~ 7.. .' 7:34. Guy Hindley ekes out Israel’s hidden places,

Opting for solitude rather

than the teeming tourist multitudes.

t A. t a . t t . _, .... - the Red Sea.offthe coast ofEilat.a _ "" . t . " _. {it is r .3; non-stop excellent. : 1-. . t. 0 i " ‘_ , Although the sea is rapidly becoming t ‘t :3. t » t, V i ‘1‘ .- more polluted(one morning we " t 7 woke up onthe beach to findit ' t. ~ " - t 4'? .. J“ coveredinathick black tarrygoo.

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r mparts. which are up to 20 metres high and two metres thick. it is one of the oldest places in Israel. The last stronghold of the occupying Crusaders. it was filled in and built upon by the Marmalukes when they finally took it. Now some of the original town has been excavated and you can descend into it below the shops and cafes.

There are plenty of other awe-inspiring natural phenomena to take in. such as the enchanting grottos of Rosh Haniqra at the Lebanon border and the Soraq caves in the Jerusalem hills. full of perfect stalagmites and stalactites. which were discovered by chance. in 1967. during mining work.

The coral diving round the reef in

Dome oi the Rock in Jerusalem

leaked from an oil tanker -- the local Bedouins shrugged in indifference to this regular occurrence) you will still find shoals of red. blue and luminous fish along with sundry other coral inhabitants including seahorses, enormous eels and surreal vegetation and so on.

Israel‘s fame outstrips its size; you can easily travel its length in a day and its breadth in a couple of hours. It is therefore ideal for even just a one—week sight-seeing tour.

The tourist industry is an important feature of Israel's eternally ailing economy. Hotels and hostels abound. ranging from millionaire-priced luxury to the ultra-cheap and nasty. The latter

Israel is a country of contrasts and clashes; ancient and modern. serenity and tension. East and West, machine-guns and mysticism. It is also stunningly beautiful. Within its small (but ever expanding) borders there is a multitude of breathtaking sights. both natural and man-made: the sunrise from the ruins of the ancient desert fortress of Masada (where hundreds of beseiged Jews committed mass suicide rather than be captured by the Romans); the tranquil Sea ofGalilee. by the profound Golan Heights; the Dome ofthe Rock and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem; and a host of museums, shrines, sites. buildings and ruins that are testament to this land’s

integral role in the dawning of caters for the inordinate number of

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Nazareth and Bethlehem may be in cold nights. otten below i details. Elal are notoriously PUDIiSth by Pan It 59-95- her“ and htttcr tighttng- Therc '5 the Bible but for all that, they are lreezing. j expensive. UseluI Addresses even a‘certain V()yCUTlSIlC.'lf rather today qumtessemtal nomplaccs Israel is two hours ahead Where To Sta callous,excrtement to be had for ZCfat‘ With its artistsr commune and ol GMT. has a population at y g The "'39' G°V°mm°ht sensation-seekers. 500 year-old inheritance of 1"“ °V°tt°m "mm". and “OMS 0' 8” “Withhons ' Tom“ 0m“ is at ‘8 Gum Nothing modern really feels

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72 The List 16 29 June 1989