imaginary and far more agreeable family into her life. What starts off aslight amusement moves towards horror at seeing normality blur into nightmare. The Royal Lyceum production plays down the comedy. but compensates with subtle and imaginative staging leading to an unexpectedly moving climax. Well worth seeing. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l lamilton Place. 226 5425. Box Office Mon-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. [Accessz PPA. R. Facilities: WC. WS. AS. ii. (i. Help: AA] No theatre performances until the Iidinburgh Festival Fringe. but you're still Welcome to pop in to the cafe and exhibition area. I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. Grassmarket. 226 2633. Box Office Tue—Sat l0am——b‘pm. Sun (>10an Bar. Rest. Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. Market Street. [Accessz St. Facilities: Ii. Help: AAI JustFrankt'niiI Sat l.luly. '7..3tlprii. £4.25 (£2.50). Iixtra performance at 10.30pmon Friday 30Junc. SAM benefit. All tickets £5. The 'l'raver‘sc summer season kicksolt with Vince Foxhall‘s excellent play about Frank (iilchrist. the I:dinlurr'gh-born Falklands veteran who contracted A ll)S after becoming a junkie. It is a powerful. fttnny and mov ing play about surviv al against the odds. staged with pace. invention and wit. Not suitable for children under" In years. Ines De Castro Sat 8— Sat 29 .luly ( returning in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe). 7.30pm. £4.75 (£2.50). Subtitled .‘1 l’orlugese 'l'ragedy. John ('lifford’s latest play is based on the true Medieval storyof the passionate affair between lrres [)c ('astro. a Spaniard. and Pedro. the heirto the Portugese throne. Fear of a feud between the two neighbouring countries led to the execution of Ines who two years later was coronated in a bizarre and morbid ceremony by Pedro. This is the first major production to be directed by [an Brown since he became the theatre's Artistic Director. See Preview.


This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlytor periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number toreach company should you require more information. Unless otherwise specitied. the number atter each venue listed isthe telephone number for ticket enquiries for that particular evening (please note. this is notalways the venue number).

I Antigone (‘ommunicado tour Scotland with their new translation ofSophocles‘ tragic story of resistance against an injust law. See Review.

The Harbour A rts ( ‘enlre. Irvine Thurs 29 June. 7.45pm. 0294 74059. Paisley A m (‘enlre Fri 30June. 8pm. 041 887 1010. Eden ('ourt. Inverness Sat 1 July. 7.45pm. 0463 221 718. Aberdeen A rrs ( 'entre Sun 2 July. 7.30pm. 0224641 122. The Tron Theatre. (ilrLs‘gow'l‘ttes4 Sun 9Julv. 7.30pm. 041 552 4267. '

I Excalibur'l‘heatre Alba are back w ith a promenade play for children w ritten by David Swan. It is the popular mythological tale about (iuinevere‘s atttempt to retrieve King Arthur‘s magical sword from the evil sorceress. Morgana. Phone 031 665 9742 for more details. 'I‘raquair House lnnerleithen. Tucs4—Sun 9 July. 2pm (also 4pm on Fri. Sat and Sun). £2 (£1 ). [.uuriston ('(Lstle Tues ll—Sun loJuly. 2pm (also 4pm on Fri. Sat and Sun). £2 (£1 ).

I Harmony Row. Wildcat's latest musical comedy is a timely stab at the Poll Tax and comes with the backing of .\'AI.( '10 as part of the STLTC anti-tax campaign. Peter Arnott and Peter Mullan‘s play is set in a street whose nomination for a Neighbourhood of the Year award is threatened by the non-payment campaign of one of its residents. Private and public

politics. music and jokes. For more details call 04] 9540000.

Helenshurglz. l’icroriu Hal/Thurs 29June. 7.30pm. 0436 72151. .llotltern'e/H ‘n-r‘t- 'l'lreurre Fri 30 June. 7.30pm. 069867515. Paisley Town Hall Sat 1 July. 7.30pm. 041 887 1007. Citizens Theatre. (ilusgow’l‘uc 4—Sat 22 July. 7.30pm. 041 4290022.



I The Comic Club Blackfriars. 45 Albion Street. Merchant (‘ity. (ilasgow. 552 5924. 9pm. £4.50 (£3). Baropen 8.30pm—midnight. ()perating two days every fortnight the (‘omedy (‘lub continues to further the cause of Scotland's young stand-ups. Topping the bill this weekend are popular tartan terrors The Alexander Sisters who have a great time rubbishing all things tweely Scottish. Support acts are [)avid ('osgrovc (soon to appear on First Exposure) and Bad & (‘razy who. rumour has it. bare a striking resemblance to Bruce Morton and Parrot. Rernernebcr you can catch the same line-up tomorrow night.


I The Comic Club Blackfriars. 45 Albion Street. Merchant ('ity. (ilasgow .552 5924. 9pm. £4.50 (£3). Baropen 8.30pm <midnight. See Friday 30.



I THEATRE ROYAL l lope St. 331 I234

The Paul Taylor Dance Company Tue

4 'I'hursoJuly . 7.30pm iv Fri " Sat Sluly. 7.30pm plus Sat mat. 2.30pm.

£3.50 £12.50. This important (‘ompany . direct from New York. perform material as yet unseen in Britain. The work lrasall been choreographed by Paul Taylor. one of the most creative forces in modern dance and displays the supreme technique and grace of the company. There are two programmes. the first comprising Airs (Handel). Speaking in Tongues ( Matthew Paton) and lisplanade (Bach ) and the second of which is Arden (William Boyce). Musical ()tlct'ing ( Bach) and ('lovcn Kingdom ((‘orelli. ('owcll and Miller).

I THEATRE ROYAL l lope St. 331 1234. New Demons Wed l2~-Sat 15 July. spm. £3.5(L£10.50. ()n totrr from Canada. La La [a Human Steps have created quite a stir over the past year. Their raw and reckless energy bounded by tight

11th to 15th July

by Tom McGrath

Tramway Theatre Old Museum of Transport, Glasgow

Box Office: (041) 227 5511 A Community Play for Glasgow

Strathclyde ,, Regional

Subsidised by the Scottish Arts COtrncil

Council .




Alan Ayckboum UNTIL 8 JULY

NOW SHOWING (031) 229 9

Mon-Sat 7.45pm (tickets from £2.50),

"Hilariously inventive" [im Hiley, The Listener



William Shakespeare 14 JULY-5 AUGUST

FREE PREVIEW 13 IULY 7. 45PM Mon-Sat 7.45pm (tickets from £2.50)

Matinee 29 July 3.15pm

(031) 229 9697

The List 30 Jllnc 13 July] 6.4727