I Don't Just Sit There ((74) 8—9. 15pm. Hosted by Martin Duffy. the first disabled person in Britain to sky-dive. the programme with a different view ofsport and disability returns. Sports covered will include kart racing. wheelchair rugby. jet biking. horseriding and hovercrafting.

I Comic Asides (BB(‘2) 9—9.3(lpm. The final show in this series of half-hour pilots. Morntn ' Surge is set in the tedium ofa small town police station. The new PC. who quit teaching because he couldn't take the violence. faces his first day at work. Haven‘t they tried this before. under the name l’(‘l’enmse?

IAll I Want is You (0)9. 15—‘).3(lpm. Exclusive premiere of the promo for Lil's new single. taken from the lofty Rattle and Hum. Might lack thefrissmi ofthe late night ‘Tonribes‘ showing in 1984. but that's pop music for you.

I Aiterthe War (Scottish)‘)—l()pm. See panel


IA Staris Born (BB(‘2) 3.35—6.05pm. Judy Garland died 20 years ago this month. and a showing ofthis as a tribute couldn‘t be bettered.

I Film on Four International: The Green Hay (C4) 9-ltl.5(lpm. The dialogue for this 1986 French offering was entirely improvised around the story of a gawky Parisienne who goes to Biarritz to see the phenomenon ofgreen light in the sunset and experience the insight that‘s said togo with it.


I The Nature 0t Music ((4) 8. lS-—9pm. First of three potentially fascinating documentaries. and hopefully a worthy successor to Bears ofthe Heart. Jeremy Marre‘s search for forms and rituals that most dramatically and movingly express the gift of music to humankind takes him to Japan. Bali and South America. and he looks particularly at the role ofthe shaman. in the second part he asks if animals make music. and the final programme. naturally enough. looks at contemporary attitudes.

I It's My City! (BB(‘1) Ill—10.30pm. First of seven daily programmes in which personalities visit their hometowns. Tonight. Kate Adie goes back to Sunderland. in other programmes Bill Tidy sounds off about Leicester. (ilenda Jackson about Liverpool and ’l‘raffik star Bill Paterson about Glasgow (Wednesday).

I Euro Elections ‘89 ( BB(‘1) 11.05pm—3am. A far more extensive coverage than on Scottish. but probably less informatiy e on the implications for this country. l laying said that. Scottish has to cram the results and a lightning overview of the possible consequences for Scots into five minutes at around 12.30am.


I ll Trovatore ((4) 7.55— llpm. A special live link-up from (‘ovent Garden. with the legendary Placido Domingo taking the lead role in Verdi‘s powerful tragedy. The opera. unusually. will be performed in the complete original 1853 version. ISoundsolEden(BB(‘l)11.15—11.55pm. A new series of rock concerts from the Eden (‘ourt Theatre in lnverness kicks off


with Roachford. ln following weeks viewers will have the pleasure of Deacon Blue (Mon 26). line ck (‘ry (3 July). lose & Money ( lll). Fairground Attractionl l7) and the final one (24) which isa compilation featuring (ioodbyc Mr Mackenzie. The Kevin McDermott ()rchestra. The Darling Buds. Diesel Park

West and five (iuys Named Moe.


l Miners ( BB(‘l ) s-s.snpm. The story or Scottish miners. the foundation of the

working class in this country . in three parts. presented by Billy Ray . The Mist programme looks at the culture that w cut with their political outlook.

IThe Secret Policeman's Third Ballit‘i) 12.50— 1 .55am. Low on comedy thisonc. unfortunately. high on socially -aw are and generally irrepressible rock stars. 1



I Rough Guide to the World ( BBCZ) 7.2(1—8. lllpm. Magenta Devinc and Sanka Guha extend their popular series toglobal proportions. First in this new series: Bangkok.


I EastEnders (B B(‘l ) 7.3(l—8pm. Soap event of the decade! Pat Wicks and Frank (Mike Reid) Butcher tie the knot -~ in true liast [ind style. ofcourse.

I Tamas—The Darkness Iii/nus. a novel about the violence preceding lndia's partition. was published in W74. The TV adaptation. starting on Saturday . raised such uproar that an attempt to ban it got to the Indian Supreme (‘ourt. Derek Malcolm talks to its author.

I Tratlik ((4) l}, l lpm. Bill Paterson in a major new blockbuster (don't you just

loy e that word) which is kicked offbya

tw o-hour episode tonight. A 4.()(l(l~mile trail of heroin. deception and murder stretches across three continents. Paterson is the l lome Office Minister responsible for oy erseeing an agreement with Pakistan to control the opium crop.


I Child Slaves ( BB( '2) 9- ltl.3tlpm. In what looks like a harrowingprogramme we see some of the ltkl million or so


"a -

. .., &

. «i» .,

Aiterthe War, Scottish, Fri 16, 9pm. I Clare Higgins will dojustabout ; anything to llout the narrow, snobbish l attitudes prevalent in show business. l ‘There are actors, critics, all kinds ot

people, ‘she says, ‘who think you can‘t

be atthe Royal Shakespeare Company, do commercialtelevision and be in F horrorlilms. That's absolute ; nonsense! Why blinkeryourselt?‘ . At32, this Yorkshire-born actress is blazing a Renaissance trail across 5 multiple media. 0n the high-artlront I she’s raising temperatures at I Stratlord-upon-Avon as a splendidly ' sensuous Titania/Hippolyta in ‘A E MidsummerNight’s Dream‘ and also % having an authoritative go at Hamlet’s mum, Gertrude. 0n the trash side she’ll soon be striding across cinema screens ;' asthe arch-bitch seductressJulia in i ‘Hellbound’, the sequel to ' writer-directorClive Barker’s praiseworthy ‘Hellraiser’. I That leaves television, where Higgins has bagged one of the meatlest

rolesin Granada‘snewlO-part i

mega-series ‘Atterthe War’, Frederic i Raphael's saga of the lives and careers l at some Jewish people in England circa ,

52 The List 16— 29June 1989

l ‘3 I: r .I‘.- ~ .-.* r ' a. n“- 1 4t? I

I ' l v.. ,"r-_ / I1 1 IK~

1942—67. It was shot during a year and a ball by three directors in various global locations. No wonder Higgins calls it ‘the last otthe big, good series. Television drama is going down the chute. Apparently the TV people think viewers want to see only game shows and soaps, because they can’t concentrate on anything else. They do theiraudiences a great disservice. l don'tthink people are that stupid.‘

Higgins, a born enthusiast, seems happily challenged atevery protessional turn, whether she's oozing sex(and gore) inthe ‘Hell' llicks, or respectively screaming and laughing herhead otlin ‘Hamlet' and the ‘Dream‘. The closet scene in ‘Hamlet‘ has got to be one at the gutsiest, most moving pieces of Grand Guignol on a British stage this year. ‘Shakespeare has written a scene for a horror movie, ilyou like,’ Higgins summarises. ‘There's no point in playing it unless you're going to “go where there are no limits", to quote “Hellraiser”. All those enormous emotions. People recognise them anywhere you put them.‘ (Donald Hutera)

underage children that. by UN estimates. are in slavery. and are left to wonder what can possibly be done.

I Interiors (C4) 11.2(l—lam. Evenfor Woody Allen aficionados. this homage to lngrnar Bergman is heavy going. The non-appearance of Allen in this study of marital break-up is compensated for by excellent performances from Diane Keaton and the rest of the cast.


I Streets oi Fire ( BB(‘Zw. IS 10.45pm. Walter l till made this two years afterthe successful 48 Hours with Nick Nolte and liddie Murphy. and this has a similar funkiness. as a female rock star is held to ransom by a biker gang. ll seems tobe important to draw attention to Ry(‘ooder soundtracks. so this film has a Ry ( 'ooder soundtrack.

I Nick Hevell (BB(‘H 10.20 ll.l(lpm. A pilot for the comedian. who's well known to Radio 4 audiences. and may get hisown TV series depending on how this goes


I The It's My City Awardsl BB( '1) 8.154). 15. David Dimbleby' introduces the winners in the scheme. started by Prince ('harles last year. for cities to put forward improvement projects.

I Moviedrome: THX-1138 ( BB( ‘2) 1(l.15~l 1.45pm. The rarely-seen-on-TV movie debut of(ieorge l.ucas. w ho six years later cleaned up with Star Wars. in this future society sex is forbidden and humans act like automata. until one rebels.


IThe Wimbledon Opening Ceremony (BB(J) l.5ll---i. ltlpm. Wimbledon again. Apparently there's enough people into it for the Beeb to devote a whole fortnight to nothing else. (‘overage today continueson BB('2 and then back to BB(‘l again. (‘an't wait for the day when Sumo or Atistralian Rules Football gets this kind of unquestioningworship.

I John Sessions— 0n the Spot( BBQ)

9.45 it). lllpm. His first solo series. and. keeping it in mind that he's got more talent than one human being desc rves. it should either be a monster hit or the sort ofthing you turn off w ith brooding envy .


I Smokey and The Bandit ( Scottish l

8.3” lllpm. Box-office dy namite starring Burt Reynolds. This isn't the one with ('lint and the orang-utan ( hell. maybe it

is? i. but the car chases should distract from that.

I Fighting it in the Streets (('-1)time unconfirmed. l’ilmed over a twelve-month period. this programme examines the spread of Aids. particularly in the contact points w here it spreads into the general heterosexual population. and challenges popular assumptions about ‘normal‘ sexuality and who is at risk from intection.


I Albert and The Lion (Scottish ) i)» lllpm. James (Z-( km) lillis stars in a one-off drama about a lion w ho escapes from its owner ( Rtissell llunler) when he takesit to the pub. and roams around loose in the middleof(ilasgow_ Now this hastobe worth seeing.


I The GreatWall ollronttmt‘zi

9.30— 10.30pm. Before the recent massacre in (him. a British Australian team were the first to film the activitiesof the ‘People"s Army. This series shows such aspects as ski patrols on the Soviet front. the PLA‘s activities in ( 'hina and their equivalent of the SAS. which one stispects must have its hands very full now. Potentially chilling viewing.