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salesman and a performance artist unfolds to the tune ofa Frith soundtrack. Showing with animator Pierre llebert's The Technology of Tears. the music from which provided the title track of the btrsv Mr th's last album. (ilasgow: (arr. ' I Tucker: The Man And His Dream ( PG) (Francis Coppola. US. WSSHeff Bridges. Martin Landau. Joan Allen. 1 lllmins. Based on a true story. Coppola's best film in years charts the rise and fall of Preston Tucker. a naive but ingenious engineer who in 1948 managed to produce a car so technically advanced that it scared the Detroit majors into action. Before long their ties with the political powers-that-be created a set of trumped-up fraud charges that were to dissolve Tucker‘s dream of affordable. safe motoring in a welter of litigation. (‘oppola at last re-unites his stylish technique with a grasp ofnarrativ c control in a manner that brings back memories of the great Hollywood productionsofold. (‘entralz MacRobert Arts (‘entre.

ITwinst 15) ( lvan Reitman. (IS. 1988) Danny [)e Vito. Arnold Scwarzeneggcr. Kelly Preston. ('hloe Webb. “)7 mins. In an effort to create the perfect human (male. natch) scientists impregnate a beautiful woman artist with the sperm of six diversely distinguished men. and the resulting offspring grows tip in an isolated research station to be our man Arnie. However. an unexpected side-effect is rurtty brother l)e Vito. and when the two finally meet up many years later. their search to find their mother is the catalyst

foran unlikely family relationship. liven if

the plot does bear a strong resemblance to Rain Man. this is an arniably silly farce with Schwarzenegger proving quite adept at handling the comedy material. (ilasgow: (‘annon 'l'he l-'orge.. Strathclyde: A.\l('(‘lydebank lll.

I The Unbearable tightness of Being ( ls) (Philip Kaufman. l'S. l‘)ls'7) Daniel

l)ay -l.ewis. .ltrltette Brnoche. Lena ( )lin. lb? mins. Ambitious adaptation of Milan Kundera's elliptical. complex nov el about a womanising (‘zceh brain surgeon who falls in love for the first time w ith a doe-like beauty from a small spa town. Abandoning his freewheeling former existence. he faces commitment and togetherness at the time of the Prague Spring and Russian invasion of Nos. A dawdling and rather austere narrativ c is given sortie spice and interest by an overwhelming eroticism. a beautifully judged evocation of Prague and gorgeous photography. otherw isc vastly ov erlong and uninvolving. Edinburgh: l~'ilmhouse. IWarlockt 15) (Steve Miner. t'S. was) Julian Sands. Lori Singer. Richard li. (irant. 102 mins. A 17th-century warlock (Sands) pops through a time warp tolllth century (‘alifornia for a spot of'oId-timc bav oc-wrcaking. involving a book which can unravel Creation. btrt is followed by Richard ( Wit/murl/lml l) li. (irant‘s witchfinder. (iiles Redferne.

('ompetent but hardly thrilling work from Miner. whose experience on twoof the Friday 13th films seems to leave him a little lost without gallons of gore to juggle with. (ilasgow: ('annon ('larkston Road. ('annon The Forge. (‘annon Sauchichall Street. Edinburgh: (‘annoir ('entral: Allanpark.(‘aledonian ('annon. Stratbclyde: AMC (‘lydebank lll. Cannon. Kclburne. ()deon Ay'r. ()deon Hamilton.

I The Way W88l ( l’(i ) (Andrew \". McLaglen. (IS. I967) Kirk Douglas. Robert Mitchtrm. Richard Widmark. 122 mins. 1843. and a variety of pioneers head west from Missouri to Oregon. Spectacular. starry. would-be blockbuster western that doesn't ever quite have the narrative grip to come off. Edinburgh: Film (iuild.

I Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ( PU) (Robert Zemeckis. L'S. 1988) Bob lloskins. Joanna (‘assidy . ('hristophcr Lloyd. 92 mins. l.os Angeles, [9.19. and

side by side with the human population live the 'l‘oons. the cartoon characters working in the movie business. Animated star Roger Rabbit is worried about his wife Jessica's faithfulness and hires private dick liddie Valiant (Bob l loskins) to keep tabs on her. btit tincoversa conspiracy that threatens the very future of'l‘oontow n itself .-\n amazing technical achievement for the credibility with which the cartoons interact w ith the human cast. this surefire box office vs inner efficiently spoofs the film noir genre while milkingits 'l’ex Avery -sty led highly physical sense of black comedy for all it's worth. lidinburglt: Cameo. ('entral: MacRoberl .»\rts(‘entre.

I Who's Harry Crumb? ( P( i) Norman l-‘laherty . l'S. WW) .lohn (‘andy . .leffrcy Jones. Annie Potts. 95 mins. llarry ('rumbtfandy ) is none other than the latest in a long line of distinguished (‘rumb investigators. and here he is called in to track down the kidnappers vv ho'v e abdttctcd tltc beautiful daughter of a w ell known mutti-millionairc. It's a mission that will call on the bungliugsleuth's special mastery of disguise. If .lohn(‘andy in a spiky wig is your notion of hilarity then this rather lame and familiar slapstick is just tltc film for you. (ilasgow : ('annon Sauchiehall Street.

IWillow ( P(i)tRon l loward. l'S. IONS) Warwick Davis. Val Kilmer. .loanne Whalley . .lcan Marsh. 12!) mins. A mystery baby turns tip in the landofthe little Nelvv y u people. and one oftheir number has to return it to the adult-sized land of the Daikini. l lovvev er. the kid turns otit to be the little princess. vv ho w ill sav e the cotrntry from the clutches of the wicked ()ueen.

Would-be blockbusting tairty talc epic otters producer ( ieorge l.ucas another opportunity to refasbion the Slur ll'urv narrative in a setting straight otrt of 'l'olkicn. The result is not unentertaining. but w e‘v c all been here too many times lk‘ltit'e. (ilusgnyv 2 (ilfl'.

IWitches of Eastwickt Is) ((icorge Miller. l‘S. l‘).\'7) Jack Nicholson. ('her. Susan Sarandon. llh’ mins. Suf’tocating in the prim tranquility of a small town in New lingland. three single women set their collective brains tow ards conjuring tip the perfect Mr Right. Next morninga

my steriotts stranger suddenly appears. as if in answer to their prayers. and beginsto charm the pants off them. But the ripe. randy and rakislt Daryl van llorue istbe devil in disguise. and there is a price topay for their pleasure. . . A ioyous.diabolical romp. with Nicholson having the timeof his life. l-.dinburgh: ('amco.

I Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown l l5) ( Pedro Almodovar. Spain. IQS’S’) (‘armen Maura. Antonio Banderas. .lulieta Serrano. 98 mins. When Pepa (Maura )‘s illicit affair with art older titan is abruptly terminated. she sets out for revenge. bill is distracted by a succession of deranged friends seeking her calming influence.

A splendidly funny and bizarre character comedy from the maker of Lun- ()flh'vm'. vs ith some superbly oll-tlte-w all acting and a plot that pays ironicbut affectionate homage to the classic llollywoodcomediesof the l‘)5lls. (ilasgow: (il-‘l‘. lidinburgh: l-‘ilmhousc. I Working Girl( l5) (Mike Nichols. l 'S. MKS) Melanie(iriffith. Harrison Ford. Sigourncy Weaver. .loan ('usack. 114 mins. Bitchy boss (Weaver) teaches her secretary ((iriffithlthe art of self-confidence so much so that when the exec gets laid up the working girl takesher place. tackles the financial world head-on and romances l larrison liord iitto the bargain. Suprcmely' entertaining escapist fluff that takes the old l-‘rank ('apra routine and giv cs it a contemporary sheen. The cast have a tremendous time notably Miss ( iriflitlt. who even gets away with lines like ‘l've got ahead lurbusinessand a bod for sin‘. lidinburgh: Dominion.

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