with constant '0 I“Nil! women in "'8"

place. and haven‘t slackened. judging lrom the evidence presented here. From Jim Davidson to Plato. the lull range ol male intellect is presented-and

surprises.‘ . Leonard‘s superb 1950 portrait of (ietz which

opens the Jazz Festival Special is typical of his evocative style. His brooding. carefully posed pictures conjure up a classic image ofjazz as well as an invaluable documentary record of the {hand “hung. Male musicians who passed before his lens and that chauvinists can take solace was just about everyone of note in the decade : in the knowledge that from 1948. Leonard‘s masterpieces are on show "WW8 "9' 3'008- A"

at The 'I’ramway until 2 July. while Viking have women w"! ""d 8? “38‘” just published a magnificent collection of his penal" 0' " inm'anno'

work. [he [Lye oflazz (£20). from which these :gggtt'BZ‘Sjgv'rggégzsfihey

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Leonard‘s note to the (1th section in the new _ like the “33-39335” they English edition identifies the saxophonist as ‘my i are. favourite instrumentalist :theoriglnal French I I llISthe highestand edition. however. included the qualification ; elem?" WW ("Wilmett- ‘after Lester Young.‘ Clearly. something got lost ",ame'y' '0 sacm'cemei' . I _ I . a . , _ . H . g llvesandto seekthe good at in the translation . . . See Jazz. Festival Special. . .

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