from 7.30pm 9. m) at Lesbian and Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. Phone 031

557 3620. Details for penpal scheme from above. (SAE).


I Edinburgh gay man (29) battered and bruised after too many failed relationships. still foolishly looking for Mr Right. seeking tonic from guys my age or younger. Usual interests. photo appreciated. Box No 94/9.

I Glasgow quiet. professional graduate (29). seeks similar female who normally wouldn‘t dream of answering an ad. Let‘s make more of life. Interests include cinema. pubs. eating out. Photo appreciated. Box No 94/22.

I Glasgow male. Professional (27). Handsome. caring. hardworking. enjoys laughs. meals. cinema. travel. sports and music daft Go-betweens. REM. Costello. seeks attractive. intelligent. female accomplice (205). Photo helpful. Box No 95/4.

I Ageless celibate Glaswegian epistolarian. Apollo iconulater. embracing diverse aesthetic pursuits. musical fiddling included. Have a cacoethes scribendi so keep dictionary handy. Sackfuls ofmale'.’

Box No 95/5.

I Gay professional guy (28).

Glasgow. non-scene. straight looking and acting. own flat. seeks similar guy (21—30) for fun times/loving relationship. Photo appreciated. Please write. PS varied interests. Box No 95/10. I Rubenesque lesbian feminist (31) loves films. music. good conversation and hugs. seeks caring. intelligent friends to share interests and evenings out/in. Glasgow area. Box No 95/18. I Non-scene gay loner. writer. bearded. masculine. mature. Edinburgh. with no hang-ups. varied interests. broad shoulders and a warm heart. seeks friend (platonic or otherwise. Box No95/20. I Livelyiemale (34) likes conservation and conversation! Other interests include auctions. arts and crafts. hill walking. cooking and travelling. interested in similar male for frienship. Non-smoker. Glasgow/Central Scotland. Box No 95/23. I Playmate sought for unattached tomcat! lie is 26 (housetrained). has a tall and slim body with a quiet humorous nature; enjoying: cinema. music. art. books. theatre. history and romps in the country. Seeks to share company and friendship with an intelligent. slender lady feline with similar interests. So put paws to pen! Edinburgh/Lothian area. Reply to eat box no 96/1 . I Two Edinburgh girls (25) into live music. theatre and cinema seek two genuine guys (25—30) with good sense of humour for evenings out. All letters . answered. Photos appreciated. Box No 96/2. I Glasgow - quiet prolessional

female (25). in a rut. seeks similar male for friendship. romance? Interests include long walks. eating out. music. conversation. Photo appreciated. Box No 96/3.

I Sex-starved bachelor. non~smoker. clean. gentle. good-humoured. seeks non-smoking. unattached. slim woman (25—40) for mutually satisfying hinges. on temporary. casual basis. with complete discretion. Photo appreciated. Edinburgh. Box No 96/4.

I Easygolng. trusting and comfortably gay man (26). quietly ambitious with academic background and wide interests in the arts. politics and sports. seeks a strong-willed and independent partner for long-term relationship. Glasgow West. Box No 96/5.

I Writer/artist. male (34) seeks correspondence meetings with women. any age. similar interests. for friendship. letters. exchange ideas. Prefer Glasgow but happy to reply to Edinburgh women. Box No96/6.

I Loner young Glasgow male (40) has psoriasis- non-infectious. sense of humour and active. seeks attractive female from same area for good times. laughs. mutual sexual satisfaction. caring relationship

I etc. Photo appreciated. Box No


I lnexperienced gay male (26) seeks similar with varied interests for friendship and explorative relationship. Straight acting. Edinburgh/anywhere. Photo appreciated but A LA. Box No 96/8.

I Gay guy (27) Tall dark handsome seeks companion of

a." ‘W’T’, ~.?{X7§§: ‘r .- «Hash?» ( V' V‘Wrr/ch'?‘ "1V . .- :v' '.,.‘.4,. _fg." NR 1?; “3 qua"

' similar looks who lives life in the

fast lane. Interests include

squash. water-skiing. meals out.

Non-smoker preferred.

Glasgow area. Box No 96/9.

I Shy, but not ugly

inexperienced bloke (21)

looking for someone similar to

enjoy laughs together. Likes gigs. pubs and clubs. Photo appreciated. Write soon! Box No 96/10.

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1:1

relationships. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads Dept at The List.

I New arrival in Scotland Attractive. intelligent man (42). Active with intellectual and outdoor interests seeks feminine companionship for evening dining and weekend rambles. Glasgow/Edinburgh. Box No 96/1 1.

I Male (47) Divorced. emerging from the turmoil. seeks a special someone. lady (40—50). attractive. sensuous. who is looking for permanent relationship. West or Central Scotland. Box 96/12.

I Glasgow gay guy straight looking. intelligent. fun loving with wide variety ofinterests. Nice looking. non scene. Seeking similar guy for good times. Someone special (21—28). ALA. Box 96/13.




It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo.

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centimetre (excl. VAT) for

Group 2. Minimum size 4cms.

THIS IS SEMI DISPLAY It has a line abmc and below and the lineage is centred. The minimum is 21) words and costs from £6 for Group I and £4 for Group 2. Personal adverts in this style. including Box Numbers. cost from £6.

I This is a lineage advert A maximumol‘3(lttordswillcost only £4 for Group I and £3.51) for Group 2. Personal Ad\ erts in this style. including Box Numbers. are £4 l‘or311words.

I I I I Lineage/Semi Display 6 consecutive insertions I forthe price ofS.

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l Semi Display adverts are Iinclusivc of VAT.


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j The List 16 29 June 1989 75