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I Sport ls listed as diary: by sport. than by jay, than by, event.

ATHLETICS _ Saturday 17


I Boys Grangemouth Sports Stadium. Kers‘ie Road. Grangemouth. Although most ofthe finals take place in the afternoon. Darren Galloway (from Auchinleck Academy) might be worth watching in the sprint finals during the morning. His name has already been associated with the very best of Scottish young sprinters. filliot Bunney and Jamie Henderson.

I Girls Crownpoint Sports Stadium. Crownpoint Road. near Parkhead. Glasgow. Another sprinter to look out for is Kathlyn Lithgow (Dumfries Academy). who is already a Junior Women’s intcrnationalist. Hazel Melvin ( Marr College. Troon) is likely to continue her recent successes in the High Jump event.

W Wednesday 21

I Glasgow Green 10K liast Boathouse. Glasgow Green. Glasgow. tfsing mainly the international class racing Kl canoes. a circuit up to [)almarnock railway bridge will be negotiated.

CRICKET Saturday 17


I Ayr v Uddingston (limbusdoon. Alloway. 1.15pm.

I Drumpellierv Ferguslie Langloan. Coatbridge. 1.15pm.

I Kllmarnock v Poloc Kirkstyle. Kilmarnock. 1.15pm.

I Clydesdale v West at Scotland 'I'itwood. Beaton Road. Glasgow. 1.15pm.

I Kelbume V Greenock \K'hitehaugh. Paisley. 1.15pm.


I Cuparv Heriots Duffas Park. Cupar. I.3()pm.

I Grange v Freuchie Raeburn Place. Stockbridge. Edinburgh. 1.30pm.

I Kirkcaldy v Watsonians Ben nochy. Kirkcaldy 1.30pm.

I Stenhousemuir v Edinburgh Acads The Tryst. Larbert. 1.30pm.

I Royal High v Carlton Jock‘s l .odge. Edinburgh. 1.30pm.


I Ayrshire v Clackmannan County'l‘he Oval. Prestwick. lpm.

I West Lothian v Stirling County Boghall. West Lothian. lpm.

I Fiteshire v Perthshire MeKane Park. Dunfermline. lpm.

Saturday 24


I Clydesdale V AV! 'I'itwood. Beaton Road. Glasgow. 1.15pm.

I Poloc v Kelburne Shaw holm. Pollockshaws. (ilasgow. 1.15pm.

I Greenockv OtumpellieTGlenpark. Brisbane Street. Greenock. 1.15pm.

I West at Scotland v Ferguslie l Iamillon Crescent. Peel Street. Glasgow. 1.15pm. I Uddingston v Kilmamock Bothwell Castle. Policies. l'ddingston. 1.15pm. RYOEN EAST LEAGUE

I Heriots v Stenhousemuir ( ioldenacre. Inverleith Row. Edinburgh. l.3llpm.

54 The List If) 2‘) June 1989

I Watsonians v Royal High Myresidc. Colinton Road. lidinburgh. l.3llpm.

I Edinburgh Acads v Kirkcaldy Raeburn Place. Stockbridge. lidinburgh. l..‘\llpm. I Freuchie V Cupar Public Park. l-ieuchre. Fife. 1.30pm.

I Carlton V Grange 'I‘he l’avillion. ( irange I.oan. lidinburgh. l..‘~llpm.


I Clackmannan County v West Lothian The Ants. Alloa. lpm.


CLYOESDALE BANK SCOTTISH CUP I West at Scotland onodhall l Iamilton Crescent. Peel Street. Glasgow. 1.30pm.

I Ayrshire v Arbroath 'I’he ( )val. l’restw ick.


I Ayr V Huntly ( 'ambusdoon. Allow ay. 1.30pm.

I Kirkcaldy v Calckmannan County Bennochy. Kirkcaldy. 1.30pm.

I Stenhousemuir v Hawick The Tryst. Larbert. 1.30pm.

I Heriots V Uddingston Goldenacre. lnverleith Row. lidinburgh. l.3llpm. I Greenock v Dundee HSFPGIenpark. Brisbane Street. Greenock. 1.30pm. I Carlton v Northern Counties'l‘hc Pavillion. Grange I.oan. Edinburgh. 1.30pm.

I Poloc v Kelso Shawholm. Pollockshaws. Glasgow. 1.3(lpm.

I Clydesdale v Helensburgh 'I‘itwood. Beaton Road. Glasgow. 1.3(lpm.

I Grange v Royal High Raeburn Place. Stockbridge. Iidinburgh. I..‘\llpm.

I Stirling County v Irvine Williamtield. Stirling. I..‘~(lpin.

I Drumpellierv Freuchie l.angloan. Coatbridgc. l..‘~llpni.


I Race Days 'l‘ucsday . Thursday and Saturday. Shaw-field Stadium. Rutherglen Road. Glasgow . 'l’here are ten racesl I: on Saturday ) in each meeting. starting at 7.45pm ( ".3le Saturday ).


I Race Days I'inr the next Iew weeks. there will be four meetings a week. on'l‘uesday. Thursday . I‘riday and Saturday.

Powder hall Stadium. Beavcrhall Road.


Scottish Senior Fencing Championships, Sat24. Meadowbank, Edinburgh.

Despite the tact that lormer world heavyweight champion George Foreman is staging a comeback some 16 years after his second-round knockout of Joe Frazier, the large majority of sports people would consider themselves lucky it they could compete at the top level for perhaps 5 years. Most swimmers seem to be past it by the time they have shaken oft their teenage spots; soccer players start looking for pubs to manage by the time they reach 30; Zola Budd age 23 cannot resist the temptation to remain in the land other birth, South Africa, and toresake the chance of running tor anyone silly enough to entertain her, to witthe UK.

However, in a combatant sport a little

less brutal than boxing, namely lencing, competitive success can often be enjoyed tor a considerably lengthy period of time. Fencers generally do not peak until their early 303, and

therealterthey can go on tor a couple of

decades at least.

When it corhes to success for Scotland‘s lencers, perseverance has perhaps been the name at the game since it has been some time since the country has produced GB Senior title holders. In fact, there are now three: Donny McKenzie at toil, Hugh Kernohan at epee and Fiona MacKintosh again at toil; and certainly the lirst two will be taking part in the Scottish Championships.

Although all three weapon categories —toil, epee and sabre—are judged using electronic detection, it is probably the epee which is the more enjoyable to watch given that the other two score only on restricted target areas. The epee is the duelling weapon, with one twenty-litth at a

ADAM TINWDRTH second sulticient to separate the victorious hit from the losing one.

As a sport, lencing has a very illustrious history to draw on. The first schools numbered Schools at Arms and Henry VIII granted a charter in 1542 recognising the Guild of Fencing Masters. Even today, those who pass the necessary British Academy Examinations (which are veritied by the World Academy of Arms) are able to take the title at ‘Prolessor‘.

In keeping with such prestigious trappings, some countries, such as West Germany and France, devote a substantial amount of resources to the sport. In West Germany, this is partly brought about by a tax system that favours those who gift tunds to sport in general. When this results in schools such as one located at Tauberbischotsheim, with 54 statt and some 350 lull-time lencing students, it is hardly surprising that domestic press and television coverage outstrips anything that is on otter in the UK. In tact, when it is restricted to ‘The Mark otZorro' and the odd Errol Flynn film, then perhaps there is a little room for improvement. (Mike Wilson)

Edinburgh. There are ten races ( 12 on Saturday) in each meeting. starting at 7.30pm(7.15pm Saturday).

HEIDI Saturday 24

I Scottish Senior Championships Meadowbank Sports Centre. London Road. lidinburgh. See Panel.


Saturday 17

I Leven Tournament (Women‘s Football) George [Y Park. Leven. llam. Dundee Strikers defend their title against teams from the First and Second Divisions in this annual tournament. As usual. Whitehill will probably represent the major threat. 'I‘heir 4-] Scottish Cup win against livingston 'l'histle merely confirmed their pcdcgrec.


I Section A Scotland. Cuba. Ghana. Bahrain.

I Section 8 ISA. Brazil. liast Germany. Australia.

I Section C Argentina. P. R.China. Nigeria. Canada.

I Section D Guinea. Colombia. Saudi Arabia. Portugal.

I tst in Group A v 2nd in Group 6 Hr Park. Motherwell. 3pm.

I tst in Group 8 v 2nd in Group A I’ittodrie Park. Merkland Road. Aberdeen. 3pm. I 1st in Group C v 2nd in Group D Dens Park. Sandeman Street. Dundee. 3pm.

I 1st in Group D v 2nd in Group C'I‘ynecastle Park. Gorgie Road. Iidinburgh. 3pm.

Tuesday 20

I tst Semi-Final Hampden Park.(ilasgow (5 mins Mount Florida and Kings Park stations). 7.30pm.

I 2nd Semi-Final 'I‘ynecastlc Park. 7.30pm.

Friday 23

I Play-DH tor 3rd and 4th places. 'I'ynecastle Park. 7.30pm. Saturday 24

I Final. Hampden Park. 3pm.

GOLF Saturday 24—Sunday 25

I Daily Record Scottish Youths Dpen Amateur Stroke Play Championship I.ongniddry Kilspindie. liast I.othian. 136 competitors. some of whom will be out on the course at 7.3llam. w ill be seeking to win the title currently being held by Paul Mc( iinlay.

Monday 26

I Coca-Cola Schools International. Scotland V England Gullane. Iiast I.othian.


Saturday 24—Monday 26

I Scottish Open Championship Killin. near I.och 'I'ay and I.ochearnhead. hoststhis international event for the first time. Current Scottish champion. Donnie Carson. with 5 titles out of the last ltl.will probably find strong challenges coming from Ronnie Freeman. Donnie Mackenzie and Angtis Pinkerton. and perhaps one or two unwelcome therrnals. Given that Britain's pre-eminence in the sport (they won the \k’orld'l'eam Hang Gliding Cup in Brazil on the 28th of February. with John Pendry winning the individual title). the event justifies more than the odd ‘)()-word reference in the pTCSS.

Thursday 15

I Hamilton Park Bothwell Road. Hamilton. liasy access by the 518.5474 and A74. Club ill). paddock £4.50