Letters should he addressed (r) the Editor. The List. 14 High Street. Edinburgh [CHI I'I'IL‘. I’lcusemurk Ibrpub/icatirm and include a daytime phone number ffpus‘sfb/t’.

switched-on. so why the sexism'.’ ()fcourse I‘m not suggesting you

should sell your magazine with dolly

bird pin-ups. but how about a bit of

, 'equality‘.’

I've just been looking at the Covers of ,

the last twenty Lists (yes I keep my back issues). and I’ve discovered that you don‘t like women. ()f the people featured on your covers. 22 are male (not counting Roger Rabbit). ()n the female side. only Jody Foster. Sigourney Weaver. Emma Thompson. and three other women get a look in.

Are you deliberately suggesting that women are less than one third as significant as men to your readers'.’ You have always had a woman editor. and your editorial attitude to women seems reasonably


iljrgth [filly/(slut inflow!


l‘m suffering from a had bout of the narrow parochials today. I‘ve been reflecting on the nature of the Scot and we‘re an odd bunch. Have you noticed that for all the ‘Wha's like us'." tub-thumping. as

soon as there's a really big job to do it‘s call the cavalry time and the

chosen Englishman comes charging over the horizon. Now before you get really upset by the overt racism please hear me out.

The tired old argument that for all

We note with interest the fact that the Royal-Highland Show next week will feature a carcase competition. The diary invites nominations for the celebrity carcase section. Note that all carcases have to be mammalian, so Nicholas Fairbairn is ineligible.

Also at the Royal Highland Show. sortie of those appropriately. if a tad tediously. named people will be officiating. The Assistant l-‘orage Steward. (a position of enor‘motis responsibility.) is 'l‘.A. llerdman and the (‘hief Security Officer is called A Shearer. Meanwhile. it is quite interesting to note that the (‘hief l-‘orestry Steward and the Assistant Steward at the flower Show are both called A..l . R. l/at. lzat the same person. do you think'.’


the top Scottish jobs occupied by Englishmen there are ten ‘down there'. where Scots revel in a land of opportunity: where the wit. candour and business acumen which is the acknowledged inheritance ofour breed is landed and rewarded —— pish and tush! I don‘t believe a word of it. We're being overrun!

'l‘hink fora moment of professionals and consultants. 'l‘wo of the largest consultancy tasks in Scotland for many a long year viz: the complete redevelopment of a huge acreage of Edinburgh's West find and the (ilasgow (‘ity of (‘ulture promotional drive and who gets

them'.’ Messrs Farrell and Saatchi Bros respectively. Now I‘m sure these people are good! Putting the merits of Neo—ligyptian Post-Modern and "l‘here‘s’ a lot (ilasgowing ( )n' to one side for the

Rumours have been flying thick and fastaround the campus of Edinburgh University about a report which has apparently been suppressed by the University authorities. A member ofthe Psychology Department has undertaken a study, it seems, which proves conclusively, by scientific means, that people who vote Conservative have, on average, lower |0s than the population as a whole. The diary is ata loss to know whatall the fuss is about, as it has always seemed patently obvious that Tories are not as intelligent as the rest of us; look at the facts —the South of England is full of Tories, after all, and theirvoting habits involve falling forthe most facile attempt at deception there has ever been, and believing such assertions as ‘The Health Service is safe with us.‘

EVEN CHILDREN (be? Pcciricee iNTEEEST The DRAMAth EVENTS oNFocDiNto am we m‘nER StDE or: TfiE NORLD!!!


QU\CK 0. 50/8st .. STAQTINCQ (D. ‘. £34: J (’I 21150 o ‘6 ‘7’\'oci‘ ,. grips} 2’ /- v , We e (l \\\\“‘ I

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Hull/627 F02 THE Lnresr NEWS. THERE weee some xssues //v


present (though I really like the ‘Get to the Art of Glasgow" alternative). Are there really no Scots who are as good or better'.’ And who chooses all these Englishmen? We do! And the reason - as always there‘s a deal too much ‘Ah kent his faither‘ in the Scots political scene. and the fact that his faither ‘wusnae such a bad wee bloke‘ is neither here nor there. Don‘t take this as a clarion call to keep out the marauding hordes. In fact to those of the English who have discovered the wonders of our native land and come to settle and respect its inherent difference I bid a warm. laudatory welcome. 'I‘() the freeloaders who stop offon their opportunist way. a gentle nudge back where ye came before you force a sharper push. The Home Correspondent Iitflnlzmb

The sooner the results of this survey are widely disseminated the better it will be for the whole country.

'l‘hose nice people who work at the 'l‘raverse were first delighted. and then mystified by a stream of enquiries over the past couple of weeks from people interested in chamber opera. The 'l'raverse had only just decided to stage a chamber opera next year. and its staff was beginning to wonder how the news had spread so rapidly. ()ne of the callers then said that they had been advised to contact the 'l'raverse by Scottish ()pera. the body which is itself responsible for opera in Scotland and which. you might have thought. may have had its own chamber opera-type plans.

4 The List 13: 29 June 1989